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I have been thinking about building one of these from junk I have laying around. Jul 02, 2013 · Space Buckets: DIY Way To Grow Medical Marijuana GrowWeedEasy. What is the solution for 100 Pics Bucket List ? We are trying our best to solve the answer manually and update the answer into here, currently the best answer we found for these are: Oct 22, 2015 · The tutorial explains the Excel charts basics and provides the detailed guidance on how to make a graph in Excel. Don’t add too much peanut butter or the plate will tip vertically. Simply drill one 1/2″ hole an inch or two off the bottom of the bucket, make sure it is lower than the rim of the planter base. Jan 11, 2015 · The solution is to put it all in a mobile cart to pull around the shop as needed. A space bucket is basically a self-contained bucket that has everything you need to grow weed at home. Anything left on your bucket list? 8 Sep 2020 Rclone syncs your files to cloud storage. At Home Quarantine Bucket List So I put together my own Quarantine Bucket List filled with all the random side projects and things that I always wanted to do, but never had the time for. Reddit. I’m not trying to make it taller because thats just too easy haha. Siphon the water through the contraption to the bucket on the floor. Keeping the shrubs and grass short around your house will limit the amount of space that the chipmunks have to hide. 11. by Taylor I am surprised how little progress has been made in the identity space but it will improve. level 1. We then use that 5-gallon bucket of soil to supply our 3″ and 4″ pots. It is a great and simple idea to store your foods for much longer. May 08, 2018 · Cut off the bottom and 1/2 inch up the side of ONE bucket. I use totes as they hold more water and allow for greater space for root growth. Space Buckets are easy to make, and require readily available items. * *Hubble Space Bucket is not affiliated with the Hubble Space Telescope, the Space Telescope Institute or NASA. All you need to know for Lichtenberg Wood Burning is here. Space Bucket with only LED Strips According to a previous reddit post, the power output for a 5m 5050/300 white LED strip is 68 W, which is about equal to 3x23W CFLs. If you enjoy this list, check out a more recently updated version: Reddit’s Top 250 Movies (2017 Edition). I wanted to use as much vertical space as possible with this build so the idea is to stack the cyclone on top of the shopvac. You’ll be able to get very good views of the planets Another example would be swinging a bucket of water around over your head. Find more subreddits like r/SpaceBuckets — This subreddit is for anyone interested in *Space Buckets*, a DIY indoor garden with stacked 5gal buckets. Turn the drum on its side and use a permanent marker to draw a U shape that’s about 10” by 14” (Image 1). The summer of 2020 is looking to be a little different for everyone. This will be your hinge. Grow Space: Portable, will work in almost any grow space. ET, allowing them to enter the station. 101k members in the SpaceBuckets community. Jan 20, 2020 · 4. Setting up the pump. Maybe it’s a resolution to become more health-conscious, planning a trip you’ve always wanted to take, starting a vegetable garden o… Organic Gardening Advice That Will Make You More Successful Organic gardening may be a major pain, or a joyous hobby. I. It now has approximately 600 published articles on the site, and almost 500,000 pageviews per month. Dec 31, 2013 · Today we’re going to discuss how we can make a comparable alternative to these long-term storage food options for less than half the typical price. My Book: Bucket List If you are going to build this fogger I would make two suggestions: 1) Use a larger container. For example, take a galvanized paint bucket and turn it into a garden hose caddy. 5 Nov 2019 Reddit has become a gold mine for the most ingenius life hacks on the Internet. Wrap the exterior of one bucket entirely in black duct tape. czjoe. Planning out a grow room can be a hassle when you’ve never done it before. These 5-gallon buckets are not only good for food storage and paint but nesting boxes as well! You can pick them up at grocery stores, restaurants, DIY stores, and other places. Aim at the water with the bucket and right click Step 5. Yes, yes, I know this isn’t a nesting box, but this is where the hack comes in! Jan 17, 2020 · “If you were born sometime in 1970 onwards, that would make you 48 this year. Carefully screw the threaded poly cut-off riser to the hydroponic pump and place the pump on bottom of the bucket. 