nick swardson smoke weed everyday

Thread: I smoke weed everyday

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  • I smoke weed everyday

    That guy is going to make the Gay National Team.

    That is the guy from Grandmas Boy

    That’s all i do is smoke weed. I don’t give a SHIT!

    still love this video.

    That’s all i do is smoke weed. I don’t give a SHIT!

    haha i was going to quote that. frack! weed

    so fracking funny in Reno 911 (the best clips have been taken off youtube )

    There is some great stuff on his myspace.

    Last edited by narwhal; 11-20-2007 at 07:54 PM .

    i need to see that clip of him at the TAco shop

    “but my name isnt Harry or Jerry. its. TeeeEEEEEEEeeerrrRRRyyyyYYYYYY”

    That clip with the Super Terry is from the reno 911 movie isn’t it?

    Your shits weak man. your shits inappropriate ahahaha

    hahaha swardsons the man, i can only wish he came down here for a stand up.
    grandmas boy had to have been one of my fav movies lately.

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