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Super crystal company

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What is the advantage of machine tool polishing?

Machine based polishing is a precision and deterministic process: once you achieved high polishing quality, you can routinely repeat it. That is not a case for manual polishing with its hand-defined, non-deterministic nature.

What is the advantage of super polishing ?

When super polished quality is achieved, the surface laser damage threshold equals to the bulk damage threshold and surface roughness is extremely small.

Which coating design is preferable for extra cavity tripling ?

We recommend high damage threshold triple antireflection coating on input side and thin single wave antireflection coating on output side of LBO “

What is the advantage of IBS coatings?

Ion beam sputtering (IBS) offers high packing density, low defect and low absorption films.

Why ion beam pre-cleaning is important?

Ion Beam pre-cleaning allows removing polishing re-deposition layer that is generated by superpolishing process.There is a misconception that superpolishing completely removes the subsurface damage layer. On the surface there is always a so-called polishing re-deposition layer containing traces of both substrate and polishing materials. Completely remove the redeposit can only be a dry ion milling such as Ion Beam Sputter cleaning.


Optical fabrication standards
Aperture: 3×3 mm to 12×12 mm, Length: 1 to 30 mm.
Aperture tolerance: +0.01 mm/-0.05 mm, Length tolerance: +0.5 mm/-0.2 mm

high damage threshold coatings, low absorption LBO