22 Jan 2020 Valve opens up about Half-Life: Alyx, Source 2 engine on Reddit To make their point, this developer claimed the new game’s Combine Soldiers are On the sillier side, Valve has confirmed that HL:A players can do stupid stuff like pick up a bucket, place it How Homeworld Almost Got Lost in 3D Space 11 Jan 2019 Advertisers want to work more with Reddit in hopes of creating more competition Reddit remains in the “experimental” spending bucket for most of bright shiny object syndrome and into a space where technology is finally 14 Mar 2019 Alexis Ohanian rose to fame as the co-founder of Reddit. This is done by making holes in the bottom for the water to drain out. . Bucket list done. In terms of vertical space I have as much as I want, I just need to add spacers to make the buckets taller. A public restroom without a properly working lock can make a try this smart drying method for getting the most out of a small space. Sorry about that. A messy space invites pathogens and harmful bacteria and mold. m. Summer is still summer and there are things that we can all associate with this incredible season. Try Making A Bucket List. You have the DIY text guide, a simple template, and a whole lot more (more than 300 Thank you SpaceBuckets community! We successfully built a few of these and thought we would document this on video. V. 5 gallon buckets if this is your first time growing in a bubbler. Some people use plastic barrels or 5 gallon buckets. Sep 12, 2018 · From getting quality shots, to moving the rock, to the increasingly important pick and roll, our NBA 2K19 offense guide will help you pile up points in a hurry. The honey or brown sugar syrup and cider should mix together naturally, but stir slowly with a sanitized spoon if you feel it is necessary. You will need four legs, two for each platform. Put up some lattice around the area to make it visually appealing, while concealing what’s underneath. com Jan 21, 2019 · Plastic Bucket. The important part is to look at it as family inspiration and not a “to-do” list. We took the old two bucket design and improved it. We’re also going to give you a sample recipe to make your own long-term storage meal that will put the Mountain House and Wise brand to shame. Everyone knows compost is worth its weight in gold to the vegetable gardener—providing much-needed nutrients and soil conditioners without resorting to chemical additives. I’ve dragged this full 5-gallon bucket in and out of my beer closet hundreds of times, and there will be hundreds of more times to come over the next years. The space bucket is basically just a scaled-down replication of the usual indoor grow. [1] X Research sourceStep 2, Sit so there’s a gap 2 fingers wide between the back of your knee and the seat. Jun 09, 2011 · I have a major headache after spending hours researching watering systems for my new family of 10 Faverolle hens. Dalebssr. Having the 120mm fans(1 inlet & 1 outlet) on or off doesn’t make any temp difference. You will be using a carboy or fermentation bucket for this, so you’ll need a space to let that sit for 2 or 3 weeks. It strikes me that General Hydroponics makes built systems. Plant a vintage garden cart Feb 18, 2001 · The easiest size bucket to maintain would be a five-gallon bucket. Use glue to coat the interior with sheets of reflective Mylar. 0 – Hydro – Autos – JDL – DWC Bubble Buckets Apr 13, 2017 · Enter the name of the bucket, access Key ID, and secret access key from the previous section, followed by save and validate destination. Alice Beyond Wonderland Mask Puzzle S These three templates or gauges are based on his personal tools and designs and reproduced in acrylic with his permission. You can grow tomatoes, potatoes, onion, garlic, mushrooms and so much more. 28 Jan 2020 Lessons from Reddit: 5 ways businesses can support digital altruism altruistic behavior prevails requires more than just creating a space for it according to Reddit. In this article we will 7 Jan 2014 Reddit’s question-and-answer format imports the aspirational norms of honesty and Or “I have climbed the Seven Summits (tallest peaks on all seven continents), skied to The space is, at least by declaration, a social-convention- free zone, and many of the “The remains in the bucket are not ‘ashes’. You want the non-baited part of the plate to rest on the rim of the bucket. 1. In order to work with Spaces, you’ll need a DigitalOcean account. ET, and the hatch between the space station and the capsule will open at 6:45 a. If you place it on the ground it floods the area and creates a lake, if you place it in the sky then it would flood the entire world with a wave of water. 3 points · 2 years ago. This will be Step 2: Separate Light Lid From Drainage Tray. Keeping your knees slightly bent while you drive will prevent knee pain. ” Travel Motto: “ Always carry a dry bag

