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Smoker Friendly Hotels in Amsterdam

Wednesday 7 March

When you are planning a visit to Amsterdam, we can imagine that you want to enjoy your Amsterdam Coffeeshop purchases back at your hotel too. You’re probably have been sampling at some of the better coffeeshops in town Read more here in this blog.
Hotels never want you to smoke cannabis inside, as in Holland the grey area and rules around cannabis are still not clear to everybody.
As Amsterdam is the friendliest city in the world, there are some hotels will turn you a bling eye 😉
If case you really want to smoke as much as possible in your room, please book a nice studio where smoking is allowed (for example on AirBnb).
We ask to respect the rules of our Amsterdam Hotels. Every hotelroom has a fire alarm for your own safety, so understand that hotboxing your room is never accepted.

The better and more fancy Amsterdam hotels have probably a smoke room in the lobby or a balcony where you can smoke, but if you prefer a hotel room where it is allowed to smoke (regular) in your room, here you go. We’ve selected different hotel options, for every budget.

Voyagers Hotel & Coffeeshop

At hotel Voyagers you have best of both worlds to have the ultimate Amsterdam experience. A hotel above Voyagers coffeeshop, just right across Amsterdam Central Station!
Voyagers Coffeeshop offers a very good selection weed, hashish and space cake for a reasonable price.
Due to the coffeeshop downstairs in this lovely building, you can only enter this hotel from the age of 18+.
Most rooms have a canal view and you’re right in the city centre, where the world famous Red Light District starts right behind you!

More information and direct bookings:
Book Voyagers Hotel Here!

A-Train Hotel

The A-Train Hotel is a unique 3-star hotel with a train-theme. It is ideally located in front of the Central (Railway) Station, right in the beating heart of Amsterdam. The Twin rooms are the rooms where smoking is allowed. The Coffeeshop Information Centre ( is right around the left corner, to plan your favorite coffeeshop tour or buy the very best cannabis seeds in amsterdam from Amsterdam Genetics.
All tourist attractions, pubs, restaurants, theaters, are all within walking distance!

More info and direct bookins:

Westcord Art Hotel

Westcord Art Hotel is a nice 3-star hotel in the Westerpark area. Only 10 minutes from the Amsterdam city centre, and 10 minutes from the Sloterdijk station. Easy to reach by public transport!
In this area you’ll find a lot of the Amsterdam School architecture that we love so much at Boerejongens. There is in the same street also an option to book the second location: Westcord Art hotel 4*.

More information about the Westcord Art Hotel here:

Hotel Sebastians

Such a beautiful boutique hotel, on the famous canal Keizersgracht in the middle of Amsterdam.
This is a 3-star hotel, with a lot of smoke friendly rooms too.
This hotel has a slightly mystical atmosphere with beautiful structured textures.

More information and direct bookings:

Prins Hendrik Hotel

The Prins Hendrik Hotel is a 3-star hotel, located on the same named street, called Prins Hendrikkade.
Prins Hendrikkade is the long street that goes all the way along central station. This hotel is not known as a true smoke hotel, but they are quite flexible during nights and all, but only when you ventilate your room well! Make sure the room is fresh when you leave.

More information and direct bookings:

Hotel Abba

Hotel Abba is located at the Overtoom, a 1-star budget hotel on ‘De Overtoom’ street in Amsterdam. Abba is close to Leidsesquare and Amsterdams famous canals down the road, the museum district only a few minute walk away and one of Amsterdams finest parks the Vondelpark just around the corner!
The closest top class coffeeshops are Boerejongens West (Baarsjesweg 239) and Boerejongens Coffeeshop BIJ (Bonairestraat 78).
More information and direct bookings:

Looking for a smoker friendly hotel in Amsterdam? We made a list of some of the unique locations where you might be able to smoke your cannabis.

8 Weed Smoke Friendly Hotels & Hostels In Amsterdam

So now the question is – can you smoke weed in Amsterdam’s hotels? I think almost every tourist who frequents coffeeshops would like to know the answer. So did I, and here’s what I found out!

