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Chocolate Thai Strain: A Blast From The Past

Chocolate Thai Is A Landrace Strain From Thailand

By all accounts, the 70s and early 80s saw a great deal of cannabis from Thailand flood the US cannabis market, as well as various locations throughout the world. With that said, many phenotypes of the pure Sativalandrace straingrowing in the region had flowering times as long as 14 weeks. Even worse, they grew spindly and often produced small flowers.

“DNA Genetics used a bag-seed from a kilo of the original Chocolate Thai phenotype when breeding their Chocolope strain”

As a result, growers and distributors of the Thai landrace strain made a habit of producing “Thai Sticks” – a process that involved tying the flowers around the main stem with hemp fibers.

In turn, the Chocolate Thai phenotype in particular soon became one of the most sought after strains, with its characteristic terpene profile and strong cerebral effects.

Chocolate Thai sticks were so potent, in fact, that rumors arose about buds being soaked in “early water,” a byproduct of the opium plant.

Access to the famed Thai Sticks is said to have died down in the mid-80s, but the genetics were not lost completely. DNA Genetics used a bag-seed from a kilo (1,000 grams) of the original Chocolate Thai phenotype when breeding their Chocolopestrain. Being from California, the founders of DNA then tasked a West Coast grower named Drawoh with keeping the original Chocolate Thai strain alive and well.

The Chocolate Thai Strain Is A Strong, Cerebral Sativa

I came across this batch of Chocolate Thai during a recent trip to Varieties for Life Collective in North Hollywood, and knew I had to try the strain for myself after hearing multiple reports of its potency. To be frank, the sight of this batch didn’t blow me away – the flowers were of average size and trichome production, but they were covered in dark orange hairs that instantly reminded me of Green Crack.

“The cerebral, clearheaded effects I experienced were reminiscent of Durban Poison or Alaskan Thunder Fuck.”

The Chocolate Thai aroma was equally underwhelming in the jar – it had a slight coffee-like, chocolatey scent that was much more noticeable once the buds were put through a grinder.

The first pull of a Chocolate Thai joint brought a rush of flavor that is best described as the classic haze taste with undertones of chocolate.

By the time the joint was half-gone, I came to the realization that I was severely medicated. The cerebral, clearheaded effects I experienced were reminiscent of Durban Poisonor Alaskan Thunder Fuck, but with an added analgesic effect. The Chocolate Thai was able to provide long-lasting relief for any minor pain I accumulated throughout the day, and soon became my go-to medication when winding down a few hours before bed.

Ultimately, I believe the Chocolate Thai strain has something for everyone to enjoy. Connoisseurs will want to add it to their list of strains to sample, if not merely to serve as a blast from the past.

It is unlikely that the original Chocolate Thai will become a commercial strain in the near future, but consider trying it if granted the opportunity, as the true genetics can be hard to come by outside of certain circles.

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Chocolate Thai Strain: A Blast From The Past

Og chocolate thai

Blast from the past! Smoking a fatty of this right now. After a few hits it sets in and starts to give you this focus and calm that soon relaxes you so much that you melt into the couch like chocolate. All I can do is lay here and watch eight legged freaks bombed out my mind. Five stars forever and always.

Its so smooth and nice to smoke alongside my coffee

Even though the original Chocolate Thai went extinct in the 90’s, this was a nice reminder of days gone by. Perfect strain for my wake & bake. The dense dark forest green buds smelled & tasted of chocolate & coffee. Lots of fire brown pistils & twinkling crystal trichomes among the golden peach fuzz hairs. The cerebral high made me upbeat, cheerful, & calm. Medicate On.

Had this decades ago. It was chocolate only when you broke open the buds. It was a treat back then though. Better than the usual commercial brick of s*** back in the day. Was a social strain. Energetic. Good for mischief in the woods. Would love to see it in the dispensaries. with a better idea of things I bet it has BCP to account for that kind of coffee / choc shop smell and taste.

Smell & tastes are great. The high on the other hand I have had better. Smoked this back in 2001 & enjoyed it then but also look where weed has grown from then.

Chocolate Thai is a Sativa dominate strain of weed. It is perfect to wake and bake to, but isn't really good if all you're going to do is sit around all day. The smell isn't really potent, until you grind it up. Once ground, the smell is obvious and is closest to a cross between chocolates, vario…