20L to do laundry on the road, as detailed here. json’, ‘w’) g. Hi all, I have been following this subreddit for a while and even started another post about an cloud solution for tracking growth/progress of space buckets. There are a large number of different feeds available and no two horses are alike. Mar 20, 2020 · For the pots, we put about 2/3rds of mixed garden soil in a 5-gallon bucket and 1/3 compost and mix it up well. Pour in enough silicone 1 caulk (100% silicone) to make enough putty for a large band that will go all the way around the lid. Oct 08, 2020 · Mix warm water and a standard cleaning product. Ideally, you’re going to either want a table fan or a floor fan that doesn’t have an oscillating head, as the air will need to pass directly over the bucket of ice in order to push the cold Apr 06, 2018 · Open space floorplans are so popular these days. Chipmunks may also hide in high patches of grass if it goes uncut. · Bake at 350 ˚F 17 Jun 2019 Chances are they’ll be wasting space in cupboards before the month is out. Step 1: Begin with the Base Bucket. Whether you’re attempting to make the most of a small space, or simply want to increase the functionality of your home, consider these 24 designer hacks. Materials Needed to start growing in space bucket. Jun 17, 2013 · I found this article on the Living the Rustic Life blog about how to make a simple root cellar for your vegetables if you aren’t fortunate enough to have a cool basement. Transplanting from the Aerogarden Bounty can be quite difficult; the fine roots of the hydroponic lettuce wrap around the plastic support bars, and unfortunately About Bucket List Journey. Use a soft brush to remove the burned pieces from the surface. The weeds that you pull by hand and use as mulch or collect in the bucket are gone! You can fill that weed bucket with water and make some nutritious tea for the plants. NOTE: The following documentary depicts legal cannabis horticulture within the state of California under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. [4-5 dollars] 3. DIY How to Make Your Own Colloidal Silver for Feminized Seed Production Bigirishdoode Does Hempy Bag Seed – 2 Liter CFL Fox Farm – Small Closet The Bid 2. This subreddit is for anyone interested in *Space Buckets*, a DIY indoor garden … This subreddit is for anyone interested in *Space Buckets*, a DIY indoor garden Decided spray painting outside of spacebucket was the thing to do so i chose 50 votes, 14 comments. This Fill the buckets with water from the lake and go back to the ship and use he buckets to put out the fires inside. A space bucket is an affordable product or DIY 28 Feb 2020 Reddit is a hub of helpful information, including cleaning hacks that are “If you have a glass shower, wipe the glass with a Magic Eraser to clean it. Up-cycled old bucket vintage planter. Apr 25, 2020 · If you try to use the semi transparent tote in summer you will get a lot of algae. Aug 13, 2020 · American football fans are some of the most dedicated sports fans on the planet, regularly spending huge proportions of their week checking form guides, conferring on how they think the draft will pan Meet Get Started Northwest Arkansas Winners Francis Hwang & Daniel Kam of Bucket. This is the second spaceflight for Rubins and Ryzhikov and the first for Kud-Sverchkov, and they will spend six months on the space station. No gloves needed, no nasty sprays to breathe in when you are in a confined space. Here are the latest updates to get the most out of your bucket. As a general rule, use no more than 1⁄2 c (120 ml) of cleaning product per 1 US gal (3. May 17, 2018 · So, using the same style bucket, with a similarly placed hole, they tried it again, thinking maybe this time the pressure from the water would make a difference. How can I insulate my bucket to keep it You can plant up to 10 plants for every bucket but you must make sure the soil in the bucket is a good foot deep. Press Esc to cancel. Placed water forms a source block; water will flow from the source block, downwards and up to 7 blocks horizontally. (see pic) Glue on googly eyes and pom pom nose. Ebb and Flow Grow Systems or bottom-feed bucket hydroponic systems are the most popular for growing indoor marijuana plants. This will be your bowl for putting in the dankness. Besides, it is far easier to control the climate of a small tightly enclosed space than the one of a whole room. Have Fun! Making a summer bucket list is always fun and never a chore. Throw in Ranger roll is too finicky and doesn’t save me any space. The garden will thrive like never before. You can still use those buckets to grow ornament plants in them but not edible plants. It’s when you make your beer so cold that all the yeast ‘leftovers’ in your brew fall to the bottom meaning you can bottle or keg your beer, safe in the knowledge there will be little sediment left in the bottles and it will be quite clear. Clamp the spacer to the bottom of one side, aligning its edge to the inside of the bottom rabbet. Make a bow or bowtie to add to your reindeer. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then make sure the inner bucket is still centered. Big buds in small spaces. The tray table on the flood and drain system holds the plants that are growing in soilless growing mediums, usually rockwool and hydroton grow rocks inside of square growing buckets. Apr 10, 2020 · If you look very closely at the dead space between the woman’s head and the top of the broom handle, just under the curtains, you should just be able to make out an outline of our feline friend. When the mouse runs out to get the peanut butter, it will fall into the bucket along with the spoon. You can purchase a pre-made Make sure to keep your space clean and things are where they’re supposed to be Keep some kind of weekly/daily schedule -It can be really simple but knowing that for example you meal prep every Wednesday and Saturday or that Sunday is cleaning day can be helpful sometimes. Then curl up into a spiral bundle, and secure with natural string. Because the bucket has a slight taper, I made the circumference of the landing pad to be the same as the bottom of the pail. Step 7. Specifically concerning a Space Bucket, I must admit I’ve never used one myself but have known a few that have. ” Adhere removable vinyl (or whatever type of vinyl you prefer) to standard mat and feed into Maker. Fractal Wood Burning With Car Battery. 0 Grow -400W HPS – Blue Planet -Hempy-Coco-WW-Diamond Girl-Multiple Purples B. Grab a bucket and pour in enough water to completely submerge your mop head. In the floating city area, there is a house with a bucket of destabilised redstone in it – just enough for the four ingots needed for a signalum crossbow limb. Do you have Xxxl hoods? Honestly, if you do them right in 5gal buckets, you would get the best results with 8-10 plants. How to Apply Space Bucket Blackout Vinyl: Here are my steps for placing ready-cut black vinyl on a white bucket. 9600 lumens

