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  • What is the work environment and culture like?
  • How are the working hours?
  • What are some tips for doing well in the interview?

How did you feel about telling people you worked at nectar cannabis?

Like I have been subjected to punitive suffering in the underworld and lived to tell..

What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at nectar cannabis?

Know that you will be overworked and underpaid. You will not be appreciated. Your only chance to be promoted is to be a suck up or already be friends with the leads and management. You probably won’t ever see any benefits. And the GM is an unhappy nasty woman who will make you hate your job.

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With 17 dispensary locations across the state and counting, Nectar sets a high bar in the cannabis industry.

Presented by NECTAR CANNABIS What’s This? 5/21/2020 at 1:13pm

Pictured, from left to right:
Amber Smith, Social Media & Events | Myisha Desimone, Budtender | Becky Weaver, Director of Human Resources
Heidi Samore, Compliance & Licensing | Michelle Karlebach, District Manager | Amy Bohannan, Marketing Specialist

AMY BOHANNAN – Marketing Specialist


AMBER SMITH – Media/Events

With 17 dispensary locations across the state and counting, Nectar sets a high bar in the cannabis industry. Since 2014, the Oregon owned and grown company continues to flourish, not only with its comprehensive and affordable products, but also its emphasis on creating positive experiences through education and responsibility.

How does cannabis, and Nectar itself, empower women?

Amy Bohannan: “The legalized cannabis market has provided many with the opportunity to open new businesses and take on new roles -including women. In Oregon alone, there are a number of cannabis businesses owned and operated by women, and more emerging every day. Every Nectar employee starts in the stores, working on the front line with our customers to build an in-depth understanding of the service we provide. With this type of culture, everyone is given the opportunity to advance and grow with the company.”

Michelle Karlebach: “Cannabis offers an alternative for women with endometriosis and other conditions specific to women. In regards to mental health, it is quite empowering not to rely on pharmaceuticals with potentially negative or deadly side effects, and to decide when you want to medicate rather than having to everyday. Nectar has let me learn and has always given me the support I need to advance. We have a very strong sense of mentorship due to our promotion from within practice and it adds to the family-like feel.”

Amber Smith: “Connecting through Nectar, I’ve met tons of other women who are owners of their own companies and it’s been really inspiring. It’s almost like a domino effect, when you see people do things outside of the box, and then more people do it and they get recognized and appreciated and then it makes you just feel like you’re part of a movement.”

With 17 dispensary locations across the state and counting, Nectar sets a high bar in the cannabis industry.