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Purple Haze Cannabis Strain (Everything You Need to Know & More!)

Popularized by (but unrelated from) Jimi Hendrix’s classic song, Purple Haze cannabis is best known for its euphoric and almost psychedelic stimulation. This elusive classic sports a mild potency while also boasting both Sativa and Indica effects. After consumption, there is an almost immediate impact similar to the Sour Diesel marijuana strain. Consumers often note the sweet, berry-candy aromas that give root to any Purple family marijuana strain. Secondarily, you will notice the earthy spice undertones and maybe a burst of grape. The aromas and flavors in this strain blend so well, even the smoke tastes sweet!

If you want to grow your own Purple Haze plant, pick up some of these feminized seeds.

Expect large yields from this Sativa-dominant strain, which can be grown indoors or outdoors with great success!

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Purple Haze Information

Purple Haze is an 85/15 Sativa dominant strain. Its exact parent strains are unknown but strain experts believe it is a cross of the well-liked strains Haze and Purple Thai; rooting lineage to popular strains like Lemon Haze and Grape Ape. Being a Sativa dominant with Haze lineage makes this an optimal strain to treat muscle tension, pain, headaches, depression, and anxiety. Of course, if you really want to know if the effects purple haze offers are right for your healthy woes then it’s best to consult a licensed health professional. Need an energetic buzz – an energy boost – with a smooth mellow fade? A body high without the couch lock? The effects of this strain would also be beneficial when combined with activities that stimulate the mind and body, such as video games or exercise. Take this strain to a party if you have a difficult time talking socially. New cannabis users beware! Always start low, go slow, or the THC content of your Purple Haze high may cause unwanted mood swings. With the right usage and environment though this is a very enjoyable strain!

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Recreational and medical users have described an intense sense of inspiration, blissful tranquillity, and a slight body buzz when using this marijuana strain. This fragrant bud is well known for its cerebral stimulation, curbing fatigue, and discomfort. This stimulation can benefit users with attention deficit disorders who may be unable to focus on a singular task. Medical patients use it for nausea, migraines, and chronic pain as well. Medical advice from a health professional is always recommended if you have specific needs you’re seeking from your cannabis.

Unfortunately, Purple Haze weed effects do not include as much “munchies” as others, check out Strawberry Cheesecake for major appetite stimulation!

Negative experiences are more often seen in high doses. Dry mouth, also known as cottonmouth, can be alleviated with water, try adding lemon juice as the terpene limonene stimulates saliva production.

Purple Haze
General Effects
Purple Haze
Medicinal Properties
Purple Haze
Side Effects
Happiness 100% Anxiety & Stress 100% Dry Mouth & Dry Eyes 90%
Euphoric 90% Pain & Muscle Spasms 70% Anxiety 50%
Creativity 80% Depression 60% Giddy after Consumption 40%
Relaxation 60% ADD & ADHD 60% Dizziness 20%
Energizing 60% Fatigue/Insomnia 50% Minor Paranoia 20%
Sociable 50% PTSD 50% Minor Headache 10%
Loss of Appetite & Nausea 30%
Headaches & Migraines 30%

Purple Haze’s THC level can range from 12-20% which is typical for a Sativa (like its cousin Strawberry Cough), while CBD usually sits around .1-.5%, making this an immensely beneficial strain. CBN is typically .01-.05%. In the case of overstimulation or anxiety from the high THC, a dose of CBD can remedy this side effect.

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The typical terpene content for Purple Haze weed is around .67% beta-caryophyllene, .5% humelene, .17% myrcene, and a handful of other .1% Terps (linalool, alpha & beta-pinene, etc.). This combination of oils produces a sedative, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effect, especially in Purple Haze wax. The pinene also helps negate some of the memory issues you can expect with high THC. Purple Haze produces fewer amounts of aromatic terpenes than other strains, be sure to protect your flower from heat and oxidation.
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What is Purple Haze? How to Identify

Purple Haze buds are prominently a deep green with rich purple hues throughout. They are typically long medium or large-sized flowers, often presenting a fluffy-looking spade structure. Look closer to see the thick layer of the sweet sticky resin surrounding tiny milky white trichomes dispersed among the orange hairs (similar to its cousin Cherry Pie). Some variations include purple hairs or bright blue undertones.

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Why is Weed Purple?

Purple strains are known to produce high amounts of the terpene myrcene and cannabinoid THC. These strains are derived from purple Afghani, sometimes crossed with Skunk. Purple cannabis is known to produce the pigment anthocyanin (purple color) to protect its self from solar radiation. This color is a class of plant pigment called flavonoids. The flavonoid anthocyanin is responsible for red, blue, and purple pigments on your favorite strains. The hue depends on the pH; a plant that is more acidic will display red pigments, a more alkaline plant will have blue hues, a neutral plant that is between the two will produce purple flavonoids.
Anthocyanin can be found in antioxidant-rich foods like grapes, blueberries, and raspberries. A ntioxidants are also known to produce anti-inflammatory effects in the body, although there is no supporting research, there is a possibility that purple strains may work the same way.

