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Moonshine Haze

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This hybrid stunned the world when it won the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam for the “Best Seed Company Sativa” after being entered by first-time competitor Rare Dankness Seeds. Moonshine Haze is a classic fusion of some of the best Hazes the Dutch scene has to offer with just a little bit of Cali genetics (the Trainwreck) to spice up the package. Its spear-shaped and pointed colas take after the Trainwreck, but otherwise it takes most strongly after the sweet Amnesia Haze, carrying slight elements of the reedy, slightly musky Neville’s Haze as well. Many of the photos below were from a batch grown personally by Scott of Rare Dankness Seeds and is from the same batch which won the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.


Soma’s Amnesia Haze x Nevil’s Wreck (E-32 Trainwreck x Neville’s Haze)


Scott, master breeder for Rare Dankness Seeds said that this strain resulted from conversations with friends over the years about what a strain must have in order to win a Cannabis Cup. Amsterdam is known for its love of Haze genetics, but it’s also the place where the judges are perhaps most jaded on the holiest of holy strains Amsterdam has to offer. This lead to Scott creating the Moonshine Haze, using the wonderful workhorse Nevil’s Wreck male to impart extra potency, trichome coverage, and aroma to the Amnesia Haze.

The strain was entered in the sativa category and High Times Senior Cultivation Editor Danny Danko announced it as the Seed Company Sativa 1st place winner, eliciting a “rebel yell” from Scott, who was in the audience nearby. This award finished off what ended up being a sweep for Colorado genetics in Amsterdam for the Seed Company cups.


The nugs tend to be more pointed than rounded, and have a very strong and bold green coloration, with a classic look thanks to the bright orange pistils. It has large calyxes for its lineage and gets a boost of trichome density from the Trainwreck which makes certain areas of the buds look almost gray at times (especially the underside of leaves).


The scent definitely seems to be Amnesia Haze-dominant, with a lightly citrusy, sweet, fresh aroma that is easily-noticed as soon as the jar is opened, though it’s more of a “what’s that lovely smell?” as opposed to “whew, what stinks?” situation. When ground apart, its already strong pungency increases further, bringing out a slight sandalwood/spice haziness which adds complexity to the exceedingly pleasant, floral Amnesia smell. This strain brings to mind several of the best things about Haze, and lovers of that genetic line will undoubtedly find something to their liking here.


Sweet and floral elements are most prevalent on the inhale, but the hint of citrus comes out on the exhale, leaving a lingering Haze note on the palate. The smoke perfumes the smoke perfumes the room like most good Haze tends to do and is very smooth on the throat and not particularly expansive.


Starting off with a near-immediate boost of internal energy and a buzzing sensation throughout the head and body, this sativa definitely feels as such early on. Mood is elevated, sensory perception seems heightened, and the mind becomes very active, if a little bit jumpy and frantic at times. It’s not a very “facial” strain, only providing a little bit of eye and face buzzing early in the duration, residing primarily in the brain instead. After the stimulating initial effects have subsided a bit (normally around the 1 to 1.5 hour mark), it becomes a wonderfully care-free yet clear-headed sativa which doesn’t drop mood or “crash” at the end, but rather keeps the user on an even mental keel and fully able to function. This is a great daytime choice for stimulating the mind and body and generally improving the tone of the day.

Grow Medium

Scott [at time of original print] primarily grows in a very regimented hydroponic setup, and these plants are no exception. As they take a long time to flower, it’s advisable to flip lighting to 12/12 when they’re under 18 unless high ceilings are available. The plant responds well to SCROG techniques and will form a large footprint rather easily due to the candelabra-like side branching imparted by the Trainwreck.

This hybrid stunned the world when it won the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam for the "Best Seed Company Sativa" after being entered by first-time competitor Rare Dankness Seeds

Moonshine Haze – Everything you need to know & more!

Moonshine Haze was created by Rare Dankness Seeds. It won the Best Sativa category at the 2012 High Times’ Cannabis Cup, so you instantly know that this is a dank strain. Rare Dankness Seeds crossed two dank strains to create Moonshine Haze, making it a true dankenstein. Named after bootleg alcohol that rose in prominence during the period of prohibition, this strain pays tribute to the drinkable moonshine as both are highly potent.

