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Veganic Cannabis Cultivation

Although not widely talked about, utilising veganic growing techniques can really push a cannabis grow to the best it can be. All it takes is a little planning.

With many of us looking for new and healthier ways to cultivate cannabis, growers are moving past organic cultivation and are exploring the benefits of veganic cultivation. Veganic cultivation is a method of horticulture that does not utilise any animal products, instead turning to soil enriching microbes and plant-based nutrients.


There are several reasons why growers and cannabis consumers are turning to this newer healthier way to produce the highest quality organic marijuana. Veganic cultivation looks to replace the nutrients that come from animal bi-products, present in most organic nutrient blends, with fermented plant-based nutrients.

Nutrients made from animal bi-products not only impact the quality of the bud produced, but also negatively impact soil pH which then can interfere with your plant’s ability to take in nutrients. Organic fertilisers made from animal products, leave residues behind. These residues affect taste, potency, and aroma. Veganic gardening also systems don’t require pH management and they provide an overall healthier ecosystem for your plants to thrive in.

Leading the charge in veganic cultivation is the legendary Kyle Kushman. Kushman is a five-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner, and the founder of Kushman Veganics. Kushman came across veganic cultivation in 2009. The origins of veganic gardening, however, go back to the forties. While it is not a new idea, Kushman is the first to pioneer this avenue of horticulture in the new millennium.

While researching organic nutrients, Kushman found that most organic compounds used in cultivation are comprised of animal bi-products. In nature, a plant might seldom be exposed to the remains of an animal, whereas in organic cultivation, they are being exposed to animal products on a regular basis, far exceeding what they would have been exposed to in nature.


Animal residues breakdown slowly in cannabis. After the plant metabolises the nutrients, animal residues remain. This affects your overall quality and is particularly noticeable in the taste of the finished product. Kushman is confident that cannabis grown using a veganic nutrient system is the cleanest cannabis you will find. Increased potency is an additional benefit of going veganic according to Kushman. By ensuring maximum nutrient bio-availability through the application of beneficial microbes, you ensure maximum potency. The only bi-product of plant-based nutrient metabolism is a complex carbohydrate which is then consumed by microbes in the soil, continuing the cycle.

Veganic cultivation relies on soil full of various bacteria and fungi that take part in a process resulting in 100% nutrient bio-availability. Soil nutrient bioavailability is a measure of the amount of ingestible nutrient in the soil by the plant’s root system. Synthetic nutrients comprised mostly of salts can have absorption rates as low as 20-25%. Maximising the soil’s bioavailability is the key to veganic cultivation.

The plant-based nutrients have to be converted. Plants depend on microbes to metabolise nutrients in the soil, turning them into a form that can be readily absorbed. Beneficial bacteria and fungi, like several of the Actinobacteria and Bacillus species, consume and break down decaying plant matter, excreting it into a nutrient form that the plant’s root system can take in. The relationship between the microbes and the plant becomes one of life or death, both depending on each other for survival. By applying the beneficial microbes to your soil as part of a veganic regimen, you help ensure the that your plants are absorbing as much of the available nutrients as possible.


Making a compost tea is an easy way to introduce your veganic nutrient blend to your plant’s root system. A good tea starts with a good compost. You can buy microbes to add to your soil however a compost creates its own micro-environment in which these beneficial bacteria and fungi thrive. A good compost should be made of mainly decaying green waste. Greens will provide the bulk of your primary macronutrients. You can use grass cuttings, old fruits and vegetables, seaweed and just about any green plant. The breakdown and reuse of decaying organic matter is the beginning of the cycle of life. Decaying trees and other plants have fed the next generation since the dawn of time.

As the green waste decays, it becomes home to a community of insects, worms, larva, bacteria, fungi and slew of other organisms which consume the organic material. The nutrient-rich excrement then goes on to become part of the compost fertiliser you will eventually use to feed your garden. The black sludge you find at the bottom of your compost bin is a combination of worm and insect excrement full of nutrients and beneficial bacteria. You’ll want to avoid any animal products when making your compost for all the obvious reasons. There are different recipes for making a compost tea requiring different amounts of time, but fundamentally compost tea is made exactly as it sounds. You soak the compost in water and strain it out through a cheesecloth. One hefty shovel of compost will net you around five gallons of tea. The addition of these beneficial microbes to your garden will help your plants move toward 100% soil bioavailability.