140 watts Nutrients – Fox Farm Trio Strain(s) – Unknown clone from friend, good smoking bud # of Plants: 1 This will be my first cannabis grow and it will be occurring in a space bucket in my closet. If you want to create your own, the first step requires that you make a wick out of a used bottle, and cut it to about a quarter of the height of the pot you are using. This will be close to 30 lb/13. Cut drainage holes into bottom of first the bucket Determine the best position for the fan on the outside of the bucket, making sure it is high enough that the fan will blow on the plants Trace a line around the fan and cut a whole Ensure fan blows into the Space Bucket Step 1 – Make a Plan 3” tall drip tray (made from the bottom of your top bucket) Bottom bucket (holds your air intake) Top bucket (holds air out-take and led lights) Lid (Your large LED is mounted to its underside) Jun 08, 2020 · How to Make a DIY Space Bucket. Jun 27, 2013 · Poke a hole in the cap and make it wide enough to place foil on the inside. Sep 05, 2016 · Roll up spawn or mushrooms in wet hessian to make a kind of hessian sausage. Place the unit on a cement block. Get a bucket of water (I use a Pine-Sol solution that I use to clean my 24 Aug 2018 A Reddit comment about a chance encounter on a train inspires impact of my life, I always make sure to add them to my Ulysses Bucket List. Setup Time: Weekend Project. 5 gallon Medium – Fox Farm Ocean Lights – (4) 23w 6500K CFLs, (2) 23w 2700K CFLs, 3528 LED strip side light. Make sure the net pots fit snugly. Tip 1: Before you do anything else, make sure all the pieces are turned print size up. Go right to the room with a music box. Jan 09, 2013 · Tsunami Bucket (aka classic bucket) The tsunami bucket creates a water-like substance that moves faster, spreads infinitely, and can sometimes break blocks. Mar 07, 2020 · Whereas if you’re just looking for a little bit of cold air, you can certainly opt for a bowl of ice instead of a bucket. Flip the plate and bait the other side of the plate in the same vicinity. These individual spaces all located inside the same space give a feeling of choice and a different quality to the room, making it look more spacious than it actually is. Anyone who’s ever posted some of their work on Reddit, Hacker News, or any of those big sites know that there’s a lot of fear 16 Sep 2020 What’s the difference between a bench, a fish, and a bucket of glue? Here’s a list of puns I’ve been collecting: How do you throw a space (inspiration from Make Something YouTube channel). then i planted 60 seeds and soon realized iwas gonna be screwed on space. This usually involves covering the entire outside of the bucket in black duct tape, and covering the inside with reflective Mylar. It’s all about the freshness of the fruit, creating the perfect pie crust and making it with a touch of love. You can grow multiple plants in a bucket, or 1 plant, you can grow multiple plants in a tote, or 1 plant. I would copy the line art and paste it as a Smart Object into Photoshop. Start by cutting a 6-inch-wide piece from one of the plywood side offcuts for use as a spacer. The idea for Bucket was originally born in 2003 when Hwang was working on a research project related to the San Francisco branch of the Federal Reserve. g = open(‘/tmp/myfile. json’, ‘rb’) as f: client. Initially I had no spacers, so the lights were roughly at 20-35cm from the plants. Nov 15, 2018 · One simple and free shed organization idea is to repurpose a paint bucket as a storage caddy. I have an 8 inch personal fan mounted above the lights to pull heat way and a side hole to allow air in. On a larger scale, soaked blankets or sheets can be hung in front of a window or porch screen and the night breeze can go through the wet fabric and cool the room. PVC Pipe. While it is a pain in the ass to assemble, it does save a lot of space, and I love the fact that it slides out. You don’t want to find this out later when you check on it one morning and find your clone dried up because the pump failed. If you just want to make small batches, you’ll only need the space in your kitchen to do part of the process. Growing in small spaces. Fill up one of your buckets with water. Sep 13, 2019 · Preheat the oven to 450°F and heat the gypsum pieces for 1 hour. Making Building a Little Bit Easier So, this item will basically work like world edit, left click to select regions, right click to fill said region. 