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Get Paid to Smoke Weed and Live Your Dream

Are you ready to live the dream? Get paid to smoke weed completely legally and live off it? Yes, it’s quite possible with these awesome weed jobs.

We’re going to present you with some of the most interesting and quality-weed-providing jobs on the market. For some ventures, you won’t have to spend a dime, whereas others might require some initial investment. We’re going to lay out all the job requirements, challenges, benefits, and potential salaries.

One of the basic conditions is that you have come of age. Moreover, none of these career options are possible if cannabis is fully illegal in your country or state.

Take a look at these business opportunities, learn how to get paid to smoke weed, and you’ll never be without a nug in your life!

Legal Requirements

Nevertheless, before you get too excited about your new 420 side job, make sure you fit the following:

  • you are of legal age to use marijuana
  • marijuana is legal in your state/country

Or, at least decriminalized. If you have a medical card, that could be acceptable as well as you’ll be doing a review of a medicine.

Make due inquiries if what you are going to do is in accordance with the law to avoid any legal prosecution. Getting jailed for cannabis definitely takes out all the fun of the new occupation.

Now that we got the elephant out of the room, see where weed opportunities lie!

Get Paid to Smoke Weed as a Canna-Influencer

Let’s begin with one of the most popular professions nowadays as they give us a bit of “getting paid for doing nothing” impression, thus definitely seem the most appealing — the influencer.

By definition, an influencer is a person who uses social media and encourages their followers to engage in purchasing certain products or services. An influencer’s reputation rests on their authority, knowledge, and rapport with the followers.

Influencers usually specialize in a certain niche, so you would be a kind of a cannabis reviewer.


Would you like to get paid between $300 and $1,000 for uploading a weed video? In that case, think about setting a career as a weedtuber!

There are plenty of people out there who have replaced their 9 to 5 grind for something much more creative and enjoyable. If you get paid to smoke marijuana, it will certainly bring in some revenue, though chances are you won’t exactly become a weed millionaire.

Weed Job Requirements

Naturally, you need to sign up on YouTube, open a channel, and have some kind of camera for filming. Depending on the type of channel, you’ll need different props.

Moreover, there’s more to it than just smoking the strongest strains and discussing your experience openly. You could be doing merchandise reviews, encouraging discussions about whether a bong or a joint is more enjoyable, making educational material, or trying your hand at making edibles.

Fun fact: what also brings loads of views to the table are “something-went-wrong” videos.

For example, the ”one-gram-dab” video of the CustomGrow420 marijuana reviewer — who tried smoking 1g of highly concentrated THC oil and ended up coughing it up, walking up and down, cursing, feeling sick, trying everything possible to get better — has over 2 million views!

To this end, even mishaps can serve you well. Aftermath videos are extremely popular so make sure you have at least some of these on your channel to boost the following.

Pros and Cons

Cannabis is an extremely profitable industry, especially its CBD branch. Alas, the smoke-weed-and-get-paid content is not suitable for advertisements, resulting in lower YouTube profit. That can be a serious issue.

We all still remember the big cannabis purge that took place two years ago when YouTube suddenly shut down cannabis channels for no justifiable reasons. They explained that the content was inappropriate for the larger audience. To sum up, you could be in danger of getting your channel banned. Moreover, receiving money from advertising will be tricky.

Still, if the camera loves you and you feel you have a lot to share with the world, becoming a weedtuber is right up your alley!

Get Paid to Smoke Weed on Instagram

Would you like to teach people how to smoke weed, have fun while doing it, and get cash (millions) and free merchandise? Do you spend a lot of time searching for #weedlife and #420 accounts?

In that case, here’s what it takes to become the weed star of Instagram!

Weed Job Requirements

Let’s check the high-tech details first. They almost go without saying, but let’s be thorough:

  • get a phone of the latest generation with an excellent camera
  • open an Instagram account
  • use the most popular cannabis hashtags for the followers to find you
  • update your content on a regular basis

To get paid to smoke weed and become a successful cannabis influencer, you have to think about the kind of content you would like to provide, and more importantly, whether you are able to do so.

