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Cannabis Herbal Liniment :: For Fast, Effective Topical Pain Relief

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lin•i•ment [ línnəmənt ]
pain-relieving liquid rub: a liquid rubbed into the skin to relieve aches or pain, e.g. one containing alcohol and camphor

As defined above, a liniment is an external application that is rubbed into the skin primarily for the purposes of pain relief — and my Cannabis Herbal Liniment recipe was created with herbal alliesВ full of super potent anti-inflammatory + analgesic properties!

When combined into a liniment, these magical plant spirits can ::

  • be massage into muscles, both before and after physical activity for immediate soothing relief
  • stimulate circulation
  • soothe and heal bruising
  • relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and gout
  • alleviate tension headaches
  • reduce the healing time for injuries
  • strengthen, protect, and prepare the body for and during exertion
  • repair overworked muscles, tendon injuries, and sprains
  • act as an anti-inflammatory by reducing inflammation and relieving the associated pain and swelling
  • provide really relief from fibromyalgia symptoms
  • reduce the itching and inflammation caused by insect bites
  • heal skin eruptions of any kind (i.e. acne, etc.)
  • CBD-rich cannabis flowers + trim (sugar leaf)
  • arnica flowers
  • comfrey root
  • helichrysum flowers
  • St. John’s wort
  • devil’s claw root
  • ginger root
  • cayenne pepper
  • turmeric root

…are all well-known for theirВ anti-inflammatory,В analgesic,В sedative,В antispasmodic, andВ anti-microbialВ properties.

This magical healing liniment is must-have forВ anyone suffering from pain!

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for the Peaceful Warrior Cannabis Salve.
There you will find where I share my method for an oil infusion.

Cannabis Herbal Liniment

*Use organics whenever possible. I have linked to the products I personally use and recommend.

  • herbal blend, enough to fill a quart-sized glass mason jar 2/3 fullВ (I use a combination of CBD-rich, indica-dominantВ cannabis flowers + trim, [you can purchase “legal in all 50 states”В CBD-rich hemp flowersВ here if you live in a state without medical marijuana laws], arnica flowers, comfrey root, helichrysum flowers, St. John’s wort, devil’s claw root, ginger root, cayenne pepper, and turmeric root…use whatever you have on hand. Please note :: The cannabis/CBD-rich hemp + arnica are the secret to this liniment! Use these two if you use nothing else.)
  • isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), enough to cover

*Herbal liniments are made in exactly the same way as a tincture. Read more about herbal tincturing here…

  1. In a quart-sized glass mason jar combine all of the herbs you have chosen to use. Note: For the best medicine, use a grinder or similar object to grind all herbs to a fine consistency.
  2. Pour isopropyl alcohol over the plant material to fill the jar, leaving an inch of head space.
  3. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Place lid tightly on jar and let mixture stand in a warm location.
  5. Let jar stand for at least 4 weeks (6 weeks is awesome too), shake well every day.
  6. After 4-6 weeks of steeping, strain the liniment well using a piece of unbleached cheesecloth and re-bottle.В Note: Be sure to clearly label for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. And store in a cool, dark place.


Apply the liniment every few minutes for an hour or two in acute instances. Otherwise, use freely until desired results are achieved.

Tips for UseВ

-I like to re-bottle my liniment into these roll top glass bottles for ease of use.

-By applying the liniment to the temples, back of the neck, and to the forehead it can be used as an excellent remedy for a headache.

-Apply to painful and swollen joints to relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

-Useful as a treatment for athlete’s foot. Apply frequently and saturate the affected area thoroughly.

-It also seems to be extremely effective in the treatment of acne!

-Simply apply directly onto skin and massage into sore muscles for instant relief.

Note: Naturally the results will be different for everyone. This is by no means a cure-all. I’m just happy to share with you my experience with these plants and/or oils. Please use conventional wisdom and consult with your medical professional prior to using this or any other herbal remedy. And as we know all too well the FDA doesn’t like any type of claim…therefore, take it for what it is, and remember, this information is purely educational in its purpose.

DISCLOSURE: In order for me to support my knowledge-sharing/writing/blogging activities, I occasionally may receive monetary compensation for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this article. However, I only recommend products or services I have personally used myself and trust.

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‘Grandma’s magic remedy:’ Mexico’s medical marijuana secret

A dancer who uses a mixture of alcohol and marijuana to relieve muscle aches, shows the bottle with it at a clandestine greenhouse in Mexico City on November 30, 2015. (AFP PHOTO/ Yuri CORTEZ)

MEXICO CITY — When her legs ache, this Mexican grandmother rubs them with marijuana-infused alcohol.