20 Aug 2020 Netizens talk about things they wish they had done sooner in life, and it makes us revisit our own bucket list and get going! 11 Feb 2013 Reddit AMA: Bill Gates on internet freedom, Steve Jobs and the Surface Pro. Mar 14, 2019 · 5 Gallon Bucket Nesting Boxes. This video is for do One of the most high-tech space bucket designs we could find was made by Reddit user /u/Morrigan_Disapproves. To prevent this, build the well and the hospital in the earth layers below the ice. 15 Oct 2020 Over the past few years Reddit has grown to become the 15th most In a previous post, I explained how to get trending Twitch clips into an S3 bucket using If you want to get a game with a space in the title you need to use Here, the three of them have the Rogaine Reddit final say. plus watering becomes an issue, It take me After adding potting soil in the bucket, you are good to go. Start by squirting some liquid food coloring in a bowl; this makes the putty colorful, but the moisture also helps activate the silicone. 5gal buckets make for massive autos and they need the room. Jul 10, 2019 · Because the beer scene in Alberta is continuing to grow, and progress, now is the perfect time to explore the breweries in Edmonton. A good example is the bucket loss control on our dBucket delays. Find out how to do it. However, enough destabilised redstone for a techless cyber totem has not yet been located. This essentially means that Bucket names should be unique across all AWS accounts. So all I had to do was add that to the beginning of my files and it worked. Old or new, doesn’t matter, just make sure it still has its lid. So far I have 2x 10gal trash bins and foil. i used to use 5 gallon buckets. Then, siphon your cider over from your fermentation bucket or carboy to the bottling bucket. My hashtags were #balibirthday, #balibound and #bucketlis… If you are borrowing buckets from someone, make sure that they haven’t been used to store toxic chemicals or materials. Trace onto fun patterned paper or construction paper. You won’t need to find anything special. i lik em b cuz they are more square than round. Semantics comes into play here too, as the jump from $527 to $651 is indeed an increase – but not in all the fare buckets, just from one bucket to the next. Remember if you wanted to grow potatoes, beets or vegetables with underground fruit, you will need a slightly bigger bucket. Mar 30, 2020 · Also, make sure that you leave enough space to work in! 2 – A Clean Space is One of the Most Important Things to Remember. It doesn’t smell, leak or attract flies. I never thought that making ice could be so Feb 05, 2019 · For many city dwellers (and an increasing number of suburban dwellers, too), small space living is the best option. Through this project, I aimed to redesign theonboarding process to Reddit, the popularcontent-sharing As seen in the annotated screenshots, Reddit is cluttered, and does not have any clear navigation directions. The bucket is designed to create ice by standing instead of laying down. ”. Pick Fruit From a Tree and Make a Pie. Have a space in your home where all of Arrange your chicken on the bone or chicken tenders in an oven-safe container, allowing space between pieces. Craft using the iron, a bucket. Grow fresh produce with a self wicking system. (via Reddit) Tags: corona, Yorkshire is one of England’s greatest treasures. Position the bucket full of water on a ledge or a desk—someplace above ground level. how to make a space bucket reddit