For example, Koala Puffs, a female cannabis Instagram star whose fortune is estimated somewhere between $1 and $5 million at the moment, makes funny, goofy videos and has almost 700,000 followers. Have you ever thought about braiding your hair, and your joints? Well, Koala Puffs will show you how it’s done!

Or, get paid to smoke weed in California like these guys: Marc and Craig Wasserman, aka pot_brothers_at_law. They also smoke weed religiously, but while doing so, the brothers like sharing legal advice. Essentially, they’re a law firm specializing in helping California individuals and businesses with legal issues obtain licenses. Could you do that?

Dabbing Granny, Mr. Purple Gloves, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa are famous cannabis influencers that hardly need any introduction.

All things considered, define yourself as a brand and post photos and stories according to it.

Pros and Cons

Smoke weed and get paid a lot — sounds great. What’s more, cannabis manufacturers are keen on contacting influencers to promote their products. Even in countries and states where cannabis is legal, not all marketing forms are allowed.

For instance, it is forbidden to advertise it on television if 30% of the state population is under 30. Canadian products are to be sold in plain packaging that suggests no exclusivity or living the high life, which are the basics of each sales marketing.

Due to these and similar restrictions, cannabis industry jobs, which sometimes even start off as hobbies, are very much in demand.

Conversely, the ban on cannabis vaping influencers is pretty much real and people were losing their accounts in a matter of seconds. Facebook says the ban refers to tobacco vaping, but, overall, the rules are tricky on Instagram due to federal legalization as dispensaries can promote the use, but not the sales.

Get Paid to Smoke Weed as a Blogger

You love reading about cannabis, don’t you? Well, so do others! This way of getting money to enjoy marijuana may take the longest in terms of preparations, but it’s well worth it.

Weed Job Requirements

For starters, you’ll need a hosting provider, a WordPress theme, landing page software, an email service provider, and some training too.

Pros and Cons

However, once you have everything in order, you’ll be responding to your niche’s comments at the bottom of the page.

The get-paid, smoke-weed routine is nice and all, but is it possible to earn enough? How much can you benefit from this (financially)?

Generally, one subscriber email equals one dollar, so if you have 10,000 of them, that would equal $10,000 per month.

In contrast, blogging is an extremely competitive niche, so rising to the top and becoming the next Stoner Mom, Green Love Denver, or the Hurt Guru is quite the challenge, to say the least.

Cannabis Products Connoisseur

American Marijuana was all over the cannabis news last fall when they published a cannabis ad for a pot reviewer. Over 16,000 applications came to the address, and right now, the company is in the middle of the selection process.

Weed Job Requirements

What does it take to apply for such a position? That largely depends on a company’s requirements. Apart from passion and vigor, you should possess some knowledge of the matter and be able to interpret the results in the best way possible. Usually, a short introductory video is mandatory.

Get paid 3,000 a week to smoke weed sounds wonderful, so you could invest in becoming a professional cannabis connoisseur like Russ Hudson, who is also running a cannabis blog. Kayla Gerber was the chosen one among 25,000 applicants and is getting paid $50 an hour for her skills. promised $3,000 a month for the bud reviewer’s services.

Should you choose this job, your responsibilities may include the following:

  • Testing a strain’s smell and texture.
  • Judging the looks.
  • Describing the flavor(s).
  • Inspecting the terpenes and trichomes inside the plant.

The dream job to get paid to smoke weed in 2018 was enabled by BudTrader too.

Pros and Cons

As you can see, it’s rather difficult to become “the chosen one” as the competition is huge. It’s not that well-paid either.

On the other hand, becoming a recognized weed tester could help you gain followers and become a canna-influencer.

Every now and then, a company is looking for a skilled cannabis critic, so browse the net regularly for “cannabis jobs” or “cannabis news”, and work on your skills in the meantime.