Moonshine Haze is sometimes called Old Time Moonshine strain, Moonshine weed, marijuana moonshine, White Moonshine, cannabis Moonshine, or Moonshine Arch.

Any questions as to why this strain is referred to as hazy? Photo: @tolotron

Moonshine Haze: Indica or Sativa?

Moonshine Haze is an almost pure Sativa that packs a punch. It also has a nice flavor, making this combination a true dankenstein strain. Users have reported that this strain helps them with many different issues, which is unsurprising as it’s an almost pure Sativa with high THC content. Rare Dankness Seeds created this strain specifically for taste and potency purposes, and it ticks both of these boxes with merit. It’s a fantastic strain for daytime use. You should always grind up your herbs first, as this allows for the flavor to be fully released.

Moonshine Haze genetics

As previously mentioned, Moonshine Haze was created by Rare Dankness Seeds. It is a one-hitter strain thanks to its parents:

  • Amnesia Haze
  • Nevil’s Wreck

Moonshine Haze is a member of a line of strains known as the haze strains. Haze was the start of really strong marijuana strains that combined four potent landrace strains. Haze is responsible for strains such as:

  • Amnesia Haze strain
  • Cali Trainwreck
  • Citrus Haze strain
  • Lunar Haze strain
  • Trainwreck haze
  • And much more

Moonshine Haze THC percentage

The average Sativa strain contains around 13.5% THC. Moonshine Haze is much stronger. The average phenotype of Moonshine Haze tests at 22%, with the strongest phenotypes testing at about 25%. Those plants grown by master growers will typically be more potent, as they know how to grow cannabis in such a way that cultivates the most THC. Moonshine Haze is a potent, almost pure Sativa, which may leave some people feeling overwhelmed. See our tips later in the article for how to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Moonshine Haze price

Moonshine Haze would be expensive, but the seeds can be found online from the original breeder. This means that the price is lower because the supply is much higher. The price of this strain is also very dependent on where you are in the world, as in general weed is much cheaper in Canada and legal states in the US. In North America, you can expect to pay no more than $10 a gram for this strain. In Amsterdam, Haze strains are seen as being some of the very best, meaning this strain is going to cost you around $15 a gram.

Moonshine Haze taste

Moonshine Haze has a very nice flavor that becomes even nicer if you vape it inside a flower vaporizer . This is because there’s no combustion of plant material, making the flavor much purer. If you smoke it inside a joint it still has a good taste, but the combustion of other materials in addition to the herb will detract from the pure taste of Moonshine Haze. You can feel the THC crystals this strain is utterly covered in hit the back of your throat, and at lower temperatures you can also taste the subtle notes of citrus that are contained within this strain. The full taste profile of Moonshine Haze is:

  • Flowery
  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Citrus

Moonshine Haze oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

Moonshine Haze makes an exceptional candidate for making into oil, wax, or shatter. This is because the main traits that concentrate creators look for in their strains are taste and potency. As we’ve already seen, Moonshine Haze has a great taste and a high potency, making it a great choice. However, creating Butane Hash Oil can be very dangerous; it’s not really recommended to do it yourself. People have burnt their houses down in the past attempting to make it.

Edibles can also be made from any strain you like, and, as the seeds are available online for Moonshine Haze, it can be a great choice for making edibles. This is because you need a fairly large amount of cannabis to bake into a brownie or into a batch of brownies. Also, it’s very common to make mistakes when trying to make edibles, so the more plant matter you have, the better. If you follow the two golden rules of making edibles ( decarboxylate and mix with a fat or oil) then you should be good. Make sure you grind your herbs up first as well, although this isn’t 100% necessary.

Like the bootleg alcohol mixed up in America's prohibition era, Moonshine Haze is an almost pure sativa that will knock tokers off their feet. With euphoric effects that have been known to curb depression, this potent strain is best handled by someone with a little more cannabis know-how.