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Reservoir Seeds – Strawberry Diesel F3 (RezDog)

Reservoir Seeds / RezDog

Strawberry Diesel F3 (3rd Filial Generation)

Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel “IBL”

This is something that I will only release for a super limited time. While doing my searches through different version of Strawberry lines crossed to diesels, this is where the search first started. There are several cut floating around of this seedline, especially out in Michigan there’s some beautiful ones, however I felt that instead of using the cuts it would be best to select from the F2 seedline I had and make a true F3 line, crossing forward. Now, I do NOT condone Sour Diesel being called an “IBL”, IBL insinuates ultimate uniformity in a line, and theres were tons of genotypes in the Sour D IBL line from Rez. In fact, I don’t condone Rez. He ripped off my buddy Chemdog, and is an all around batty boy. BUT there is some merit and request to keep this line around, and I’ve slowly watched it dwindle away from people’s collection. So I figured what better time to release this project than to release it during some more of the Sour D x Strawberry Creme line releases. You can compare the two so you can see the differnce for yourself and why I decided to only work with that line.

Reservoir Seeds – Strawberry Diesel F3 (RezDog) for $80 per ea. by Riot Seeds on Strainly