spumoni strain


The Plug Seedbank presents here Spumoni, a cross between Do-Si-Do and Sunset Sherbert resulting in a productive variety rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. Now available in the feminised seeds catalogue at AlchimiaWeb!

Spumoni materializes the encounter between two continents, Alien Labs from California and The Plug, well-known for its Cannabis Club in Barcelona and its coffee shop in Amsterdam.

Spumoni: all cannabinoids and terpenes you can get

This variety is a cross between a Do Si Dos clone selected by Alien Labs and Sunset Sherbert, creating an Indica Sativa hybrid with a sweet and fruity aroma and a positive and relaxing effect.

Spumoni is a well-branched and vigorous plant that transforms its strong branches in long colas of fleshy flowers completely covered with resin. It responds well to pruning, mouldering and SCROG grow favouring floral sites to optimize production.

Spumoni is not a fast flowering variety but in just about 10 weeks of flowering will reward the grower with an abundant high quality yield. It produces dense, compact and resin coated buds with a terpenes profile as original as pleasant.

It has a floral, sweet, fruity and spicy aroma accompanied by an intense and positive high effect, plunging you in a good mood and body relaxation.

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