Apply for a Cannabis Trial

Not only will you get some cash and enjoy a good smoke, but you’ll also be helping humanity find out a bit more about the beneficial cannabis effects.

How much do you get paid for a marijuana study? There are no official records, so it’s hard to make any estimates.

Weed Job Requirements

Your job will probably require the following:

  • Strictly adhering to the trial’s rules.
  • (Not) Taking weed at specific times.
  • Being available for testing and feedback.

Pros and Cons

Bear in mind, not all applicants get to finish the trial. The research team has the right to expel you if you aren’t following the guidelines and you’ll lose both the weed and your free “dispensary.”

Admittedly, sometimes your qualification to get paid to smoke cannabis depends on whether you suffer from the “desired” condition.

Overall, probably not the most paid, and requires lots of discipline on your side.

Grow and Smoke Weed

If you are lucky enough to live in a state where cannabis is legalized, do your homework and find someone to pay you for growing it!

Weed Job Requirements

It’s not impossible, far from it. You can learn how to grow marijuana from a simple guide.

Surely, you need to own a property for starters. The kind of equipment involved can vary depending on whether the crops are indoors or outdoors.

For example, you could search for cannabis industry jobs in Denver and contact the company that is in need of more crops and is willing to pay for the harvest. Not just manufacturing companies, but dispensaries too might be interested in a reliable provider.

Pros and Cons

Unless you can negotiate exceptional conditions and the ordering party agrees to provide you with funds, you’ll have to spend quite a sum to get all the licenses and equipment for commercial growth.

Admittedly, becoming a grower isn’t the best option among all the jobs in the cannabis industry, but if you’ve got a green thumb, you may give it a try. How much can you earn? That usually depends on how much you’re able to produce.

Become a Marijuana Model

The fashion market is extremely competitive, and even more so with this niche.

Weed Job Requirements

The necessities? The camera must love you, and you probably should be able to demonstrate how to smoke a joint.

You should belong to a modeling or talent agency as they are usually contacted for such jobs. Can you get paid to smoke weed in NY, the fashion capital? Perhaps. It’s decriminalized, but still illegal for recreational use.

In case you’ve gathered enough social media followers with your amateur photos, you could be eligible for becoming an official marijuana model.

The responsibilities? Pretty much as in any other modeling job. Be punctual, look your best, cooperate with the photographer and the rest of the team, and be ready to adjust to different demands.

Pros and Cons

As for the salary, one shoot could be worth several hundred dollars. Showing off your looks and cannabis skills on social media is also an option. If you make a brand out of yourself, the sky’s the limit!

Smoke Weed as a Weed Ambassador

Marijuana ambassador and marijuana reviewer jobs are among the most desirable ones. When the job description literally says: “Travel. Smoke Weed. Get Paid.” there’s little to think about but apply for becoming a cannabis rep asap!

Weed Job Requirements

The companies usually look for someone with experience in the field. Besides the application form, a short motivation video is needed too.

What do you have to do? Represent the brand across the state or country. Attend events and promote the brand by consuming it and sharing on social media. Sharing the knowledge, and communicating with old and potential customers alike. Mind you, you will probably be asked to set up the booth, or to lift some heavy objects (this is listed in the cannabis industry jobs ad).

Pros and Cons

As for the salary, Heavy Hitters Originals was ready to pay the ambassador $1,200 per month and give $500 more in the form of a voucher for using the products. Companies may give salary and special discounts for the merchandise. Also, not all jobs are about smoking weed — some are about edibles, too!

These jobs are always in high demand (pun intended), so do your due diligence and search the web!

Extra Jobs to Get Paid to Smoke Weed in 2020

Besides the above, you may take your chance at becoming:

  • Weed photographer — technically, you’re not getting paid to smoke weed but rather to capture it, but who is it to say you won’t be offered a joint when you go to take the shot of a greenhouse?
  • Weed Writer — true, you can hardly expect when you apply for a cannabis writing job that you’ll be sent a couple of nugs by the company to boost your creativity. However, you will still benefit if you are able to express your weed smoking experience through writing. You can even write a book on it!
  • Ganjapreneur — get paid to test weed, and by that, we mean your own. Not necessarily, but quite expectedly, you have to test your products, don’t you?
  • Cannabis affiliate — you’ll be helping others smoke weed, but as some companies offer free weed samples, you may light some yourself.

