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Devon underground cannabis factory owner jailed

2 September 2019

A businessman who ran a cannabis factory in five interlocking shipping containers buried under a barn on his father’s farm has been jailed.

Daniel Palmer, 40, of Petrockstowe, Devon, was found guilty of producing cannabis after a trial in August.

Police had seized skunk with a retail value of ВЈ384,000.

Jailing Palmer for six years and three months, Judge Paul Cook at Taunton Crown Court told him he should have known the risks involved.

The factory was housed underneath a barn on the 200-acre Easter Hall Park at Petrockstowe where Palmer ran a business making log cabins.

The entrance to the secret growing area was a trap door concealed by farm machinery and sacks of fertiliser.

When police raided the farm in February 2017 they found drugs vacuum packed into 1kg bags.

Palmer claimed items containing his DNA got into the underground chamber by being picked up by the growers who rented land from his father and set up the operation without his knowledge.

Equipment in the underground containers included ventilation, lighting and a spinning machine to dry the cannabis.

Prosecution barrister Simon Burns told the court Palmer had a previous conviction for growing cannabis on a different farm in 2001.

In mitigation, defence barrister Nicolas Gerasimides said Palmer was “not the king in this operation”.

He said a man named Stephen Parker, who previously served nine years for drug importation, was “at the top of the tree” but police did not know where he was.

The judge said he “could not conclude with certainty there was nobody higher up the chain”.

An order was made to destroy the drugs and a proceeds of crime hearing will take place in January 2020 to establish how much money was made from the operation and where it went.

Daniel Palmer grew cannabis in five shipping containers buried on his father's farm.

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great idea! they’ll never find it!

[youtube=”b0GBSeT_QSc”]Tennessee Pot Cave[/youtube]


just do it in a house like everyone else. if u keep ur room temps in check like a good gardener you wont have to worry

also thats alot of work for such a small space

Bobby Smith

Digging a hole in the forest without knowing what you’re doing in a really remote location sounds like a great way to get buried alive.

Have fun with that, I hear it’s quite a hoot.

If you’re serious about it, though, I’d watch “The Bone Collector” (I think that’s the movie) numerous times and take notes – that dude had the badass underground forest lair.

Okay, this is going to sound ridiculous, but this has been in planning for quite a while now. Me and two other friends have been thinking that since police…