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A Chat with Miss Mustard Seed! – Retail Training Day 2

Aus & NZ retailers with Marian Parsons – Miss Mustard Seed.

In my last post, I shared some great info on Fusion Mineral Paint products and the inside tips and bits that we learned on Day 1 of our retailer training. Read about them HERE.

Day 2 – Miss Mustard Seed

What fun it was to have a virtual chat over a cuppa with Marian Parsons, aka Miss Mustard Seed herself!! I think I speak for most of us when I say we were a little star struck.

A New Brush

Oh, do you see that brush in the pic above next to my pink tea cup?

Marian Parsons of Miss Mustard Seed and Shaunna West of Perfectly Imperfect have collaborated to design a beautiful, versatile paint brush. This 2″ angled sash with tapered synthetic bristles helps you achieve crisp lines and a smooth finish with minimal shedding and brush strokes.

Well, Marian kindly sent us all a brush each to try and see how we like it. I’ve already tested it out, and it really is a beautiful brush to use, so I might have to look at stocking this one.

Ally Fashion: Gift Cards now available online!

Look Book 2

You may have seen or already bought the very first Miss Mustard Seed’s Look Book. It was a real hit with lots of great inspirational pictures and loads of information and practical tips about using MMSMP. We’ve been out of stock of these, but have been told they will be reprinting these for sale again.

However, even better is that there will soon be a Look Book Two! More inspiration and covering different techniques than were in the first Look Book. So I’ll be sure to let you know when that hits our shores.

New Colours!!

Marian tells us that some great new colours are on the horizon, but more about that when we get official details of what they will be.

I can tell you that one of them will be a lovely new white – I know, we can never have enough shades of white. This will be a nice blend between MMSMP’s whitest white, Ironstone, Linen – a creamy white, and Grain Sack – a greyish white. I’m looking forward to having this available as another white option for the Milk Paint line.

We used Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint to create a faux lime-wash finish on these raw boards to make our vintage signs (below). I’ll be showing you how we created these in another post, and if you’re local, we’ll be holding sign making workshops in the near future, so keep an eye on our “Workshops” page (if you’re signed up to receive our blog/newsletter, you’ll be notified when I’ll be taking bookings).

Me, all proud of my sign and stuff. 🙂

High Tea at Tanawah House

High Tea with the ladies!

One of the highlights of our Retailer Training weekend was that we were hosted by the lovely Beatrice Agnew, of Tanawah House on the Sunshine Coast, where she hosts the most beautiful high teas and delicious food in their Tea Room, along side her adorable Antiques and Collectibles store. Beatrice is one of our Aussie Retailers and it was wonderful to hang out at her retail outlet!

I just can’t express how much it meant to hang out with these like-minded business women full of creative ideas and each with their own unique style. And each one of them has a beautiful heart!

Let me introduce you to some of my friends:

Sandra (New Vintage Bundaberg), Veronica (Refinished – Distributor for Aus/NZ)

Bridgette (Biddy Lawrence, NZ), Hayley (Coast & Country Vintage, VIC)

Monique (Dandelion Wood, VIC), Alison (The Little French Provincial Shop, NSW)

Angie & Summer (All Shacked Up, Gold Coast, QLD)

Right: Sada (For the Love Creations, Adelaide, SA)

Left: Beatrice (Tanawah House, Sunshine Coast, QLD)

For a full list of Australian & New Zealand Retailers of MMSMP and Fusion Mineral Paint, you can find links at our distributor, Refinished.

If you’ve been following my Facebook or Instagram feed, you’ll see I’ve been working on some interesting client projects lately. Here’s a taste of what you can look forward to soon on the blog:

A Rocking Horse …

Meet Rocky who came to my workshop to have a makeover.

Look at what’s left of his tail …

I can’t wait to show you what he looks like now!

A Piano …

I love this detail.

I look forward to showing you this makeover too. My client wanted to brighten up her living room, and we certainly did.

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What fun it was to have a virtual chat over a cuppa with Marian Parsons, aka Miss Mustard Seed herself!! We learned some valuable info as well as some tid …