Can I Smoke Weed and Do Nothing?

Just in case cannabis jobs seem like too much hard work, you can always look for some free samples online. CBD gift baskets with the best CBD oil, free strong strain samples, cannabis seeds, and so on — you can get all of these free of charge.

At the same time, with some companies, you will need to pay for the shipping.

Final Recommendations

Can I get paid to smoke weed and make a living out of it?

This is the question that many a cannabis lover is asking themselves. Yes, it is possible. Should you opt for some of the more lucrative options from our list, you could end up receiving the money to enjoy your favorite pastime. You can even get paid from home.

By the way, whatever you do, steer clear of laced weed. That’s a bit too risky for one’s health.

Some of these cannabis jobs take serious preparations. For instance, defining yourself as a brand requires time and effort. In order to get paid to smoke weed, spend some time preparing yourself. And no, being stoned at the job interview does not help.

Therefore, if smoking cannabis is your dream job, invest some time and energy into it. The outcome will be simply incredible!

You think it's impossible to get paid to smoke weed and make a living of it? Not at all! Here you will find weed jobs, job requirements, benefits, and salaries!

Adults only (18+)

This website contains adult material and is only suitable for those 18 years or older. Click Enter only if you are at least 18 years of age.


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    • Dry Herb Vaping Guide
    • Benefits Of Vaping Weed
    • How to Choose Your First Vaporizer
    • Vaporizer high vs. Smoking high
    • Conduction vs. Convection
    • Portable vs. Desktop Vaporizer
    • Wax vs. Dry Herb Vaporizers: What’s better?
    • How to Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer
    • Indoors Growing Guide
    • 5 Reasons to Grow Your Weed
    • A Step by Step Guide
    • Step One: Build An Indoor Grow Room
    • Step Two: Germinating The Seeds
    • Step three: The Vegetative Stage
    • Step Four: Flowering Stage
    • Step Five: Harvesting and Drying
    • Step Six: How to Trim Your Marijuana Bud
    • Auto-Flowering vs Feminized Seeds
    • Hydroponic Cannabis Growing Made Easy

    10 Top Instagram Cannabis Models You Should Follow in 2019

    November 16, 2018 1 Comment

    No social platform owns the elegance and the diversity quite like Instagram. from breath-taken landscapes, to cute animals photos, to silly selfies, to that picture of your last meal in a restaurant that for some reason you decided to show the whole world how great other people can cook.

    It’s diverse, indeed. However, Instagram has been terminating many marijuana related profiles in the last few years – even those Canadian accounts where medical marijuana is federally legal – but there are many accounts out there still surviving and gaining thousands of followers. The only issue is finding the right accounts to follow.

    So I decided to do my homework, focus on Instagram cannabis models, and compiled a list of account that are still active and updating as of December 2017, then reach out to those gorgeous women who are comfortable enough to go out there and show the world their support to that amazing herb. It’s a niche market, combined with the negative stigma surround marijuana, and I truly admire their courage.

    So if you don’t care about following celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian or Britney spears, and you’d rather look for “celebrities” in the cannabis industry, search no more, here are our top marijuana instagram models you should follow in 2018:

    cannabis social media influencers


    At 16, I chose I could begin to take care of myself and I emancipated myself. I moved into a shack and was working two part time jobs. I found Kirby Vacuum Sales and did very well. When I was 18 I sold cars for a couple years. After a huge month of sales I moved to Tennessee and my husband and I had our daughter while raising my husband’s son. I realized at this time that I want to always be my own boss no matter what. We moved back to New Mexico and started a web design and IT company & I started back with kirby to own my own business. We achieved our goals and currently my husband runs our web design company and I own a Kirby Service and Sales Center while raising our children and spending time with our family.

