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Monica Lewinsky gets her own strain of weed

Merry Christmas Lil’ Mon.

Monica Lewinsky is thrilled to announce, via Twitter, that she now has a strain of weed named after her. At the end of a year that only half makes sense, this seems fine.

The strain comes from Washington’s Sugarleaf Farm, and retails for $104 per 14g. As Jezebel reports, the distributor came up with the name based on the strain’s origins.

Since Lewinsky officially approves, you have every right to learn more about her namesake here.

Sugarleaf Farm names a strain after the high profile figure.

Monica Lewinsky Has Her Own Signature Strain of Marijuana

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Anti-bullying activist Monica Lewinsky apparently has her own line of weed because why not. The infamous ex-White House employee tweeted her discovery that a Washington-state based cannabis company named Sugarleaf has created a strain of marijuana named after her.

According to the website, the strain is a hybrid flower, and a 14g container retails for $104. The product is not yet listed on Sugarleaf’s website, but is proudly featured on their social media pages with acknowledgement of all the wonderful press it has recieved.

A look into Sugarland’s social media posts throughout the years, as pointed out by Jezebel, turned up a rather unfortunate description that Ms. Lewinsky might not appreciate should she discover it.

A perfect Christmas gift.