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Negative Orchidladyuk
United Kingdom
(1 review)
December 3, 2018
Ordered robsrareandgiantseeds 4pks of Egret seed. however the seeds were not as expected egret seeds are nearly pea size but these were like carrot seeds . An orchid grower also agreed they looked to be the wrong seeds. I contacted the firm they said I could return the seeds but postage from UK is expensive so started the germination in sterile agar dishes.. nothing grew I would expect at least one seed to germinate. I’ve forwarded my concerns. But i have had no response as yet .an appology or refund would be a proffesional response from most noteable firms.
Negative ZMA
(1 review)
February 11, 2017
On Jan 20, I ordered world’s largest blackberry seeds from Rob’s Rare and Giant Seeds’ website, but I didn’t receive any order confirmation. Few days later, I saw that the order amount was deducted from my bank account, again without hearing from Rob’s Rare and Giant Seeds. So I sent them an e-mail inquiring about the order on Jan 28, till date I didn’t receive any reply.
Negative laemob
Mobile, AL
(1 review)
November 17, 2016
I purchased some pepper seeds, thinking they were what I had ordered the Carolina Reapers, I planted some of the seeds and received some fruit, the plants produced some other kind of pepper, I was sent the wrong pepper seeds.
Negative jrick
Jefferson, TX
(2 reviews)
May 30, 2016
I made several purchases from Rob’s rare and Giant Seeds. The Royal purple giant sunflower seeds had several problems. One, they were difficult to germinate. I only got one to germinate from the first lot I purchased. I understand that this can happen, so I purchased a second lot. This time I got 3 to germinate. Not good, but I can live with it for the spectacular sunflower. Oops! There were no spectacular flowers! The tallest was about 4 feet tall and they were all standard, yellow sunflowers.

I also purchased what was supposed to be Giant Yunan lilies. The seeds I received germinated well. However, they produced neither giant plants nor lilies of any variety. What Rob’s sent me was wood sorrel . I guess I can use it to make a tea to settle my upset stomach I experienced from this purchase.

He is a LIER. He will waste your time and money.
I bought Symplocos Paniculata seeds but they were crushed and powdered. That will happen sometimes.

I tried to contact him but never reply, of course.
I opened a dispute in Paypal.
In the beginning, he responded like a he agreed to him to pay for return shipping.
After I sent back crushed seeds to him, he just ignored me.

So, I had to escalate.
Fortunately, I had a tracking number, so I could my money back.
Unfortunately, Paypal doesn’t cover return shipping fee.

Now I am not sure if he sent me crushed seeds in an “accident”.
Because nobody fight over the small money.

Update: Well that is not a very nice comment and I don’t appreciate it, Kokomojewel. I’m just a regular gardener and I only wrote of my own experience. Rawr. I’ve ordered a bunch of seeds from several companies and I will be writing reviews on all of them as (1) I receive the seeds and (2) germination rates next spring/summer. Thank you for the shoutout. On November 2nd, 2013, saradus added the following:

Kokomojewel, I agree with you in regards to purchasing from verified/vetted sellers. On my own behalf, I took a risk and purchased 1 pack of seeds from this seller for $1.65, about half the reviews for this product were good, and another half poor. I knew that going into the purchase. I find joy in experimenting and I decided that for myself, purchasing this pack of seeds was worth it for the sheer fun of trying to grow them in my winter sowing project. I have only purchased large seed orders from vendors on this website that have been vetted.

So for me the jury is out on this seller. As I stated previously, the seeds arrived quickly and were labeled, the seller had included his name and contact information. At this time I have no reason to not give this seller a positive review. But I thank you and appreciate the concern, and if next spring the seeds do not germinate, I will update my review accordingly. Best. On July 30th, 2014, saradus changed the rating from positive to neutral and added the following:

On my first and last order from ilg49 on ebay, my pumpkin seeds were smashed (he said replacements would be sent but never arrived). THe pepper seeds NEVER germinated & he is purely in this business to make money. He sends wrong seeds all the time, just read his amazon feedback. This seller is what forces me to avoid ebay altogether because with being in a position of 50,000 positive feedbacks, he doesn’t care about fixing a customer’s problem. He can just get a few negative feedbacks occasionally and chalk it up to blaming the buyer, as he does on NUMEROUS occasions here:

I’m only out $11 but I’m just posting to correct the impression which the October 15th comment gives. Buy seeds from home depot or lowe’s or a highly vouched-for seller only. Caveat emptor on this seller! Buyer beware! On October 29th, 2013, kokomojowel added the following:

I apologize Saradus. My gut instinct from reading your comment had mislead me to believe that you were defending a seller who has overwhelmingly negative reviews on trusted sites like Daves Garden and Amazon. I just thought it is naive of you to disregard the warnings mentioned on this page & gamble with your time, effort, and money (the first two things are the most valuable).