    I started Instagram the end of March 2018. I have always believed cannabis was an amazing thing for me. I have been consuming cannabis for over 10 years and it helps with so many of my fibromyalgia symptoms. I was encouraged to start instagram by my husband and his business partners. I wanted to help Greengo build a presence in the US. After the first three months I was really happy with my growth and started working with several companies in the Cannabis Industry.

    Marijuana was my first choice. I love to smoke weed and I had an opportunity with Greengo to just dive right in. Having my husbands support has helped in so many ways especially picture and video taking.

    I have always been very open about my cannabis use. It has always been easy for me to understand I need and enjoy this plant. I feel I do worry too much what others think and my advice is let’s get over that we are all unique in our own way and to never hide behind somebody your not. Be happy to be alive and know that life is very short so find your happiness every single day.”

    Vlogging for sure is coming soon. Also a website for blogging merchandise and event schedules

    cannabis instagram influencers

    Sarah Jain

    Sarah is a crossover of sorts – Her background is in modeling/acting but Hash and Cannabis have always been her true passion. She sought early on to combine her career and my passions, and that was the main reason why she moved to California in the first place. “But it’s not easy, not only I had to create and define my role- but also be adaptable.” Sarah said. “I started creating a role for my Cannabis modeling from the beginning. I made a name for myself by combining Cannabis into my normal photo shoots. As time progressed I started to get more bookings and requests for Cannabis shoots.”

    Sarah started combining Cannabis with social media back in the days of MySpace. She had a very Cannabis friendly page. Sarah started on Instagram in 2013, however, she didn’t take the task of a cannabis/social media influencer seriously until closer to 2015, which she considers it as a “huge mistake” on her part.

    “In 2013 I took my first beach implied selfie- a bodyscape of me on a beach with my Cannabis censoring what can’t be shown on Instagram. Over the years the picture as been adapted. And over the past 2 years companies have started giving me product and paying to advertise in that space”

    Sarah provide us with a great insight about how to work with instagram and making sure not to be banned. Sarah said; “I had my account deleted once in early 2015 by Instagram. I first wrote them a long letter of why I felt they had made a mistake – no response. A week or so later, a friend of mine advised to ask them nicely to restore my account and explain that I use this account for business and networking and it was costing me bookings. Within a few hours my account was restored and an apology was issued.

    “I have not had any problems on Instagram since then,” Sarah continues. “but I do two things to insure that there will not be problems: First I play by the rules- I make get as close to the fine line as one can get but I make sure not to cross it. Second I don’t just post Hash or Cannabis or sexy pics, I post a variety of things from travel to nature to food and fitness.

    The biggest struggle Sarah deals with in this industry is the fact that most people don’t take her seriously/overlook and underestimate her intelligence and experience with this industry. “While my looks have opened many doors for me,” Sarah said; “those door unfortunately usually lead to bedrooms and that is very frustrating and disappointing. I can honestly say that this is more of an American problem. I don’t experience the same thing when I am in Europe. People over there know how to differentiate between someone’s work and the person that they are.”

    Sarah believes that Cannabis has helped to bring her family closer together; “Cannabis was part of my earliest childhood memories actually, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that it became something that we all bonded over! Before my father passed away I used to give him as much Hash and Cannabis as I could, it helped to ease his pain and lessen his use of the heavy narcotic drugs the doctors had been prescribing. We don’t really drink in my family but we do get together and sesh!”

    cannabis influencers instagram

    Dani Isabelle

    Dani is from a quiet suburban town in Los Angeles, she’s 26 years old and have been cannabis patient since she was 20. Since then, she has worked in the doing variety of tasks, from photo/video product promotion online, to selling rolling papers, to cultivation.

    In 2011, she came onto social media via YouTube making what she thought were good make-up tutorial videos, which she thinks it was a funny start, but nevertheless, a start. The passion of a make-up artist started to fade out, but around that same time she started her Instagram with completely different content than she had ever put out there before. About a year into that, she began working with cannabis related companies/promoting products.