Growing Purple Haze

The Purple Haze plant is considered a very simple growth and is suggested for first-time growers. With an 8 to 10 weeks flowering time, this plant produces an extremely high yield (with 3 to 6 ounces per square foot) indoors and out. It also boasts a high resistance to disease. Although Purple Haze can flourish in northern climates, professional growers suggest a sunny warmer climate with hydroponic equipment to produce the best flower.

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The availability of Purple Haze is almost nonexistent. After a little research, it appears that there are offers as high as $80 USD for a 1/8… Your best bet is to grow them in your own zip code. Either purchase the parents and cross them yourself, purchase the feminized (don’t take chance with your seeds – males don’t produce medicine and are only useful for crossing strains) Purple Haze seeds online (10 for $100), OR find a grower who already has the plant and purchase a clone – a cutting near the lower base of the plant where there are the most root growth chemicals.

Purple Haze in Summary

When you consider body chemistry and the amount of variation of cannabis genetics, it can be hard to pinpoint what a particular strain will do for you. However, Purple Haze OG has incredible reviews and proves to remain a classic even after 30+ years. With hints of that famous purple berry aroma, this beautiful purple bud is sure to deliver an instant spark of bliss. Whether it’s medical advice that led you to this purple beauty, or you’re a recreational toker looking for a throwback, Purple Haze is well worth a try!

Popularized by (but unrelated from) Jimi Hendrix’s classic song, Purple Haze cannabis is best known for its euphoric and almost psychedelic stimulation. This elusive classic sports a mild potency while also boasting both Sativa and Indica effects. After consumption, there is an almost immediate impact similar to the So

Purple Haze Strain – Genetics, Different Types, & Effects

Purple Haze Strain – Genetics, Different Types, & Effects

Every Cannabis Strain that you come across has its own set of characteristics, effects, and multiple medical benefits. It is rightly said that in the canna-world, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of lazy high or want energy to ooze from every part of you, there are hundreds of different strains to choose from.

Dank or Sweet, Harsh or Smooth; the endless options might make you helpless when you’re standing in the aromatic strain shop, looking frantically around to choose one. In this article, we will be having an in-depth look into Purple Haze strain so that you can decide if it is meant for you.

Buckle up and let’s get into a haze!

Overview – Purple Haze Strain

This section is for all those who are in a hurry and want to peak at the main details before making a decision. Purple Haze is a Sativa dominant strain, that gives you mind high along with a creative and energetic spirit to get any work done.

Here’s an overview of the strain:-

Origin & Genetics

Popularized by the famous Jimi Hendrix song “Purple Haze”, the strain gained a solid reputation after the release of the song. When the singer cried that the woman he loved left him in a purple haze, the effect echoed through the cannabis community and gave birth to this brilliant strain.

The legendary singer carved the way for a legendary strain, and the world of cannabis has ever been grateful for that!

Like most of the strain of that time, the actual origins and genetics of Purple Haze strain are disputed. The canna-suer have reached a consensus where they believe it is a cross between two Sativa-dominant strains, namely Purple Thai and Haze. You can trace them back to the dank strains, but the uniqueness of Purple Haze makes it a favourite among tokers and medical users alike.

Whether it was the Jimi Hendrix song or the fact that its berry-licious aroma and smooth vapour gets everyone hooked, but it is a fact that Purple Haze will never disappoint the user. Take my word for it!

Appearance – Purple Haze Strain

A glance at this potent strain and you will know why it was named so. The purple hue is almost magical, making it one of the best looking strains that I have ever encountered. The overall appearance of the strain also gives away its Sativa-dominant nature with a loose structure that makes the leaves away from the central stems.

The loosely packed leaves are accentuated with the medium to large flowers that have a broad base and a pointed tip, almost spade-like. The leaves have a beautiful blend of mossy green and purple, which in some cases can almost look like an elegant bright blue colour. Once you recover from the beauty of this strain, you will notice the nugs are covered in a blanket of sticky, resinous trichomes, which tells us of its potent psychedelic effects.

All in all, the beauty of Purple Haze is a sight to behold. More so, when you’re just waiting to break it apart and toke it.


The captivating aroma of the Purple Haze Strain is indicative of its impending high. The flowers give off a dank, musty and earthy smell which is followed by the delicious fragrance of freshly-picked blueberries and tart. While you may expect some grape-like feel to the strain, as indicative from the colour, but the strain leans towards the berry aroma.

