weed prices in ohio

Weed prices in ohio

2.83g Multiple Strains | $36 | Zen Leaf – Canton

2.83g Purple Majik Shake | $20 | Zen Leaf

2.83g Durban | $32 | About Wellness

2.83g Crushed Berries | $30 | About Wellness

2.83g Member OG | $30 | Rise

14g Shake, Multiple Strains | $80 | Rise ( Lakewood- Detroit )

Tropical Thaighani 2.83g | $25 | Terrasana (Columbus)

2.83g Strawberry Jam | $15 | Pure Ohio Wellness (Dayton)

2.83g Tangie | $18 | BLOOM

2.83g Galenas Flower| $25 | SOOTHE

2.83g Watermelon Ice | $25 | gLeaf (Warren)

Best Edibles Prices

Chocolate Go-Pack 2 pieces 40mg | $18 | Zen Leaf – Canton

1:1 Standard Wellness Tropical Gummies | $25 | Herbology

Dark Chocolate Power Piece 110mg | $14.03 | Buckeye Botanicals (Jackson)

2.83g ACDC | $36 | The Botanist (Canton)

Mixed Berry Butterfly Effect Gummies | $39 | Bloom

Browned Butter HoneyPistachio Chews | $20 | Have a Heart Cincy

Butterfly Effect Apple Lozenges 10pk | $27 | Rise Cleveland

Firelands Scientific 1:1 Gummies 10 pk | $25 | Rise (Lakewood- Detroit)

Firelands Scientific Gummies Sativa Gummies 10pk | $25 | Terrasana (Cleveland)

Firelands Scientific Gummies 10pk | $32 | BLOOM

Orange Sunrise Gummies | $25 | Pure Ohio Wellness (Dayton)

Honey Sticks | $30 | Mad River

Green Apple Lozenges 11pk | $25 | Soothe

Milk Chocolate 55mg | $29 | Terrasana (Fremont)

Honey Sticks 5pk 22mg each | $30 | gLeaf (Warren)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil | $32 | Leaf Relief (Youngstown)

Best Tinctures Prices

THC Tincture Firelands Scientific 30ml | $15 | Buckeye Botanicals (Jackson)

Beneleaves Mango Lime Tincture | $38 | The Botanist (Canton)

Standard Wellness Tincture | $32 | About Wellness

Firelands Scientific Tinctures | $36 | Rise (Lakewood)

Firelands Scientific Tinctures | $36 | RISE (Cleveland)

Sativa Orange Vanilla Tincture 25ml | $20 | The Botanist (Columbus)

Firelands Scientific Tincture 30ml | $15 | Buckeye Botanicals (Jackson)

Vireo Tinctures | $36 | Terrasana (Fremont)

Vireo 1:1 Tincture | $33 | Leaf Relief (Youngstown)

Best Vaporizer Cartridges Prices

Cokah Glow Vapes | $36 | The Botanist (Akron)

Cure Ohio Vapes 300mg | $35.55 | Verdant Creations (Chillicothe)

2.83g ACDC | $36 | The Botanist (Canton)

300mg Cokah Glow Vapes | $30 | About Wellness

Cure Ohio Vape 300mg | $33 | Rise (Lakewood- Detroit)

Firelands Scientific Vapes .5g | $36 | Rise (Lakewood- Detroit)

Comet Tail Vape 300mg | $29 | Bloom (Columbus)

Lake Effect Vape Pen 300mg | $40 | Pure Ohio Wellness (Dayton)

Comet Tail Vape Pen 300mg | $40 | Pure Ohio Wellness (Dayton)

Guice Cartridge .5g | $40 | Leaf Relief (Youngstown)

Best THC Concentrate Prices

.5G RSO SYRINGE | $40 | Herbology

Buckeye Relief Keif | $35 | Verdant Creations (Chillicothe)

Dark Star ROSIN .5G | $40 | Buckeye Botanicals (Jackson)

Beneleaves Mango Lime Tincture | $38 | The Botanist (Canton)

Yeti OG Live Wax .48g | $41 | Bloom

RSO Syringe | $43 | RISE (Lakewood- Detroit)

Holly Live Wax .5g | $41 | RISE (Cleveland)

Buckeye Releif Keif | $28 | Bloom (Columbus)

RSO Syringe .5G | $40 | Mad River Remedies (Riverside)

Pangea Shatter 290mg | $42 | Terrasana (Fremont)

.5g Captains Cake Live Resin | $48 | FRX Health (Liverpool)

Best Topicals Prices

Cure Ohio Lotion | $18.65 | Verdant Creations (Chillicothe)

Body Cream 1:1 | $18 | About Wellness

Soothe Salve | $45 | RISE (Cleveland)

Lip Balm | $14 | Bloom (Columbus)

Vireo Balm | $32 | Terrasana (Columbus)

Lip Balm | $13.02 | Verdant (Columbus)

Vireo Balms, Soothe Go-Salve | $30 | Pure Ohio Wellness (Dayton)

Cokah Fix 2:1 Topical | $17 | Soothe (Bowling Green)

Lip balm | $13 | Soothe (Bowling Green)

Standard on-the-go Salve | $30 | FRX Health (Liverpool)

Standard on-the-go Salve | $30 | Leaf Relief (Youngstown)

Lip Balm | $13 | gLeaf (Warren)



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Best Ohio Medical Marijuana Product Prices The price of medical marijuana products at open Ohio dispensary locations vary. These are the best Ohio

Ohio medical marijuana prices are still high but going down as market grows

Ohio’s seed to sale process for producing medical marijuana. Cincinnati Enquirer

Editor’s note: This story was updated June 18 with the correct per-ounce average for marijuana sales during the first week of June. The initial version of this story included inaccurate information provided by the Ohio Department of Commerce.

COLUMBUS – As sales of medical marijuana in Ohio approach $10 million, the average price for bud is going down.

Ohio dispensaries sold $9.68 million of medical marijuana between Jan. 16, when sales began at four dispensaries, and June 8, when 18 dispensaries had opened. That includes 1,181 pounds of dried flower and 12,152 units of tinctures, vaping oils and edibles.

Prices have been steep as the program gets up and running. For the first two months of sales, prices averaged $471.86 per ounce, according to an Enquirer analysis of Department of Commerce data.

Last week, the average sale price was down to $442.16 an ounce. That’s less than the average price reported in March for Pennsylvania, where sales started last year, but more than in Illinois and Michigan, which averaged $207.63 per ounce during a six-month period ending in March.

But don’t expect prices to drop to Michigan levels any time soon.

Brian Wingfield, owner of Ohio Cannabis Company dispensary in Coshocton, said some growers have recently set lower prices on introductory products or lower-THC strains they plan to discontinue growing.

Wingfield expects flower prices to go down a little bit more but not too much because growers will need to start selling more plant material for marijuana-infused products as more processors come online. Meanwhile, Wingfield said, Standard Wellness plans to roll out its infused gummy candy at $15 less than its competitor.

The average price in Michigan was $207.63 per ounce during the time between October and March.

Ohio requires dried marijuana flower be sold in one-tenth ounce amounts. Prices range between $30 and $52 per one-tenth, according to an Enquirer review of menus from four dispensaries around the state.

Prices are coming down in Ohio's new medical marijuana market but they're still too high for many patients.