    “I like weed.” Dani said. “My camera roll was mostly full of things like trippy smoke shots and sparkly nugs so naturally I just posted what I was really into and I just enjoyed having this creative outlet where I could really show who I was, with what felt like was without judgment. I enjoyed being able to show people the harmlessness in the flower, portraying being a “stoner” in a less derogatory way, and instead more so the opposite.”

    I asked Dani talk a bit about how she was influenced by the stigma behind marijuana, on a personal and professional level; she said that “everybody is going to have an opinion and that’s awesome and the important thing is knowing who you are and why you do the things you do. I am comfortable with who I am, so is my immediate family and that’s all that I try to make matter to me, but honestly if I had to do anything differently it would probably be to care less, even so! I might have had even more success this far in had I not been so mindful or careful. Does that sound weird? To each their own but honestly I think some of my greater successes took place outside of my comfort zone.” Word, I can’t agree with you more Dani.

    “Don’t be so afraid of what people will think!” Dani continues. “Being open about believing in it’s medicinal properties and being a weed smoker without shame introduced me to a whole new side of the industry where I’ve met a lot of influential individuals overtime.”

    Once Dani started working for OCB, she started attending events from a vender angle and began meeting a lot of her followers in person; and “it was wild.”

    instagram weed models

    Nikki Narvaez

    Nikki is an upbeat lover with a big personality, very passionate about medicinal and recreational marijuana use as well as anything artistic. Loves to travel, camp, hike, meet new friends and explore new cultures.

    It all started while working for a dispensary when California recreational laws were implemented. “Everyone including myself was excited to finally, legally, show off their love for cannabis. She has always loved modeling and creating art through a camera lens. “Once I began incorporating my passions of exploring nature and smoking weed together, my page started to take off.’ Nikki said; “I absolutely love promoting, reviewing products and influencing instagram to help normalize cannabis use.”

    It’s surprising, but she’s been only doing this for about a year, and hope to continue growing my page and presence online.

    On a personal level, Nikki said “I have had some family in the past be skeptical of my cannabis use. It’s an education issue, generations in the past have been brainwashed to think weed is bad. After a short discussion of how THC/CBD effects us and maybe a couple videos online however, no one can truly deny the incredibly benefits of cannabis.”

    “Don’t be ashamed and keep fighting for legalization everywhere! Cannabis changed my life, I had been stuck on anxiety medications for a decade and without cannabis I would have been addicted for the rest of my life.”

    girl smoking weed instagram


    Clara was raised by my a single mother from Mexico; “it was always just me and her.” Clara said, “I saw her work hard for every penny and I saw her be the most loving, kind and supportive human being to all.” Eventually, Clara went through all the ups and downs of life, filled with trials and errors, lessons and heart breaks, till she met her “best friend and fiance” in 2013, and he was the first who encouraged her to open and run their first business together, Elevation Custom Apparel printing company. Clara also started her own head shop in Colorado; The Beedy Nasty.

    Clara started her Instagram page around 2015. Clara continued; “I started to stop being afraid of myself, to be able to express my love of cannabis and the love of myself. I also realized I could post and promote my business at the same time! I couldn’t believe how fast it all grew and how much my Instagram start evolving.

    “Cannabis picked me up and kept me going through a rough rough time at 21. To this day, I use cannabis to treat the same issues at 21 and I am happy with my choice to use Cannabis in stead of pharmaceuticals. I want to make a name for myself and a reputation.

    “I think my biggest fear as a social media influencer is getting deleted, so i try to make sure not to piss people off or do things that would flag me.”

    “On a personal level , being aware that I have a life outside of Qeenbee and Instagram can be hard. Not letting the number game mess with me too much, understanding that a lot of accounts pay to play so the numbers can be real or a facade. I love what I do everyday and sharing it with people who are interested in my life and all i do makes life that much more fun!”

    marijuana models

    Mariah Hagenbach

    Mariah had just turned 25, she’s a full time photographer based in Central Oregon. She specialized in all types of photography: portraits, landscape, product— but her main passion is the photography where she get to incorporate her love for cannabis.

