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Does Mike Murdock’s 58 days seed covenant really work?

‘You must give in order to receive…’

Many televangelists employ a fundraising tactic known as ‘seed-faith giving.’ There are several variations on the theme, but they basically all amount to this: if you wish to receive money – lots of money – you must first give some money to God. well, not exactly to Him, but to whichever preacher claims to represent Him in this investment scheme.

Your donation is the ‘seed’ you sow in faith. Or so they claim. Once you do this, God will reward you by giving you lots of money – up to 100 x more than you gave. Again, so they claim.

Naturally, if this scheme really worked the folks who make such claims would be eager to send you money, instead of trying to get you to send it to them. Alas, thus far we have not found any televangelist willing to demonstrate how seed-faith giving works for them by sending us a donation

So we’re watching this blog instead:

Seed Faith Journal
A Christian blogger donates 58 dollars to Mike Murdock and keeps a journal for 58 days to see what happens.

We don’t know who runs the thing, but here’s how the project works:

I just got off the phone with Mike Murdock?s ministry after watching him on Daystar. I have just donated 58 dollars to his ministry. Why, you might ask, would any thinking person do a thing like that? Well, the purpose of my donating the 58 dollars is to prove whether or not Mike Murdock?s 58 days seed covenant really works. I am keeping my donation a secret, and keeping this journal to record what happens. If someone gives me money for no apparent reason, I will record it in this journal. If something unexpected happens causing me to lose money, I?ll write about that too. By the end of this journal you will know if I’m heaven’s latest recipient of a miracle, or if I’ve fallen for a cheap gimmick.

If you’re not familiar with the 58 day seed covenant here’s how it works: Send Mike Murdock 58 dollars and tell him what you want. Got debt? Need healing? Looking for a husband? A Wife? Whatever it is, send Mike Murdock 58 dollars, tell him what you want from God, and within 58 days you’ll have it.

So what do I want from God? I specifically told the woman on the phone that I want to pay off a loan in the amount of $3,340.30 from when I was a student at a Christian University, and I want it paid off in 58 days, according to the 58 day seed covenant. ?Ok,? she said. Great! I can?t wait. I have had this burden on my back for years, and I would love to get rid of it.

Oh yeah, did I mention I don?t have a job? Hey, it?s a miracle I?m hoping for – would it really be a miracle if I just paid it off by working and making the minimum payments? Besides, by making the minimum payment of 40 dollars per month, it would take me 83 months to pay it off. And that?s not even counting interest. Why would I want to do that, when I can send 58 dollars to Mike Murdock and get my debt removed in 58 days? Besides, neither Murdock nor the woman on the phone said there were any restrictions. Plus, I’m a full-time student, and I need to devote myself to my studies. But if the Lord leads me to get a job, I will. In the meantime, I?m doing this little experiment to see if the 58 day seed covenant really works.

So here it is, my Seed Faith Journal.

‘Seed Faith giving’ is one of many unbiblical teachings of the Word-Faith movement. It is also known as ‘Name-it and Claim-it’ (or ‘Blab-it and Grab-it’).

The Bible does speak about money, but those who promote seed-faith giving schemes studiously avoid the most poignant passages.

As for Mike Murdock, it is safe to say that he doesn’t really need your $58:

• Profit in the pulpit
A Denton televangelist who says his mission is to rescue people from poverty is living lavishly, while the ministry he founded spends most of its money on overhead, an examination finds.

A Christian blogger donates 58 dollars to Mike Murdock and keeps a journal for 58 days to see what happens.

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Uncommon Isaiah 58 Harvest

As I shared yesterday, Mike offered five decisions that will forever decide the quality of your life:
1. You must decide to respect the Holy Spirit.
2. You must decide to make your divine assignment your only obsession.
3. You must decide to rename the moments of your life.
4. You must decide to trust instruction from a messenger of God.
5. You must decide to expect a harvest from an uncommon seed that you sow.

I love what Mike says about uncommon seeds: “You are a walking warehouse of seeds. A seed is anything that blesses another person. Forgiveness is a seed. Kindness is a seed. Time is a seed. Your finances are a seed. And to expect an uncommon harvest, you must sow an uncommon seed!”
Inventory your life for seeds. What have you been given as a seed? Listen to God’s direction for creative ways to sow those seeds. You will be amazed at the harvest.
A $58 Seed Harvested Around the World
On This Is Your Day! Mike shared a special story about sitting in church in Washington, D.C. He heard God asking, “How many kinds of blessings are there in My Word?” He thought, “Fifty-eight.” Mike had actually counted them before as he studied the Bible. Then he heard God instruct him, “Sow a $58 seed, then wait 58 days and see what I will do in your life.” My friend had never heard anything like that before, but he pulled out a checkbook and wrote a check for $58. Then he heard, “Now, write one on behalf of your son Jason.” There is a passage in 2 Samuel 26 that explains how you can sow a seed on somebody else’s behalf, so Mike did.
Powerful miracles began happening in his life and in the lives of his family members. He began sharing his story all around the world. What happened as he has shared that story has changed many lives as people have begun sowing seed with a powerful, focused expectation of a harvest. Legal bills have been reversed. Mike’s own parents witnessed an amazing answer to overwhelming medical bills.
On the program, Mike felt led to ask people to sow a $58 seed each month for the next twelve months, then watch what God does! You can’t buy a miracle, of course, but you can show your obedience to God’s guidance as you sow an uncommon seed toward an uncommon harvest.
See what God provides in your life!

Four Harvests of Isaiah 58
Speaking of the number 58, it is amazing that there are four distinct harvests found in Isaiah 58:
Uncommon Health—“Thine health shall spring forth speedily” (verse 8).
Uncommon Wisdom—“The Lord shall guide thee continually” (verse 11).
Uncommon Financial Favor—“And satisfy thy soul in drought” (verse 11).
Uncommon Home Restoration—“And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in” (verse 12).
What Mike Murdock shared was God ordained. Just from the past few days, we have heard testimonies from people who decided to sow a $58 seed for the next twelve months and are already seeing God move in one or more of these four areas of uncommon harvest.
Again, you cannot buy a miracle with your $58. Truthfully, you can’t buy a miracle for any amount of money. But you can expect a harvest from every single seed you sow in faith and obedience!
Decisions That Will Impact the Quality of Your Life
In Scripture, God says 331 times, “If you do this, this is what will happen!” The Bible is a book about decisions. God rewards right decisions! God expects us to honor our wonderful Lord by making the right kind of decisions.
Do you need a miracle in your life? Do you want something better for yourself and your family?
What you do with your uncommon seed is tap into God’s supernatural power through your obedience and faith as you listen to His voice.

Be Part of This Uncommon Harvest!
What kind of an uncommon seed are you willing to sow during this powerful season? What are you expecting as you sow that seed? Expectation is what makes the difference. Expectation is your faith wrapped around the seed!
Luke 6:38 tells us, “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.”
Be part if this unusual harvest time! Be part of what God is doing during this uncommon season!

Uncommon Isaiah 58 HarvestAs I shared yesterday, Mike offered five decisions that will forever decide the quality of your life:1. You must decide to respect the Holy Spirit.2. You must decide to make your divine assignment your only obsession.3. You must decide to rename the moments of your life.4. You must decide to trust instruction…