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First and only actually working mobile scale app for your phone, accurate to 0.1g when used properly.
It’s not a joke mobile scale app, it’s the real digital scale that actually works as long as you stick to the instructions.
Enjoy using you free weighing scale app 🙂

Perfect weighing scale app for jewelry, needles, nails, even weed!
Use it to check how much you have left! Never be cheated by your supplier again with this weed app! Know exactly how much you put in your bowl! Works best for 1-5g range.

NEW VERSION of Weed Scale mobile scale app
New features inside your Weed Scale digital scale app! Weed Scale is no longer just a digital mobile scale app it’s stoners handbook with strains guide, strains photos and many more – with the latest version you can customize your app and use it in various ways:

List of Strains – with this vast list of firm weed strains you can finally get to know your herb. Each listed strain consists of the short description, a photo and useful info such as phenotype, THC Content and even Flowering Time. That’s not all! With this customised app you can add your strains, correct other entries and add photos of your buds and create your personalised stoners handbook !

Weed Themes – with this extra tool you can personalise your digital scale app choosing a layout which suits your personality (and smoking habits) most! Purple Haze? White Widow? or maybe Skunk? Make your stoners handbook app looking unique !

Weed Pushes – mind the fact, these are not ordinary, annoying push notifications! These are push notifications designed for Stoners! You will get 4:20 notification every day and pushes with various weed facts. These will make you love your Weed Scale even more!

In Weed Scale mobile scale store you can purchase your uses. The more uses you buy, the cheaper the in-app costs. What’s even better, you will not receive any ads in application after purchasing an in-app.


1. Get a bag of chips, crisps, funions or anything that has some air trapped inside and place it on a firm surface
2. Place your phone with digital scale app firm on the bag and press calibrate button
3. Place a coin in the specified spot (0.05 USD, 0.2 EUR, 100 JPY, 0.2 GBP, 1 PLN) tap mobile scale app screen and wait
4. Put anything you want to weigh on a coin, tap screen and watch as your mobile scale app weighing your stuff 🙂

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This weed app was created with love by stoners for stoners. Use this weed app and show us your support. Legalize it!
Toke up for accurate weed weighting scale app – digital scale for weed firm stoners!

Weed scale – *** USING WEED SCALE DOES NOT REQUIRE SPENDING USES NOW *** First and only actually working mobile scale app for your phone, accurate to 0.1g when used properly. It’s not a joke mobile scale app, it’s the real digital scale that actually works a

Digital Scale Phone App

Our mobile phones are used for so many things these days, from computer to camera, to gaming system, and now, digital scale! But how in the world do you do that?

3 Grams is a 3 in 1 Digital Scale App has a way to make this possible with their phone app. The app has 3 modes, real (which acts like a physical scale) visual (which uses your camera to calculate weight) and fake (which you pre-program).

To start, install the app on your phone. You’ll get 2 free calibration credits to start, and you can earn more credits by sharing on Facebook.

A paid Pro version is also available and gives you unrestricted access, completely ad free and you get 9999 calibration credits.

Another feature, is their Lucky Dip function, which gives users chance to win free credits by watching video ads.

Here’s how it works:


When properly calibrated, you can use your phone’s built in tilt sensors to calculate weight of objects. If calibrated properly and used correctly the app has been shown to be almost as accurate as a real digital scales. To calibrate, balance your phone on something curved or soft and then place objects to weigh on bottom of phone.

Press the calibrate button and lay the phone on a level surface. Follow the instructions to calibrate.

Larger Objects

It is also possible to weigh larger objects. By using the phone’s camera, you can weigh larger objects with some accuracy. This requires a little DIY using common household objects, and again requires calibration.

Press the calibrate button and setup your balance apparatus. Follow the instructions to calibrate.

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