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NYC Seed funds seed-stage technology entrepreneurs in New York City. We help driven, small teams move from an idea to a product. Through the combined efforts of New York City’s most innovative organizations, NYC Seed provides funding, mentoring and support to create the next generation of companies in New York City.

NYC Seed is a partnership between ITAC (, Partnership for New York City Fund (, The New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation ( Polytechnic Institute of NYU (, which allows it to provide more than just funding. Funded companies will join an extensive media and technology community. NYC Seed provides guidance from notable entrepreneurs, technologists and venture capitalists. We also connect companies to potential initial customers and when ready, we help companies move to their next stage of development.

NYC Seed launches SeedMatch, a matching service for entrepreneurs, engineers, and the New York startup community!

NYC Seed is an early stage venture capital firm based in New York City. The firm invests in NYC-based companies, primarily technology-based, that have the opportunity to become high-growth businesses.

16 NYC Enterprise Seed Startups to Watch in 2020

As enterprise Seed II investors here at Work-Bench, we have over 70% of our portfolio based in NYC, and every week, we track the top enterprise startup fundings throughout the country in our Enterprise Weekly newsletter.

Our NYC enterprise ecosystem continues to boom — even since our post in 2019. See below for the top 16 enterprise seed startups in NYC to watch in 2020.

AI / Machine Learning

Saturn Cloud

Saturn Cloud is a data science platform that enables data scientists to perform high-leverage automation seamlessly and operate faster and independently of DevOps and data engineering team. Investors include SignalFire.


Arthur is an AI monitoring platform that enables companies to track, detect and protect against model issues and biases, enabling them to improve the performance of their models before they become liabilities. Investors include Work-Bench, Index Ventures, and Homebrew.*


Alkymi is a data inbox, built for enterprises, that extracts unstructured data and tabular data directly from emails and documents and makes it actionable. Investors include Work-Bench, Canaan Partners, SimCorp, and others.*

Cybersecurity & Risk

Oso is a backend infrastructure security solution that provides a normalized and consistent interface for developers and ops teams to work on bare metal, VMs, containers, and serverless. Investors include Sequoia Capital, Company Ventures and others.


Ethyca is an automated data privacy platform that enables businesses to implement the right security practices and comply with the CCPA and GDPR, in order to avoid the risk of fines. Investors include Abstract Ventures, Founders Collective, IA Ventures, and others.


Laika is a compliance platform that provides easy compliance practices for companies to build scalable security practices for better auditability as they scale. Investors include Bain Capital, NYCA Partners and Third Prime Capital Management.

Dev Tools

Team Mobot

Team Mobot is an automated manual testing platform, driven by computer vision and robots, that provides application developers with on-demand access to effective mobile testing. Investors include RRE Ventures, Primary Ventures, and others.


Treno is a SaaS platform that accurately tracks engineering metrics and forecasts project delivery in order to enable engineering and product managers to match projects to teams and improve overall software quality.


FireHydrant is an incident response management software that automates the process of putting out fires and implements best practices to restoring services, and maintaining site uptime, reliability and availability. Investors include Work-Bench.*

Future of Jobs


Outlaw is a contract management solution that provides built-in templates and automates legal deals management while also maintaining data privacy. Investors include Bowery Capital and Builders VC.


Argyle is an application programming interface that connects to any workforce platform and provides end users with a seamless way to access and exchange data with one another. Investors include Bain Capital Ventures and more.


ChartHop is a management platform that provides companies with visibility into their internal organizational makeup and facilitates strategic organizational planning and design. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Cowboy Ventures, Work Life Ventures, and others.


Instnt is a frictionless customer on-boarding platform that provides business and their customers with a hassle-free onboarding experience by insuring online user accounts against risk and compliance liability.

Clay is a private rolodex of everyone in your professional life, built automatically from calendar history, social profiles, contacts, and notes.

Cube is a financial planning and analysis software that enables finance teams to merge their existing spreadsheets into one powerful, unified data and analytics platform and automate their most repetitive tasks. Investors include Alumni Ventures Group, PLG Ventures, The Fund, and others.

Height is a task management and collaboration platform that enables users to do work faster and efficiently through customizable workflows and shortcut commands. Investors include Background Capital, Matrix Partners and others.

*Work-Bench portfolio company

If you’re building an enterprise software startup, coming to NYC to sell to enterprise customers, or thinking about GTM and raising venture capital for your Seed II round, we’d love to hear from you .

Huge thank you to Priyanka Somrah for contributing to this post.

As enterprise Seed II investors here at Work-Bench, we have over 70% of our portfolio based in NYC, and every week, we track the top enterprise startup fundings throughout the country in our…