She is well aware the homemade remedy defies the country’s cannabis ban, but her family has used the concoction to treat ailments since she was a child, handing it down the generations.

“I really have a lot of faith in it,” said the slender 53-year-old, a housewife and amateur dancer who spoke to AFP about her cannabis use on condition of strict anonymity.

“When I’m very tired, I spread it on my legs, feet and body. It’s really good. I can go without salt but not without marijuana with alcohol. My grandmother used it,” she said, holding a plastic bottle filled with the leaves and liquid.

In turn, she used the family remedy to care for her three children, and three grandchildren. For the kids, a piece of cotton soaked in the liquid is placed in the bellybutton to fight fevers. When they’re congested, the alcohol is rubbed on the chest and back.

A debate on whether to legalize marijuana for recreational or medicinal uses in Mexico is in its infant stages, but Mexicans have used cannabis for therapeutic purposes for centuries.

The national discussion was launched in November when the Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling authorizing four people to grow and smoke marijuana for personal use, opening the door for others to seek similar permits.

Weeks earlier, the parents of an eight-year-old girl named Grace, who suffers from a severe form of epilepsy, won a legal battle to import a cannabis-based oil to treat her condition.

But for generations Mexicans have been using “grandma’s magic remedy” to combat a wide range of pains, fevers or other complaints.

The cannabis-infused oil can be kept for months, and many keep a flask hidden in a closet. The remedy also comes in dry forms or as pastes. Some some drink marijuana tea to relieve headaches or help with insomnia while others smoke it to fight nausea or cancer-related pains.

“Infused into alcohol is the traditional use for rheumatism as well as muscular and circulation pains,” said Humberto Rocca, a doctor specializing in addictions and herbalism.

“It’s an ancient medicine, passed on from generation to generation. Young people know that their grandmothers or mothers use it,” Rocca said.

Home brew

Jorge Hernandez Tinajero, a veteran pot legalization activist, said Spanish conquistadors brought hemp with them, and indigenous populations added it to their ceremonial and medicinal traditions.

“Marijuana began to be used in different ways in the 16th century, for rituals guided by shamans, which persist to this day in some villages,” said Tinajero, who is part of the Mexican Association of Cannabis Studies.

In a Mexico City home, a 33-year-old publicist agreed to show AFP reporters his hydroponic system of some 20 marijuana plants growing under intense spotlights.

“This is for personal and medical use,” he said from his greenhouse, walking barefoot and smoking a joint during the chat.

“There’s no sale or purchases. We only do this to change the system and this war” against drug trafficking, he said, echoing the argument among pro-legalization activists that decriminalizing pot will help combat the violence associated with the illegal trade.

He taught himself to make various types of therapeutic marijuana, including the traditional alcohol-based recipe, a thick wax concentrate of tetrahydrocannabinol — the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis — which is used to treat nausea, and extracts that are used for vaporizations.

“If your mom has a migraine, you give her a little tea because the pain goes away with a little bit of marijuana,” he said.

“Typically I make alcohol for the grandmother of a friend who has pains in the hands or feet due to arthritis or sciatica,” said the man, who insists he gives away the medicine for free.

National debate

While President Enrique Pena Nieto has voiced opposition to legalizing marijuana, he has convened experts to hold debates between January and March to see if the government should change the law in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling.

In its wake, Mexican health authorities this week issued the first permit allowing the individuals concerned to grow their own marijuana for recreational purposes.

Though limited to those four people only, the authorization opens a crack in Mexico’s prohibitionist policies.

In parallel, a member of Pena Nieto’s Institutional Revolutionary Party has introduced a bill in the Senate that would allow Mexicans to import and consume medical marijuana — though not grow it on national soil.

But the head of the government’s Cofepris health and drug regulator, Mikel Arriola, doubts the medicinal value of marijuana.

“For it to have healing effects, it must be presented in a medicine form, like a tablet, an injection or a solution,” Arriola told AFP. “Marijuana does not go through this process. Its healing effects are not recognized.”

A spokesman for the attorney general’s office said that carrying marijuana-infused alcohol is illegal. But he also said there was no precedent of anyone being arrested for using the home brew.

A debate on whether to legalize marijuana for recreational or medicinal uses in Mexico is in its infant stages, but Mexicans have used cannabis for therapeutic purposes for centuries.