Officially you can only smoke weed inside a coffeshop. But in reality, there are 1-2 stars hotels, like Flying Pig Downtown, St.Christophers Inn at The Winston, The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam, International Budget Hostel City Center or Hostel The Globe and Hotel Abba that allow cannabis smoking. Sometimes the staff just turn a blind eye when you smoke in a room and sometimes there is a lounge for weed smokers.

Flying Pig Hostel Amsterdam – photo by Tomer Gabel

You’ll find here the list of weed smoking-friendly hotels, as well as some other accommodation ideas for those who’d like to enjoy their joint right before bedtime or as a breakfast appetizer. After the initial list of names addresses and booking, in the next paragraph, you will find some helpful info about each one of them.

List of smoking-friendly hotels – addresses and booking links

Flying Pig Downtown, Nieuwendijk 100, 1012 ER Amsterdam –> See available rooms here
Flying Pig Downtown, Vossiusstraat 46, 1071 AJ Amsterdam –> See available rooms here
Christophers Inn at The Winston, Warmoesstraat 129, 1012 JA Amsterdam –> See available rooms here
The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 220, 1012 GJ Amsterdam –> See available rooms here
International Budget Hostel City Center, Leidsegracht 76, 1016 CR Amsterdam –> See Available rooms here
Hostel The Globe, Oude Zijds Voorburgwal 3, 1012 EH Amsterdam –> See Available Rooms Here
Hotel Abba, Overtoom 118-122, 1054 HM Amsterdam –> See Available rooms here

Smoking-friendly hotels – info and prices

Flying Pig Downtown

Flying Pig Hostel Amsterdam, Photo by craigavonite

Under both addresses you will find a nice standard hostel with both private and dorm style rooms. The one on Vossiusstraat tends to be a bit cheaper though with prices for ben per night starting from little over 17€ and one double room with private bathroom 96€ (for comparison: bed on Nieuwendijk costs 24€ and double room – 104€ – the difference is not too big but may become significant if you stay for more than a week). The dorms tend to be a bit… overcrowded (the cheapest and largest are 32-bed!) though. Click here to book a room. You can book it here.

Christophers Inn at The Winston

It is also a hostel but with private rooms as well. The prices start from 22€ per night, but you can also book a single room for 85€ or a double room for 97€. There are even – really good looking – premium standard double rooms for about 120€ per night. Click here to book a room.

The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam

It is yet another hostel (you see the pattern yet?) but is cheaper, and staff seems to know what you want even before you name it. The dorm rooms are not so spacious (12 beds max) and the prices start from 20€ per night. There is also an option of booking a private dorm room (3 or 4 beds, 57€ and 49€ per night accordingly) and a female dorm room (8 beds, each for 26€ per night) and each of these rooms has its own facilities. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

International Budget Hostel City Center

is a bit smaller hostel (especially compared to Flying Pig), so here you can choose between a bed in a dorm room for 8-10 people or a triple or quadruple room. There are no double or single rooms here. But the prices are encouraging! 12€ per night for a bed in a dorm room and 70€ for a triple room or 80€ for a quadruple one. Click here to book a room.

Hostel The Globe

Offers two dorm rooms (for 10 or 6 adults) with bed prices starting from 25€ per night and one large family room for 8 adults costing 200€ per night. Click here to book a room.

Hotel Abba

It is the only one establishment that officially allows smoking cannabis in the rooms, as they want their guests to have „real Amsterdam experience”. That’s why it’s best to make the booking in advance (at least two months before you plan to go to Amsterdam), as it is one of most famous places to stay and smoke and people are making reservations there like crazy! The prices start from 36€ for a single room with shared bathroom. You can book a room here.

Remember, that the prices here are just exemplary, as they tend to differ depending on the date you choose and of course – the sooner you book, probably the better prices you get.

And there’s another thing – deciding where you want to stay is not an easy task. Consider not only prices but also location and think about where you want to go while visiting Amsterdam. Think also about what is important for you –

  • If you want to stay in a nice room, choose a double room in the Flying Pig Downtown hostel.
  • If you want to stay somewhat close to the party district, go to St. Christophers Inn.
  • If you want to be in a very heart of things, The Bulldog Hotel, with its long tradition, easy-going staff and Lounge where you can have a smoke and drink is the best option.