Sure, I was out $11 but in reality, I wasted 2 rows of 50-feet of garden space after I went out and bought 2 soaker hoses and kept all the weeds out for nearly 7 weeks before I realized I had been played a fool. I waited nearly that long still thinking my pumpkin seeds were “on their way” and it gave me more headache & frustration than the $11 could ever compare to. You like him, that’s great. Just never complain about him or he will blame the buyer.

Maybe you’ve never heard the saying that reputations are earned in inches and lost in miles. In short, it means that a dozen acts of duplicity can erase a score of positive acts.

I went through the trouble of checking out Rob’s listings and found the item you described, Kochia Scoparia Grass, for $1.65 Send me a private message through this website and tell me your paypal address. I will reimburse you twice the amount you paid him for the Kochia Scorpia grass seeds. Let my actions be a testament to the veracity of my past experience with him. I’ll ship you $3.30 if you’ll simply buy seeds from sellers who are highly vetted by the community of gardeners here at Dave’s garden, rather than rewarding a disreputable seller like that:

All 5 of my vines came out the same with different color flowers. I took photos, emailed Rob multiple times. Got short answered replies if ANY. And when I asked for some resolution, HE DID NOT ANSWER ME.

Ebay’s terms are 45 days for all items. How do we know this guy isn’t selling WEEDS to people on ebay. By the time it grows, its past the 45 days.

It’s not about the cost, its the principle. For $2.45, he’s rather have upset customers than try to rectify the problem? Does he even have star jasmine vine seeds?

I’m glad I found this site so I could vent my frustration on an open forum to let others know not to buy from this company.

For the record, I had to email TWICE to get a response regarding the photos of the plants. His reply. “I DONT KNOW WHAT THAT IS” no duh. Thanks for confirming it ISN’T the plant you said it was supposed to be on your listing.

Rob’s Rare and Giant Seeds ( has 16 reviews (14 negative, 1 positive and 1 neutral) at the Garden Watchdog.

Anyone have experience with this vendor?

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habjolokia z 6b/7

I doubt any have had any experience with this vendor as it’s domain was registered 6/20/11 there are many well established pepper seed vendors that have been mentioned on this forum. If you don’t want to risk and be one of the first to find out if they are reputable or not then I advise you to wait until reviews are posted.

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Try hippyseedcompany or if you are looking for good superhots!

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There selling a bunch of dead seeds!

I bought GIANT ATLANTIC PUMPKIN Seeds from them on Ebay but they were not GIANT ATLANTIC PUMPKIN Seeds. Any one who has grown them know what they look like very large thick seeds. This guy even has a picture on the ebay listing showing a good picture of the seeds. The ones he sent me look like the pumpkin seeds you buy to eat no what he showed on his listing. Small and normal small in size. I saved my seeds from last years plants, but they did not germinate so I bought some from these guys on ebay. Rob’s Rare and Giant Seeds say if your not satisfied let them know with in 7 days. I let them know I was not happy and asked if he wanted me to return the seeds. No reply from them. I went to Ebay and launched a complaint. Rob’s Rare and Giant Seeds did not respond to me or ebay so they gave me a refund. As the other person stated “most of the other feedback I have seen is neutral to negative except on ebay which most ebayers leave immediate feedback and not feedback after growing.” Lots of people complaining of no germination of the seeds! SO buyer beware..I was only out $3 but I did not get my Giant Pumpkins in the ground this year and it really makes me mad to see some one taking advantage of good people by selling pipe dreams not good seeds! From what I have seen of other reviews the seeds do not sprout! Do your self a faver and look at other reviews!
Thanks Thanks. Tropicalfeak