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UPDATE 10/3/2016: Congratulations to Amy Ledesma, Kim Henley and Sara Sullivan!

The Seed Guy NON-GMO Heirloom Seed Package Giveaway Would you like to grow your own food? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This week’s fabulous Friday giveaway will give THREE lucky

Korok Seed Guy: All Three Hestu Locations In ‘Breath of The Wild’

Hestu – the Korok seed guy you’ve been looking for. Nintendo

The Korok seed guy, Hestu, is crucial for Breath of the Wild players. He’s the only character in BotW who can expand your weapon, shield and bow inventories and also the only one who makes use of all those Korok seeds you keep finding scattered around. Upgrade costs increase each time, and new price totals the previous two totals added together. So it’s one seed, then two, then three, then five, then eight, then 13, and so on. Finding seeds is easy enough (there are 900 in the game) so the biggest problem with the Korok seed guy is his location. Hestu moves around a bit in Breath of the Wild , so here’s where to find him.

Korok Seed Guy Location #1: Kakariko Village Path

Hestu location kakariko village Photo: iDigitalTimes

The path to Kakariko village is the first location where you’ll find Hestu. In fact, you can’t do anything with Korok seeds until you help the guy get his magical maracas back from a pack of Bokoblin. The green pin in the screenshot above shows where you can find him on the map. It’s pretty easy. You should have come across Dueling Peak stables soon after leaving the tutorial plateau area. Just follow the path north from the stable and cross Kakariko bridge. You’ll turn right on the path soon after you cross and you’ll see the Korok seed guy standing on the eastern side of the path near a big tree. Hestu is a big guy, so he’s hard to miss. Once you chat with him he’ll give you the sidequest. The bokoblins are right around the corner, defeat them and return the maracas and Hestu will offer to upgrade your inventory. After a few upgrades, though, he moves on.

Korok Seed Guy Location #2: Riverside Stable

Riverside Stable location Photo: iDigitalTimes

After doing some upgrades outside Kakariko Village, Hestu explains he’s going back to Korok Forest. But he will make a stop along the way at Riverside Stable. The easiest way to get there (if you haven’t already found Riverside Stable or the nearby Wahgo Katta Shrine) is to follow the path west out of kakariko Village (red pin) and then glide/hoof it across the valley to the west. You’ll see Riverside Stable (green pin) on the banks of the river. It’s very easy to spot, especially when you’re gliding down. Hestu will be hanging out in front and, as usual, the Korok seed guy is ready to trade precious item slots for useless korok seeds. He won’t stay at Riverside Stable long, so if you met him in Kakariko Village but can’t find him there that means he’s moved to his final, permanent location: Korok Forest.

Korok Seed Guy Location #3: Korok Forest

The final location for Hestu is the hardest to find. Korok Forest itself is located to the north of Hyrule Castle. If you’ve already found the Goron City and Death Mountain, just head south to Foothill Stable, and follow that path south to Lanayru Tower and then it will curve north again towards Woodland Tower. The entrance to Korok Forest, the Lost Woods, is just north of that tower. If you haven’t found Goron City, just head due north from Riverside Stable. It’s a long walk, and lots of guardians, so be careful.

The tricky part of getting to the Korok seed guy once he relocates is the Lost Woods. Navigating your way can be frustrating, and you need to follow the trail of torches. The embedded video above from GameXplain does a great job of walking you through the path. Once you get through to Korok Forest you can find Hestu right behind the Master Sword platform. You can’t miss him. And there’s a shrine in the middle of Korok Forest too, so fast travel will be a breeze.

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The Korok seed guy Hestu can be hard to find, but here are his locations.