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Maui Wowie Strain Review: Enjoy Energetic Relaxation

Maui Wowie: Quick Overview

That giggly, social tropical Hawaiian Island vibe you’ve been looking for? That’s the Maui Wowie strain, and it has been among the best sativas ever since your grandparents were sneaking around with twiggy, seedy baggies of weed in the 70s.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Maui Wowie strain and about buying Maui Wowie auto-flowering seeds, Maui Wowie feminized seeds, and Maui Wowie regular seeds online.

Type Sativa
THC Level Up to 20%, 18% average
Effects Uplifting, energetic happy relaxation
Smell and Flavor Profile Sweet, citrus, tropical, Hawaiian, fruity, pineapple
Grow Difficulty Easy!

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Maui Wowie Benefits/Effects

Maui Wowie, sometimes (incorrectly) called Maui Waui, was a mind-bender before marijuana was all that strong. Back in the day, this strain was impressing growers with its high yields and what were then extreme THC levels. Today, Maui Wowie remains a reliable sativa-dominant strain with uplifting, energizing benefits.

Bonus: if you’ve ever wondered what your grandma would be like high, watch Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda smoke Maui Wowie in 9 to 5.

This strain has high THC levels of up to 20%, with averages of around 18%, just plenty for most of us—add in non-negligible CBD levels, especially for a sativa, of around 0.2% and you have a really sweet strain. This is even truer given that these effects hit hard and fast.

Maui Wowie is an old school strain, and has been around since the 1970s. However, it still popular among American cannabis users from coast to coast, especially along the West Coast and California—and, of course, in Hawaii where it originated.

Maui Wowie is that ideal daytime sativa-dominant strain, perfect for creative work and anything that will benefit from a boost of energetic euphoria and cerebral buzz. Expect those classic sativa mood boosting effects in this bud as well as mild pain relief perfect for those who need to stay sharp.

For that island mentality that allows you to let go of your stress, Maui Wowie is a perfect strain. These effects will melt over your mind and body, and offer up some of the sweetest, happiest moods and real drive to talk, reach out, and do something new.

Think about the Maui Wowie strain this way: it’s still here and it’s still this popular. Although other strains have come (and gone!) with higher THC content and other benefits, Maui Wowie is a full sativa-dominant hybrid package that keeps on delivering.

Maui Wowie Medical Benefits

Thanks to Maui Wowie’s uplifted sativa effects, expect relief from medical conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression when you try this cannabis strain. Maui Wowie is also great for eating disorders like anorexia as it gently stimulates appetite with munchies while offering relaxation. Maui Wowie is also effective for treating other mental health issues, such as ADD/ADHD, panic attacks, and PTSD.

Maui Wowie’s 20 percent indica side and dose of CBD and other minor cannabinoids may also soothe minor chronic pain and other aches and injuries. Some medical marijuana patients also use Maui Wowie to treat chronic migraine, and any of these uses can be combined with fatigue treatment as Maui Wowie is excellent for energy.

Maui Wowie Taste and Smell

If the mere smell of coffee can wake you up and put you in a good mood, you’re going to love the smell of this perfect daytime sativa strain. Maui Wowie aroma smells of a fruit plate of juicy citrus, with earthy, sweet undertones.

The flavor of Maui Wowie is just as delicious, and will remind you of more citrus, plus fresh pineapples and other tropical flavors, with a crisp, piney aftertaste. It’s a light, tropical experience you’ll love all day long.

Hint: if you like concentrates and pineapple flavors, don’t skip Maui Wowie dabs and other concentrates at your dispensary! Even in vape form, Maui Wowie’s tropical flavor really comes through.

Maui Wowie Cannabinoid/Terpene Profile

Typical THC levels of Maui Wowie are between 18 and 20 percent. CBD levels are usually 0.2 to 0.6 percent, and many samples also contain notable CBN levels as well as trace amounts of CBG and CBC.

In general, Maui Wowie is high in Limonene, Myrcene, and Linalool, with moderate amounts of Caryophyllene and Pinene, and smaller amounts of Humulene.

Linalool and Myrcene are known for their relaxing, herbal qualities. This works in balance with Limonene which is known for its energizing, uplifting effects, especially on the mood.

Caryophyllene is known to be an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and can help relieve anxiety and pain. Pinene has many of the same qualities as caryophyllene, plus it opens the airways as a bronchodilator—that famous pine or menthol effect.

