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The Single Seed Centre Shut Down – Alternative

The Single Seed Centre was a retail website selling cannabis seeds that appears to have unfortunately now closed down. It was also known as Worldwide Marijuana Seeds and appears to have mainly been aimed at the USA market. Their domain name was registered in 2008 and so I believe they were operational from around 2010 to early 2021. They appear now to have merged with another company but we will record some details here for posterity. They sold seeds from around 180 different breeders from 00 Seeds to Zambeza Seeds and as their name suggests, they specialised in retailing single seeds of this range. The Single Seed Centre accepted payment by BitCoin, cash and bank transfer as well as occasionally being able to accept credit card payments.

The Single Seed Centre offered a guarantee with the text stating: ” If for whatever reason your order does not arrive, we will re-ship free of charge. All you have to do is choose one of our ‘guaranteed’ shipping options (and make sure you enter your address correctly!)” and delivery took around 1 to 2 weeks from shipment date. They also offered various Promos and maintained an affiliate system.

In regards to the single seeds they sold they stated:

“”You can buy as many (or as few!) seeds as you like. We are the premier company in individual seeds – this gives you the opportunity to try as many different seeds as you want without spending a fortune.

Just so that you know you are getting exactly what you paid for, we ensure that all our single seeds are individually labelled and we can include an equal portion of the manufacturers packaging upon request. To provide this safeguard, we insist upon manual packing. As you can imagine, this is very time consuming but we strongly recommend that you do not to trust any company who is not willing to supply part of the original packet. We try to send full packs sealed in their original packaging, although some of our packaging methods do not allow us to do so.

You can choose any combination of weed seeds you wish, but we have a feature on our site that will show you seeds with matching characteristics.””

They also offered discrete shipping with stealth being the name of the game.

A little about The Single Seed Centre from their website while it was still online:

If you are collecting weed seeds, it can be difficult to get single seeds or even small amounts of the same seed. At worldwide marijuana seeds, we are known as the single seed centre because we offer the choice to buy individual seeds. This makes collecting easier and cheaper for many people. Purchasing single seeds is a fantastic option for those collectors who are interested in collecting all the different varieties of weed seeds. To a layman, a seed is simply a seed however; the true interest in collecting these seeds is in the knowledge of the variants that you are collecting. While all the seeds that we sell at worldwide marijuana seeds are for purely collecting purposes, they are developed by the best seed banks in the world. Take for example the Sensi seeds bank, multi-award winning producers of feminized seeds. As they have been producing seeds for over two decades, they have accumulated a very large collection of gene strains and knowledge. They then use all their knowledge to engineer new and exciting variants of marijuana seeds such as their ever popular Big Bud variant. It is this striving for development that makes this field of collection such an interesting hobby.

Regular sized packs of weed seeds can vary in size from 6 in a pack to anything up to 10 seeds. As a new cannabis seeds collector you may wonder why you may need to order larger packets of weed seeds. The answer is twofold; firstly seeds are living collectors’ items and as such need to be stored correctly. Having a larger number of a particular specimen acts as an insurance against accidents in storage, especially if you take the precaution to store them in different locations. Storing marijuana seeds need not be difficult however, for optimum longevity they need to be kept consistently cool and free from humidity. The second reason to purchase cannabis seeds in bulk is to handpick the most decorative seeds for your collection. While all our seeds are of the highest quality and sourced from the world’s premier seed banks, the appearance of them will vary. If you opt for a single seed you are left with the luck of the draw in terms of surface variations. If you are an avid seed collector then you may like the option to hand pick the appearance of the marijuana seeds in your collection. One of the most attractive features of many weed seeds is the lighter mottled areas on the surface of many of the variants.

Whilst it is always a shame to see that The Single Seed Centre have shut down, Seed City is more than happy to welcome those left behind by their absence. Seed City offers a huge choice of over 5,600 cannabis seeds from more than 180 different breeders. We offer guaranteed delivery on all signed for orders, free UK delivery, a price-match promise, the ability to purchase single seeds of every strain we offer and the most in-depth seed categorisation online.

We really recommend that you take a quick look at the left column of our website where our Seed Selector lives. What makes our Seed Selector so special is that you can select many multiple options at the same time, whittling down your selection only to those seeds which interest you the most! A large number of competitors will have selectors of their own but they will not allow you to select multiple options simultaneously.

Whether or not you decide to give the team at Seed City a try we hope you enjoy our Seed Selector and if you should choose to use our service we would like to provide you with a 10% coupon code to get you started!

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The Single Seed Centre? was a retail website selling cannabis seeds that appears to have unfortunately now closed down. It was also known a

Single Seed Centre Coupons

After many reported issues with their customer service and payments we do not recommend making purchases at this store.

All of which you will find coupons for on this page!

What Can I Get at Single Seed Centre?

The Single Seed Centre has been around since 2008 and they specialize in single cannabis seeds. Whereas most Breeders only sell in packs of three or larger, the Single Seed Centre saw a gap and hit the market selling them as singles. They have an excellent selection too, with many of the best Breeders in the world available.

With their selection sold in singles the idea is that you can pick and mix your favourite strains rather than be forced into buying several of the same variety. The site also has a useful function that will recommend strains with similar characteristics after each choice.

They currently stock seeds from around 180 breeders including Dank Genetics, CBD Crew and Pisces Genetics. There are thousands of strains available from Strawberry Zombie to AK-47. Their range includes blue strains, high CBD strains, auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and regular seeds.

What Do Their Customers Say?

Reviews are polarized for this site. There are several happy customers but an equal number of serious complaints. If the seeds arrive and germinate correctly everything is fine but if seeds arrive damaged or a large portion don’t germinate the customer service team claim to take no responsibility. There are also reports about payment issues with are a major concern. Until these issues are dealt with, we would not recommend using this site.

Other Information

Shipping- Delivery is guaranteed so if you have any shipping issues, they will re-ship your order at no extra cost.

They ship globally and orders should arrive in 1-2 days in the UK and 7-10 days internationally.

Payment Methods- They accept credit card, debit card, cash, money order, bank transfer and Bitcoin

Freebies- You can get up to five free seeds with every cash payment. If you spend more than $50 on seeds you will get four feminized girl scout cookies seeds. Sign up to their newsletter to be in with a chance of winning $100 worth of seeds.

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