The move toward veganic cultivation is the next logical step for organic cannabis growers. Veganic cultivation aims for 100% nutrient absorption by converting decaying plant waste into a thriving environment for beneficial bacteria and fungi. The bacteria and fungi, in turn, support a healthy ecosystem in which the plant can absorb all available nutrients. The nutrient rich environment void of animal fertilisers results in no residues being left behind and a cleaner, tastier smoke. If you are looking to push your yields and grow the best quality cannabis out there, going veganic will help you get there.

Veganic cultivation uses plant based nutrients in lieu of animal based fertiliser for improved quality and yields. Here is all you need to know.

Veganics cannabis

Water Soluble Nutrient System

The BIO-VEGANIC Nutrients are formulated with plant food ingredients made from plants. The ION-DEW Nutrients are formulated with the cleanest water soluble ingredients available. Both use a carefully selected broad spectrum of beneficial soil microbes.
No synthetics or chemical salts are ever used.
In fact, the BIO-VEGANIC product line of plant foods are truly next generation plant nutrition. Providing everything plants, soils and microbes require, therefore yielding the most mineral and phytonutrient laden plants possible. Not only will you grow healthier plants, you will be producing more flavorful, higher purity plants with increased medical effectiveness. This is achieved with the most complex plant food on the market today, over 70 organic-plant based ingredients, made bio-available with highly diverse assortment of soil microbe species, used fresh for maximum biological activity and nutrient absorption. The BIO-VEGANIC Nutrient System was designed from the ground up to be as close as possible to the virgin natural soils that landrace cannabis evolved in. No bottled, simplistic nutrient products can compare, synthetic or organic.

These formulations are the accumulation of decades of plant and soils experience. Our team brings over 80 years of combined experience in soils science, transitional agriculture/horticulture, and custom formulating of plant foods for a wide variety of crops, including cannabis.

Designed for the professional grower’s increasingly competitive and regulated market requirements. The BIO-VEGANIC team is here to work with your grow team. Whether your operation is indoors, greenhouse, outdoors or large scale agricultural acreage we can provide you with the science to excel in producing medical grade cannabis products. To learn more contact us at [email protected]

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For Indoor, Greenhouse and Artisan Outdoor Grows:

Grow with Good Rayne’s Cannabis Nutrient System.
An easy to use, “all you need” nutrient system.

For Commercial Outdoor or Agricultural Acreage Grows:
Utilizing our decades of experience in sustainable and organic agricultural conversions, we take a soils engineering approach to commercial outdoor growing operations. Most grows in these categories must be customized as per the unique soil and climate requirements of each site.
The Good Rayne team incorporates a tool box of ultra-pure materials and methods that can reclaim a soil fertility level that meets medical cannabis needs.

Provide your patients and customers the very best in potency, purity and flavor with Good Rayne’s Cannabis Nutrient System .
– Yield high purity pharmaceutical grade cannabis.
– Yield maximum medical effectiveness.
– Maximize trichome production of any strain naturally.
– Maximize flavor without refined flavoring additives.


I f you’re growing medical cannabis, you have the responsibility to make it as pure as you can. You do not want to add to the patient’s toxin load. Cannabis is a bio-accumulator, it is very good at absorbing the materials it is grown with. Popular hydroponic nutrient systems, even those made from very pure pharmaceutical grade synthetic ingredients, may still create very toxic substances when vaped or burned, for example ammoniacal materials. If you’re growing organic with animal fertilizer ingredients like fish products and blood meal or animal wastes like manures and guanos, then it is almost impossible not to be concentrating some environmental toxins in your crop. Because all animals are at or near the top of the food chain, they naturally concentrate environmental toxins in their bodies and waste products, also animal products have a tendency to attract pathogens. Of course, it follows that if your making medical concentrates you’re potentially concentrating the toxin load even more. That is the last thing we want to do to a patient who is already sick!

Regardless if you believe in eating vegetarian or not, we can generally all agree that a reduced toxin load in our medications is a good thing. Commercial growers and concentrate manufacturers are increasingly facing state regulations as to growth regulators, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins. Growers now have a regulation friendly, eco-friendly growing option. BIO-VEGANIC Nutrients are not hazardous to ground water or run-off and the potting soils are recyclable.

​BIO-VEGANIC is a solution to those purity issues. By using microbiologically activated organic plant materials as plant foods, exposure to hitchhiker toxins are reduced. When grown BIO-VEGANIC, plants have a more complete genetic expression, better nutrient uptake and the plants immune systems are supercharged, reducing the need for toxic pest controls.

The BIO-VEGANIC Cannabis Nutrient System is formulated with plant food ingredients made from plants. No synthetics or chemical salts are ever used. In fact, the BIO-VEGANIC Cannabis plant foods are truly next generation plant nutrition.