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Midwest Seed Re-Launches

Midwest Seed Re-Launches

Building Seed Organization of the Future

17 years ago, a small group of experienced seedsmen and I had the good fortune of helping to launch Midwest Seed Genetics across the Missouri River into NE. I am now humbled to say that we grew the Midwest Seed Genetics brand faster than any other brand in history. The products we sold and the people we hired to represent us in the market were dedicated to helping the American Farmer grow. Our customer’s needs were at the center of everything we did and we had a ton of fun doing it.

Happy to report that we’ll be doing it again as an independent American brand dedicated to our customers’ success. Midwest Seed Genetics is a high-performance, outward-focused seed organization dedicated to helping the American Farmer grow. For more information, please visit

About Midwest Re-Launch

Don Funk, founder of Channel Bio Corp, is leading a team of entrepreneurs to launch Midwest Seed Genetics across the Corn Belt for the 2017/2018 growing season. In 2001, Funk purchased Midwest and turned it into a regional powerhouse. He is reacquiring the brand for the purpose of providing farmers meaningful choice in the dynamic future that awaits agriculture.

“Over the last several years, we’ve been closely watching the seed industry, spending a great deal of time listening to both farmers and seed industry professionals,” says Funk. “While there is great excitement for what the future holds, there is also frustration and dissatisfaction. The people of agriculture are being left behind. We will put them first again.”

“Most importantly, we will bring unique, high-performance, product choice to the American farmer. We’re also stripping away the complexity, gimmicks and inefficiency the industry has created so we can put more money into our customer’s pockets…money that is theirs to begin with.”

In preparation for the launch, Funk is assembling a core team to drive Midwest into the future.

“We’re focused on people who share a great entrepreneurial spirit as well as a belief the seed industry is weighted down with inefficient practices. I’m excited to work with extremely capable people who are focused on bringing real value to farmers for decades to come.”

“While the seed industry turns inward, focused mainly on itself, we will practice a philosophy we call Outward Focus, providing product choice and an experience based on what our customers tell us they want, rather than on what we decide is good for them.”

“Some may say this is largely going back to what worked best in the past. We would absolutely agree with them. We know from experience, if we help farmers succeed they will take us with them. The next generation of farmers is rightfully looking for the best – the best product, the best service, the best experience. We won’t provide anything less.”

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions please contact One Purpose People at 402.669.4596.

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Midwest Seed Genetics Expansion and Growth Continues

Cindy Zimmerman April 19, 2018

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Midwest Seed Genetics continues its growth with four senior managers joining the team.

“The addition of these highly skilled individuals underscores our resolve in building a new, high quality, high performance hybrid corn and soybean company. Midwest Seed Genetics plan is to match exemplary products and people together to provide America’s row crop farmers with new choices.” said Don Funk, Midwest Seed Genetics Owner.

Todd Claussen is Midwest’s new Director of Sales Agronomy/Product Positioning Lead. Todd was formerly the Director of Agronomy & Technical Services for Landus Cooperatives of Iowa. He has also held management positions with Monsanto Company and JC Robinson Seed Company.

Chandra Edwards, Senior Operations Manager, was formerly with Wilbur-Ellis where she held Brand Manager Integra and Operations Manager. Chandra previously worked for E-Markets.

Wayne Hoener, Soybean Product Manager, was most recently VP Sales for Schillinger Genetics, Inc. He also held management positions with Asgrow Seed Company and Channel Bio Corporation.

Rodd Whitney, Senior Recruiting Manager, was formerly Founding Principal for One Purpose People Agricultural Recruiting. Prior to that, Whitney held senior positions at Monsanto Company and Channel Bio Corporation.

“We continue to grow at a fast pace and are shaping our company around entrepreneurs that we can build an outwardly focused, forward thinking company that is correct for today’s marketplace” said Erik Nelson, General Manager for Midwest Seed Genetics.

Listen to an interview with Wayne Hoener from last August talking about the overwhelming reception the introduction of Midwest Seed Genetics received. Interview with Wayne Hoener, Midwest Seed Genetics

AgWired Midwest Seed Genetics Expansion and Growth Continues Cindy Zimmerman April 19, 2018 Share this: Midwest Seed Genetics continues its growth with four senior managers joining the