Smoking rules

Regardless of the opinion of being weed smoking friendly, the hotels have their own rules concerning where and what can you smoke. Make sure that when booking a room you specify that you want a smoking one. If there is no such option, it in most cases means that there will be smoking lounge available. The unspoken rule is, if you find an ashtray in your room, you can smoke in it. If not – stick to the lounge. You can also – when in your room – look for a sticker with the warning about cleaning fee for smoking cannabis. If there’s none, you are good to go, but always it a good idea to ask, right?

Make sure everything is as it’s supposed to

Dutch law concerning smoking weed is clear enough. It is illegal to smoke weed, or possess it or grow it. But smoking in a coffeeshop, possessing up to 5g of weed and growing up to 5 plants of cannabis is decriminalized. It means that you can safely smoke weed in a coffeeshop and buy in there 5g of cannabis. And if you’re caught growing 5 plants or less, you won’t face any persecution or worse. These are the rules. But sometimes you can bend it a little – for example smoking joint on the street should not cause a problem.

You can smoke weed in some bars

Moreover, there are bars, where you can also smoke weed (but not buy it) and drink alcohol at the same time. So, technically, hotel’s owners can allow smoking inside, but it’s very hard to find the info about it on their website. It’s more like the word about it is passing from tourist to tourist. And there may be a situation that hotel’s policy changed recently because no matter how you spin it, it is very difficult to remove the smell of the cannabis out of the room someone smoked it in. That is why most of the hotels won’t allow it. So, in order to be 100% sure that you’ll be in a smoking friendly environment, you can always send an e-mail to confirm this. Why sending an e-mail should be any better than just asking someone on the spot? First of all, it’s best to know it before you book a room, and second… If the policy is changed and smoking in a room is not allowed, but you want to do it anyway (read on, and I’ll tell you how, though it’s not recommended or something) you’ll make the staff pay more attention to what you do in your room. So, as I’ve said, send an e-mail.

Is there any 4-5 stars hotel where I can smoke weed?

Hotel NH Amsterdam Centre Photo by Fred Romero

As you can see, most of the mentioned places are 1-2 stars, with dorm style rooms and shared facilities. It’s an excellent option for those who’d rather spend their money in a coffeeshop than in a hotel and especially not on the accommodation. But what about those for whom the shared bathroom is not a mere inconvenience but something they would never settle for? Unfortunately, I can give those of you only one name of 4-5 stars hotel that is famous for their weed smoking policy… But that does not mean they others don’t exist! For one thing, you can always ask for a room with a balcony or terrace and simply smoke there. This shouldn’t raise any objections, but if for some reason the owners or neighbors find it annoying they will simply tell you, and you should not face any more immediate consequences.

NH Amsterdam Centre, Stadhouderskade 7, Oud-West, 1054 ES Amsterdam –> Link

Here you’ll find that the cheapest option is a single room for 100€, and you can have a double or twin room for 120€ or more.

But there’s another option for those, who want to spend their time in Amsterdam not only roaming the streets and coffeeshops but also staying in higher standard places. You can always find an apartment, where cannabis smoking is allowed, for example here That way, you can be certain that you won’t have any problems if you want to enjoy your evening smoke. But it’s best to discuss with the owner whether it’s OK to smoke inside the apartment, or only on the balcony. On the one hand, smoking inside means you’ll have to deal with the smell afterward, but the balcony option may be annoying for the neighbors, and it may turn out that the owner prefers you not smoking there.

What about prices?

The prices vary considerably, depending on the apartment’s size and location, but you will easily find a stylish apartment for 4 guests with prices starting from 200€ per night. It means that each person has to pay about 50€! It’s what some hostels take for a bed in a dorm room. And here you have an apartment for your own with weed smoking on a spot option. Definitely worth considering if you are to travel with companions! But for a one-man party, it’s definitely cheaper to stick to the hotel.

