super silver haze

Super Silver Haze Indoor

Desde la Cruz del Sur CBD flowers combining the characteristics and aromas of three flagship varieties on the market, it’s tempting, isn’t it? This is precisely the challenge taken up by the Super Silver Haze. a concentrated energy in charge of skunk and spices, to discover now on the shop Weedy !

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CBD flowers Super Silver Haze indoor, the perfect boost

CBD flowers Super Silver Haze grown indoors (indoor) stand out as a obvious choice for all those who wish to take advantage of theenergy communicative of a flagship variety of the modern cannabis market. It must be said that the Super Silver Haze is a great variety (she will not have stolen her name!) descended directly from nothing less than the Skunk Northern Lights and, obviously, the Haze.

The whole gives a broad sativa dominant hybrid (around 70% / 30% indica). A large cannabis family, sativas clearly rank on the energy side. CBD flowers Super Silver Haze confirm the rule by permanently installing a creative atmosphere and mental stimulation, without going out of the relaxed way.

The aromas are sweet, with skunk, earthy and spicy notes. Haze lovers will thus find its typical taste, inherited from the sativa dominance of its genetics.

A strain naturally rich in CBD

This product is from industrial hemp cultivated according to responsible agriculture, meeting the most high quality requirements imposed by Weedy. In addition, CBD flowers Super Silver Haze indoor are, as their name suggests, grown indoors. No external aggression thus disturbs the development of the plants and their fleurs which thrive sheltered from changing climatic conditions and involuntary hybridizations.

Physically, the Super Silver Haze is a majestic plant, very supplied. With a beautiful light green color, its flowers impose their aestheticism thanks to the silvery reflections caused by trichomes. Filled with resin, these small vesicles are also responsible for secretion of cannabinoids. Obviously, variety gives pride of place to CBD, of which she is particularly rich.

On the contrary, rate THC, the psychoactive substance in cannabis, is strictly controlled. Regular and complete analyzes thus make it possible to ensure that this rate remains strictly below 0,3%, the maximum value authorized by European law. Thanks to this strict regulation, we are able to ensure our European customers (especially in France, Belgium and Luxembourg) the online purchase of cannabis products de high quality et perfectly legal.

Order now and receive your CBD flowers Super Silver Haze en less than 72 hours (observed average), in neutral and carefully packaged !

Product Info: Super Silver Haze indoor

1G, 2G (8 € / G), 5G (7 € / G), 10G (6 € / G), 20G (5.50 € / G)

CBD flowers Super Silver Haze play in the course of the great modern cannabis strains focusing on energy. To discover on Weedy.Fr !