How to make a space bucket reddit

5 Reddit Communities for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Reddit, otherwise referred to as “The front page of the internet,” is a wildly popular news aggregator and discussion forum with hundreds of millions of regular visitors. The site supports a staggeringly wide rage of online communities around the world, making it among the most visited websites in existence today.

Not surprisingly, the site hosts a flourishing community of “subreddits” for cannabis enthusiasts and advocates. For those unfamiliar with the platform, discovering some of these communities can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. The site is so expansive that its search algorithms can be tricky to master, and finding your preferred cannabis subreddit may be tougher than a simple query.

Below is a list of my five favorite cannabis subreddits, along with an explanation of why each is worth checking out, to help you find your preferred community of marijuana enthusiasts.


While not the most popular subreddit by subscription count, r/marijuana is a good place to begin when searching for a cannabis community. Boasting just under 100,000 subscribers, r/marijuana is an educational hub focusing on policy, advocacy, information exchange, and discussion. Threads tend to focus on current events and policy announcements, such as legalization efforts both foreign and domestic. Top posts here tend to include aggregated news articles on cannabis-related topics, such as this Motley Fool piece on The American Journal of Public Health study regarding the decline of opioid-related deaths in Colorado since legalization.

Most of the time, and this applies to all subreddits, the juicy conversations begin in the comments section, and r/marijuana is no exception. This subreddit offers a mixed bag of opinions, pandering ranters, contributors expanding upon the source content with additional information or data, and reasonable discourse. A common rule when surfing content on reddit is that you really never know what you’re going to find in the comment section. Oddly enough, however, civility seems to surface more often in cannabis-based community threads.


The history of cannabis communities on Reddit did not begin with r/trees, but it has certainly ended there. With over a million subscribers, this subreddit is soaring in popularity above the rest. Unlike other similar subreddits like r/marijuana or r/cannabis and r/mmj (the latter two focusing primarily on legalization efforts and marijuana initiatives), r/trees came into existence by former moderators (Reddit’s community administrators) as a means to build a community around cannabis enthusiasm. You’ll find a wide variety of content related to all things cannabis, with pretty robust comment threads that are easy to get lost in.

r/trees is so unique among the cannabis subreddits precisely because of its embodiment of community. Members of this subreddit refer to themselves as “Ents,” based around the ancient talking tree race from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings mythos. Discussions on this forum tend to favor support and positive affirmation of cannabis use in all forms. For example, take this 4/20 thread from earlier this year. Garnering 62,000+ upvotes and over 500 comments to become the second-most popular post of all time in the r/trees subreddit, the post centered around who was smoking bowls on 4/20.

(Side note: if you’re wondering what happened to all of the arborists looking for a place to talk about actual trees, don’t worry; they cheekily named their subreddit r/marijuanaenthusiasts.)


For a community centered around all things borosilicate, r/glassheads is the place to be. You’ll want to stop by if you have any appreciation for the art of both functional and nonfunctional glassblowing, as this community is great for collectors of glass art and enthusiasts alike.

Here you’ll find photos of pipes in all shapes and sizes, from dab rigs to tabletop giants, little spoons, and more. There’s a soft spot in this community for pendants as well as other glass-blown novelties like q-tip holders, dabber tools, bangers, and skillets. A great element in this community is that redditors are encouraged to promote artists when posting their work, giving an extra layer of exposure to these hard-working glassblowers and creators.

Some of the best content on this subreddit comes from gallery shows like this one from the BIG Expo a few years back. If you appreciate the mind-blowing quality of work being put out in this niche of the industry, you’ll feel right at home within the r/glassheads community.


Don’t be fooled by the name; r/microgrowery is huge among the cannabis cultivator community! There are several growers forums on Reddit worth checking out, but none compare to the sheer size of r/microgrowery. With over 80,000 subscribers, this is the place to be on Reddit for those interested in the horticultural side of the cannabis community.

There’s a little something for everyone here, from harvest photos to grow methodology discussion and troubleshooting tips for garden issues. Each discussion includes a level of civility that makes surfing posts a relatively pleasant endeavor. Even nervous beginners in the growing community are made to feel welcome, and their questions almost never go unanswered.

For those looking for some quick and digestible information on growing cannabis at home, this subreddit was kind enough to offer a beginner’s guide. Here you can find a relatively concise blueprint for where to begin setting up a basic grow. (If your grow knowledge is more advanced and you’re looking for discussions pertaining to larger-scale operations, the subreddit r/macrogrowery has you covered.)


Our list ends with a nod to enthusiasts of cannabis extracts and concentrates. r/dabs is a subreddit centered around anything related to the dabbing community. Here you can find pictures of various waxes, shatters, and concentrates; discussions pertaining to the style and form of dabbing; questions about methods and products; and more. For those new to dabbing, r/dabs has provided a beginners discussion forum to help with any questions. If you’re looking for some community feedback on which oil to look for, this is a great place to start.

For those interested in a slightly larger community for extract enthusiasts or need advice on extraction technology, r/cannabisextracts is the place to check out. There you’ll find discussions geared more towards the technologically proficient.

Learn about some of our favorite cannabis subreddits, along with an explanation of why each is worth checking out, to help you find your preferred community of marijuana enthusiasts.