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KOS – Black Poison Skunk (Red Russian Skunk x Black Poison)


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This variety is sure to please most peeps in a big way with a big punch and large yields. The acrid cat piss smells of the Black Forrest combined with the super skunky terps of the Red Russian Skunk should make some of the smelliest cannabis you have ever grown; along with a ride that should be unforgettable in both power and legs.

MAMA: Red Russian Skunk

PAPA: Black Poison

YIELD: Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 63 – 70 Days

Strain Review

Strain Name: Black Poison Skunk

Breeder/Source: KOS/Kingdom Organic Seeds

Height: 20? Bush

Yield: 2.5 oz.

Flowering time in days: 65 – 70 Days

Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis/etc. ratio: 75% sativa 25% Indica (approx.)

Taste: Tastes how it smells like a light skunk spray

Smell: Smells like a wind is bring in a light skunk spray. It’s a light smell but strong enough to overpower any other smells in the garden.

Speed of high onset: Hits you Quick and Heavy

Duration of high (legs): I was good and lifted for 5 hours from one normal sized Dab of Rosin. Flower had me nice and mellow for 3 hours. (Im a Concentrate Kinda Guy)

Quality/type of high: This high Come on Fast and Hits you hard. Can easily forget about the world and get engrossed in old re-runs of Ninja Turtles. This is definitely for seasoned smokers. This is something you want to smoke when you’re going to relax and kick your feet up, as you will lose track of time and not want to move.

Special Growing Instructions: Watch your pH and overwatering with this one. Please do not sprout these on a 24/0 photoperiod and KOS recommends 16/8 for sprouting and until 30 days old. Always allow plants to get at least 55 days old from sprouting, before starting to flower for maximum resin production.

She grew quite easily. Fully by the book TLO Methods grown under 3 x 400 Watt Equivalent Mars Hydro IIs, Temps stay lower 80s, which provided super frosty, tightly packed tops. Is very sensitive to PH problems. She does not respond well to overwatering, so make sure you are letting your containers dry up a bit before a watering again. I had Mealy Bugs attack one of my Black Poison Skunks and she with stood everything that could do and actually grow to be my largest yielding Black Poison Skunk in the room by several grams and had the largest buds.

Parental Info

MAMA: The mother is my Red Russian Skunk, a super olden (like olden from the early 80’s) inbred line of true Skunk with huge yields, fast finishing times and a devastating high-type. I do mean devastating too, this Skunk line along with being super skunk smelling and covered in resin, is also dumbfounding to both body and head.

PAPA (Clone Reversed): The father (Black Poison) is a hybrid recombining my Black Forrest male and my Black Durban. A severely smelly and deadly variety with intensity for days…

KOS – Black Poison Skunk (Red Russian Skunk x Black Poison) REG/FEM: REGULAR QUANTITY: 10 BEANS Only 4 left in stock Description This variety is sure to please most peeps in a big

How to Kill Skunks – Is Poison the Answer?

How To Kill Skunks

There are many pest animals that can cause a nuisance in our gardens, outbuildings and homes, and it is one of the natural reactions of people to want to kill those animals and prevent the damage that they cause. This instinct is one that some people will choose to overcome, and trying to deal with pest animals in a more humane way is often considered to be more efficient as well as being kinder to the pest animal in question. Different methods of killing skunks will have different results, and in many cases this can require a fair amount of follow up work in order to deal with the problem fully.

Poisoning Skunks

Because of the prevalence of the use of rat poison when dealing with rodents, many people have started thinking of poison as one of the best ways to deal with pest animals, but the reality is quite different. In order to be able to use poison effectively, you need to be able to target the pest animal, but when using poison to kill skunks, there is a strong possibility that you will kill cats, dogs or any other animals active in your area. As well as the issue of targeting the pest animal, poison is also a very painful death that can take quite some time, and this means that you will often have to search for the carcass so that it can be removed.

Using Lethal Traps To Kill Skunks

This is another method of killing a skunk that is causing problems, and there are a variety of different trap types that can be used to deal with the problem animal. A large body crushing trap that will snap shut around the animal is usually effective at killing the animal, while more experienced hunters and trappers will use snares that can be affixed to a fence post to strangle the animal. The difficulty with this method as well is that it can be hard to ensure that it is only skunks that will be killed by these lethal traps, as domestic animals and other creatures can often be killed accidentally by those who place traps recklessly.

Problems With Killing Skunks

One of the main reasons that people should think again before they choose to kill skunks is that they are animals that can be dealt with in other ways, and by choosing to use lethal means it can expose the trappers to the diseases carried by the skunks. From conditions like leptospirosis found in the feces of the animals through to the diseases that can be transmitted by fleas and parasites on the animals, dealing with a skunk carcass is not a pleasant business. There are also regulations about lethal trapping that will apply in many areas, so you should also check these before you lay any traps or poison down, in case you break the law while dealing with the skunk.

Hunting Skunks

Hunters have long been interested in skunks, and while many people will want to deal with them because they are pest animals, many hunters shoot skunks because their furry pelts are attractive and can often be in demand. This is a method of killing skunks that can be quite humane if it is done properly, but you will need to be a good shot with a rifle in order to kill a skunk cleanly. It is also worth noting that if you live in an urban or suburban area, hunting with a rifle will usually be illegal due to the risks that you could hit someone else.

Alternative Methods Of Removing Skunks

Some people will discuss animal repellent as a potential method to get rid of skunks, but in the majority of cases this won’t solve the problem that you’re having, and the skunk will continue to return. The best way to deal with a skunk problem is to trap the animal and then relocate it several miles away. Cage traps are often considered to be the most effective way of catching an animal, and after throwing a blanket over the trap to prevent the skunk from spraying you, you can relocate the animal well away from your property, with most experts suggesting removing the animals at least ten miles from the area where they are causing the issue.

Changing Your Yard Or Garden To Keep Skunks Away

There are amendments that you can make to your garden or yard that will make it less attractive to skunks, and preventing the animals from getting in with a good fence will often save you from having to kill any more skunks. You can also look to reduce the food sources available to them in the area, by ensuring that garbage sacks and pet food is secured and isn’t stored in thin plastic sacks but rather in sturdy containers. Choosing borders of plants with spiky foliage can also be a deterrent for skunks, with pumpkins and squash plants also useful in this regard.

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How to Kill Skunks – Is Poison the Answer? How To Kill Skunks There are many pest animals that can cause a nuisance in our gardens, outbuildings and homes, and it is one of the natural ]]>