A solution – hotel with a coffeeshop nearby

OK, but what if you want to be certain that in the place you’re about to stay you will have an opportunity to smoke cannabis, but you don’t want to pay for a whole apartment? There’s another option than those mentioned above. You can simply choose a hotel in the close vicinity of a coffeeshop. That way you not only will be able to smoke weed in peace but have a place to stock up from, because you have to remember that you can buy the weed only in the coffeeshops. There are many options, but you can try:

Voyagers Hotel Amsterdam, Geldersekade 2 1012 BH Amsterdam

Here you’ll find single basic rooms with shared bathroom (prices starting from 40€ per night) and rooms with 4 bunk beds also with shared facilities (prices starting from 80€) as well as twin ensuite room (prices starting from 50€ per night). The prices are very reasonable, and it’s a good place if you travel as a larger group. In this place, the reception and lobby are in the actual coffeeshop so not being allowed to smoke in a room is no bother at all. But because of that, there are a few rules you have to follow, as, for example, you have to be over 18 and have your government-issued ID with a photo on you.

Hotel Uptown Rookies Amsterdam, Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 147, 1017 PZ Amsterdam –> Link

Here you can only bunk beds rooms available, with the cheapest bed is for about 20€ per night (in a 8 person mixed dormitory) and most expensive 2 person private bunk bed room (80€ per night). Each room has its own bathroom. Very close to this hotel you’ll find one of the most renowned coffeeshops – The Rookies. Check out their website and find out whether you find the interior agreeable.

Smoking in a non-smoking hotel

OK, now let’s imagine that for some reason you’ve found yourself in an establishment that doesn’t allow smoking weed. You may turn to a coffeeshop anyway because the chances are that there is one on the very same street as your hotel, because only in Amsterdam there are over 200 coffeeshops! If that is not an option, because it’s late at night and all places are already closed you may simply go out on a street and smoke there. As it was mentioned above, you technically should not do that, but if it’s night and you’re all alone, it won’t be a problem and authorities will for certain turn a blind eye.

Is it allowed to smoke on the balcony?

But there may be situations where you’d really prefer smoking inside your room even when you’re not supposed to. I wouldn’t recommend it (read the next paragraph if you want to find out why) but still, there are ways to do it in a very unnoticeable way. First of all use the balcony – everyone I’ve asked said, that there were never any repercussions for those who smoke there. But once I worked in the hotel in Amsterdam, where it was forbidden to smoke even on the balcony and when we found out that somebody was smoking ( for example there was ash on the floor and any leftovers ) a guest had to pay fine of 100 Euro. If there’s no balcony in your room, you may switch it, or use the window instead. Inhale inside, exhale outside and that should do the trick. Be also aware of fire alarm, because these are very very delicate and go off very quickly.

Tips from people who smoked in the room even though it was forbidden

As for smoking literally inside your room, there are few tips concerning that as well. The first rule is, use the bathroom, because the tiles won’t absorb smoke as the cushions and sofas in the rooms would. Put a towel under your room’s door to prevent the smoke from invading the hallway. After you’ve finished smoking, wash the stub down the toilet and take a hot shower – the steam will absorb the smoke residue.

As you can see, the smoking inside a non-smoking hotel is possible, but it takes a lot of effort (taking care of smoke instead of just having a good time is not so pleasant after all). So in most cases, it’s really best to use all the alternatives. Just go out, enjoy a weather or spend some time in the coffeeshop. I would also suggest going for a walk. Amsterdam is such a beautiful city so why smoke in the room while being in such a great place, right?

Cleaning fee and other unpleasantness

Moreover, the consequences of smoking inside the room you’re not supposed to smoke in may be surprisingly severe. First of all, smoking inside a room may be impossible because of fire alarms installed there, which will react to even the smallest amount of smoke. But even if there are no fire alarms in your room, smoking inside may still get you in trouble.

Smoking in the hotel is not worth it

If the hotel’s staff find out that you smoked where it’s not allowed, you’ll be charged with “cleaning fee” of 100-200€. It is so high because such room where someone smoked has to be thoroughly cleaned in order to become allergen free. It is also very high because by smoking in the room you break fire regulations and fines that must be paid by the hotel by breaking these rules are tremendous. What may be even more inconvenient for you, almost for sure you’ll be asked to leave the hotel immediately. So at the end of the day, you may find yourself in the middle of Amsterdam with no place to stay. Of course, you’ll find something else, but the prices might be much higher than you expect.

So, as you can see, there are many ways for you to make sure that you can have a smoke in your hotel room, or at least as close to it as it’s possible. This will definitely help your party in Amsterdam reach yet another level!

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