Once you break open the buds, the earthy and herbal aroma becomes more apparent and slightly sets off the berry notes. The invigorating and inviting earthy aroma is much appreciated, and engulfs your senses, preparing you for the energetic mind-high.

Taste – Purple Haze Strain

Purple Haze is just as engulfing in its taste as it is with the aroma. It is perfect for those who don’t like a very dank and spicy taste, but still want to hop on the bandwagon to the energetic and mind-high.

Purple Haze Strain gives off sweet and fruity flavours that remind you of a fruit garden or a basket full of berries. However, the fruit, sweet taste is followed by spicy notes which are more prominent when inhaling it. Though you may expect a grape-like flavour owing to its rather beautiful purple colour, but, the pigments that are responsible for the colours have no say in the taste of the strain.

The Aroma and taste are more pleasant than most strains that you will come across. Owing to its exotic heritage and its tasteful nature, you will be coming back to this strain that leaves its flavour in your mouth.

Effects – Purple Haze Strain

Now that you have read all about the strain, you probably have great expectations from this highly acclaimed strain. Purple Haze Strain starts with a Sativa effect that allows the user to feel the head rush with a single puff. As the strain goes directly to the head, you will feel flustered along with very slight pressure on the temple which quickly dissipates.

Once you are back to the normal feeling, you will have a more heightened perception of everything around, visual and auditory stimuli in particular.

The potent effect of the strain is evident in the freeing of the mind, with ideas jumping around in their independence, and things may seem more interesting than they otherwise might. While you’re experiencing the mind-high, it also allows you to have creative space and is the best time to work on art or writing, or anything else you might be postponing due to procrastination or a mind-block.

Purple Haze Strain is known as an ice-breaker since it discards your shy and introverted identity, and you may find conversations flow as smoothly as possible. This works particularly well in social gathering and in between new acquaintances. After all, it is all about making everything more interesting. You will find yourself thinking more creatively and abstractly, and even mundane things may start to become more enjoyable.

If the cerebral energy is not used for social interaction or creativity, you can always indulge in a heavy workload and finally finish everything off within the set deadlines.

As time passes, the effect creeps into the physical aspect of your body, but if you’re expecting a couch lock or relaxation, it will be hardly so. That’s why this strain is acclaimed as one of the best wake n’ bake strains of all times.

The transition from mind-high to body-high does not include wearing off the buzzy effects but instead makes it more stimulating and trippy. You will find a deeper connection with your body, making it a perfect time to do activities that involve both mind and body, like exercising, gaming, jogging, etc. The strain also has aphrodisiac qualities which may work with the right person and the right circumstances.

As the euphoric and uplifting mind high starts to wear off, you’re not greeted with slumping down or immediate energy drain. For this reason, you should never consume it before bedtime, unless you want to be awake for the night!

The strain in a mood-elevator with colourful psychedelic high that boosts your energy and gives you a cheerful, happy time. The Purple Haze strain may not be suitable for a novice smoker due to the combination of its psychedelic and potent effects, but you can always take it in measured doses.

There is nothing like a pick-me-up strain, like Purple Haze.

Medical Benefits

Purple Haze is not just a strain to give you an uplifting, euphoric high but also helps many medical cannabis patients as well. Since the strain works well to keep your mind concentrated on a job, it helps people with attention deficit disorders. Its mood-altering effects may also be beneficial for people suffering from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

As a classic wake n’ bake strain, it also helps people with chronic fatigue. It also has moderate anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, thereby being able to soothe minor inflammations like headaches or cramps. Purple Haze has a psychedelic effect which may induce strong patterns of recursive thinking. Therefore, people prone to panic or paranoia should stay clear of it.

Side Effects

The usual side-effects of consuming purple haze strain include dry eyes and dry mouth. You can solve this by consuming lots of fluids. For your eyes, you can use eye-drops from any dispensary, that will help you keep it itch-free and reduce redness.

On the other hand, higher consumption of the strain may lead to a feeling of paranoia, anxiety, and over-thinking. Just remember you have to know the limits of your body, and go slow, especially if you’re consuming edibles or are a novice user.


Is Purple Haze a Sativa or Indica?

Purple Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain with the Sativa to Indica ratio being 60:40.

In Purple Haze Psychedelic?

Yes, Purple Haze has psychedelic effects along with a mind-high that allows you to get work done and makes even the most mundane task interesting.

How long does the effect of Purple Haze stay?

You will experience it for at least 3-4 hours, depending on the dosage. Most people experience it for the said hours and then experience the slow fading.

This brings us to the end of Purple Haze Strain information. Hope you found this interesting. For more such articles, keep watching this space.

Purple Haze Strain is known as one of the best wake n’ bake strains. It’s cerebral high makes it one of the favourites among recreational and medical canna-users. Read more about it!