private reserve og leafly

Private reserve og leafly

Great for Insomnia, high level stress and anxiety, nausea and all that. Perfect description above, aroma and flavor is sweet, mint, herbal, earthy, sour n’ spicy! If you are a indica lover, give it a try. I love P.R O.G and also it’s always good even at low THC levels.

Was expecting a little more from a private reserve OG strain, but wasn’t as impressed as I’d like to have been. Maybe my expectations were too high, but the effects weren’t nearly as potent as I was expecting and didn’t last as long as I’d like. Did help me fall asleep, though, when I took a little more than I should have at night.

This remarkable strain is 100 percent pure Indica. With that, it belongs to the house reserve of North Hollywood Organics. It has plum-sized buds with sticky leaves. As a result, when you try to pluck its nugs, they tend to tear away rather than break out. This brown tinted strain has an exceptio…

Private reserve og leafly

Private Reserve Strain

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 20%, CBD: 2%, CBN: 1%

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I can’t remember a strain hitting me like this. The taste is spectacular and stays with you. The ratio to body & head euphoria is probably the best part of the strain. Definitely a new favorite.

First time trying it, sticky buds, smooth lemon smoke. 420GG private reserve strain is top notch!

Let me say it is wonderful! You really feel it in your mind and on your body as well. The THC is vibrant and perfect with the mix of Hybrids and Indica. Do enjoy!

This Indica dominate Hybrid was by Vali Cali Farm & contained 16% THC. The pine green buds had dark brown pistils with white hairs & trichomes. The smell & taste was an earthy pine. The effects made me happy, mellow, & relaxed which can lead to sleep. Smoked this strain other times before & gave the experience’s a thumbs up. This time it was a thumbs down because this was an $15 eighth with over 30 pieces & when I smoked it, it was very harsh which was to be expected from a bottom shelf smoke. The only plus was that it did get me high. It’s true that in life you get what you pay for. Protect The Harvest!!

Private Reserve is an Indica dominant medical marijuana strain. This hybrid strain produces forest green colored buds that are covered with bright orange hair. It has an excellent potency and though its exact THC level is not known, it is assumed to be above 20 percent. It is pretty looking hybri…