Humulene has many of the same pain relieving qualities as these other terpenes, plus it may relieve an over-active appetite. (Trace amounts, remember—this strain will boost the appetite for many users.)

Maui Wowie History and Genetics

Maui Wowie was first used in the 1960s and came to prominence in the 1970s. Known for its tropical aroma and flavor, this Hawaiian sativa’s classic terpene profile arose in the volcanic soil on the islands of its origin.

Maui Wowie’s exact genetics remain a mystery, but its parent is the classic landrace strain Hawaiian. Today Maui Wowie seeds are widely available and the strain is easy to grow—especially if you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical climate with rich soil such as the island of Maui.

If You Love Maui Wowie, Try These Strains

If you like the tingly, sweet energy of Tangie, Cherry Tangie, or Sour Tangie but you’d like more in the way of body effects, Maui Wowie is your strain. If you love the pain relief and medical effects of Blue Dream or Jillybean but want more appetite and enery, Maui Wowie is a great strain.

Maui Wowie is very similar in effects to Strawberry Cough, but has a little more in the way of soothing herbal relaxation effects. If you like the energy you get from Green Crack or Green Kush but you want a little more of a happy mellow vibe, Maui Wowie is your strain. And if you love the cerebral effects of Super Blue Dream or Sour Diesel but want slightly more focus, try Maui Wowie for your wake and bake.

Growing the Maui Wowie Strain

Maui Wowie cannabis plants have gorgeous green shoots, heavy with white trichomes and orange pistils. Disease, mildew, and pest resistant, Maui Wowie is a popular strain, even among new growers. Maui Wowie grows indoors or outdoors, but outside it prefers the tropical sort of warm, sunny, balmy climate it comes from.

Indoor flowering time for Maui Wowie is around 9 weeks, and this plant yields around 14 ounces per square meter. Outside under the right conditions, you’ll harvest Maui Wowie plants in early to mid-October, and you can expect a yield of about 16 ounces per plant.

Buy Maui Wowie Seeds

Maui Wowie has stood the test of time in a major way. There are few better strains for daytime use than Maui Wowie with its happy, energizing, creative cerebral buzz.

Maui Wowie cannabis strain is a sativa known to create and energetic, happy relaxation. Learn more about the strain and its seeds in this post.

Maui Waui Strain: A Powerful Tropical Sativa

The Maui Waui strain (aka Maui Wowie) is a Sativa-dominant hybrid from the Hawaiian Islands that first rose to popularity during the 1970’s. In fact, its popularity grew to the point that nearly all the cannabis that came from the state was given the same name.

Maui Waui Strain: Sativa-Dominant Genetics From Hawaii

This batch of the Maui Waui strain was the first thing that I noticed on my recent trip to SFVDM in Van Nuys, CA. It had been a few years since the last time I came across this strain, and I was excited to experience it again.

In case there was any question, the Maui Waui strain is said to have originated in Hawaii and maintained over the years through selective breeding techniques. Before long, select travelers brought some Maui Waui seeds back to the continental US and its popularity continued to grow.

Of course, a batch of the Maui Waui strain found in California or Colorado will be much different than a batch you would find in Hawaii. Not only is the amount of sunlight much different, but the volcanic soil is sure to play a major role in plant production.

How Will The Maui Waui Strain Affect Me?

The first thing that turned me on to the Maui Strain was the distinct aroma of tropical fruit, but this particular batch didn’t carry quite the same terpene profile. There was a hint of fruit to it, but it was much more reminiscent of your typical Haze strain.

“This batch of the Maui Strain was just about everything I want from a Sativa. My body was mellow, but my mind became energized, making it the perfect creativity aid.”

On the other hand, the taste of the this batch of Maui Waui strain was best described as a somewhat fruity Haze strain with a slightly gassy OG Kush influence.

As far as the effects are concerned, this batch of the Maui Strain was just about everything I want from a Sativa. My body was mellow, but my mind became energized, making it the perfect creativity aid.

Moreover, I found that the Maui Waui strain was a great strain to medicate with in the morning. It helped provide me with energy to get through the day without the racy effects that you would expect from other Sativa strains like Green Crack.

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Maui Waui Strain: Sativa-Dom Hybrid From Hawaii