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A Guide to Marijuana Tourism in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a hotbed for tourism. Aside from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the City of Angels offers movie set tours, celebrity home tours, Hollywood sign tours, food tours, brewery tours and practically every tour you can think of. And now, this plentiful list includes marijuana tours, too.

Marijuana tourism is a new industry for the city, and builds off a road map that Colorado, Washington and Oregon began drawing years before recreational use became legal in California. As the state continues to navigate the world of legal pot, let’s take a look at what this new facet of tourism entails.

How it all started

In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Two years later, Washington DC, Oregon and Alaska followed suit. Then, in 2016, California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts all legalized recreational marijuana through ballot measures, and just this year Vermont became the first state to legalize recreational pot through state legislature. Many more states throughout the country have also legalized the drug for medicinal purposes, leading Business Insider to estimate that the worth of legal weed will be $47 billion within a decade.

As with other cultural industries, LA decided to do with marijuana what the city does with every other burgeoning industry: make some money out of it.

Where you can buy legally

Marijuana officially became legal to purchase for recreational use in California in January 2018. Now, residents can visit their local neighborhood dispensary; these are already in place across the city, due to the previously legalized medical use of pot. Under the new law, anyone who is 21 years or older can walk into a shop and purchase up to an ounce of marijuana per day, or eight grams of cannabis concentrates found in edibles like candies, brownies and beverages. Just don’t expect any late-night runs – the current law prohibits stores from selling between 10pm and 6am. And a fair warning to new shoppers in the area: a 15% cannabis tax in California also includes up to a 60% markup rate, which is projected to fluctuate every six months.

If you’re not a California native, make sure you purchase only what you can consume before returning home. As marijuana is not federally legal, you can’t carry it over state lines, even if you’re going to another state where it’s legal.

With dispensaries popping up in LA faster than new Starbucks locations, it’s hard to find the cream of the crop. Here’s a list of our favorites.

Welcome to Los Angeles, a city so engrossed in tourism it now has a whole new industry for visitors to explore: marijuana.

6 Best Legal Marijuana Tours To Take in LA

From shopping at high-tech weed dispensaries to taking in-depth looks at cannabis cultivation, the industry’s introduction of legal tours was only a matter of time. At these adventures, first-timers can learn about the health benefits of cannabis, CBD, THC and how to use it responsibly. These curated outings allow the curious to safely indulge while visiting some of California’s top-rated legal weed destinations.

Green Line Trips

Green Line Trips is a smoke-infused luxury party bus complete with dance music, mood lighting and plenty of good times to pass around. Starting in either Hollywood or Venice Beach, this unique sightseeing adventure allows enthusiasts to purchase and learn about cannabis products from some of LA’s leading experts at ERBA collective and MedMen. For those seeking a more informative experience, learn all about the growing process from seed to plant with the cannabis-cultivation tour of a grow facility.

GreenTours Los Angeles

A luxury liaison to LA’s legal weed culture, GreenTours offers a variety of upscale tours. Each tour begins with a stop at one of LA’s boutique marijuana dispensaries where devotees can purchase everything from top-shelf flowers and hand-made edibles to vape pens and topical creams. Tour services run the gamut from a heady glass-blowing demonstration to guided tours of a cannabis growing facility and laid-back visits to a 420-friendly art gallery.

LA Hemp Tours

On an LA Hemp Tour, just relax and enjoy the trip. Boasting a slew of pot-centric adventures, plus customizable private tours, the tour group allows you to explore both medical and recreational dispensaries and pot-growing facilities, as well as indulging in the highest-quality ganja in Los Angeles. The behind-the-scenes guided tour of pot production is the perfect bucket-list experience for curious first-timers. The group also provides a Budz & Sudz tour that stops at some of LA’s top microbreweries, pairing weed with craft brews.

Weedology Tours

Weedology seeks to inform guests about the positive features of legal pot culture through 11 different tours, supplied through private cars or party buses. You can learn how to infuse your food with cannabis, book a relaxing marijuana massage, sip wine at a local winery or meet dispensary management and owners to learn the ins and outs of the business.

Weed Bus LA

With tours offered seven days a week, Weed Bus LA allows you to explore high-tech weed dispensaries and marijuana-growing facilities, plus relax in pot-friendly lounges and enjoy daily deals on the best cannabis products available in the city. Plus, there are 420-friendly rides to and from the airport as well as a munchie crawl – weed’s answer to the traditional bar crawl, in which guests are escorted to local restaurants in a 35-passenger luxury smoke bus.


MedTours specializes in trips to the best dispensaries in LA and the surrounding area. Try award-winning marijuana, cannabis concentrates, vaporizer pens, dabs, edibles and more in an environment that is both safe and welcoming. Tour guides are extremely knowledgeable, informing guests of responsible ways to consume cannabis, and the dispensary staff is ready to answer questions so you can easily find the right mood-enhancing products.

With stops at high-class dispensaries and grow houses and samples of the best cannabis in California, these are the top-rated legal weed tours in LA.