    Mariah have had an instragram account for years but only decided to actively attempt to grow the account a year ago. She started with mainly landscape photos but as laws began to change in Oregon, she began posting more cannabis themed posts. “One thing lead to another and here I am! I never imagined my account to grow as rapidly as it has.” Mariah said.

    Mariah helped open a dispensary back in 2014 where she worked as a budtender and social media manager- that’s where the cannabis photography started. Fast forward almost 4 years and she’s still photographing for the same dispensary but have since quit her day job to pursue photography full time. Mariah continues “I slowly started incorporating cannabis photography into my personal Instagram and now I’ve got a page that’s a pretty good mix of moody portraits and lifestyle cannabis shots.”

    Mariah also touched on the issue of Instagram bans for cannabis accounts; “I haven’t had my personal Instagram banned. yet! I’m super nervous about that happening though. The dispensary I work for was shut down last year for a few days. Instagram claimed we weren’t following their guidelines but instagram doesn’t take state laws into consideration and I was able to get the page back after numerous wordy emails stating we were following all state laws and Instagram guidelines.”

    “I want to see cannabis in every day situations: out in nature, while cooking dinner, downtown dancing, while grabbing coffee, etc. So, yes, my biggest struggle is fighting the stigma associated with weed.”

    “Luckily for me, I have a very pro cannabis family. My entire family either uses cannabis or supports the cannabis movement. I did, however, hear that one of my grandmothers said “all the pot is going to Mariah’s head” but, I mean, maybe it is! Hahaha. I’m not worried about what anyone has to say about my involvement in the industry.”

    “Cannabis has completely shaped my career but it’s also impacted my personal life in countless ways. I use cannabis for my nausea, anxiety, insomnia, and I even give my dog cbd drops in the morning for her arthritis.”

    SAVING NOTE: Use discount code “30offcbd” for 30% off your first order from our online CBD store; GoodyCBD.

    “I plan on doing a lot of traveling in 2018. My main goal is to photograph some of the biggest female cannabis influencers this year. I’m coming for you California, Colorado & Washington!” Mariah continues; “I’m actually working my dream job right now! I’m hoping to continue to grow in the cannabis industry and see where this crazy ride is going to take me.”

    cannabis model

    Brandi Kassidy

    Brandi has lived her whole life in Minnesota where marijuana is illegal and frowned upon, it’s definitely looked at as a drug, no difference than cocaine and heroin. Her family wasn’t accepting of it, so she kept her passion to the herb to herself until a year and a half ago. She realized that marijuana wasn’t just a high school phase of getting high, but that it actually helped her.

    “The mornings for me are the worst,” Brandi said. “Waking up every morning nauseous and without an appetite when I don’t smoke. Once I found that Cannabis really did help me I started to be more open with it, going out the garage every morning and before meals pretty much gave it away.” Brandi mother, fortunately, became more accepting of it when she realized that Brandi is not just trying to get high, but trying to help herself to feel better.

    Brandi has been an influencer for just about a year now. “Once my family was more accepting of the whole thing,” Brandi continues; “I decided that it was ok to start posting the real me, not – take a pic but put the bong away so mom doesn’t see.”

    “My Instagram has always been a lifestyle feel I like to say. My everyday adventures and what not, it just started blowing up when I posted anything 420 related!”

    “I started taking more weed related pictures and people liked them! Even a few cannabis companies liked them enough to want me to take pictures in their apparel, which is when I realized that I could maybe actually do this! A company called Prettypotheads were the first people I ever worked with, they sent me a tank top, I took pictures wearing it, and things just started taking off from there!”

    “My two favorite things to wear are huge baggy sweats or just my underwear. I am sitting now in undies and a crop top because. that’s what I’m comfortable in! And apparently, nudity makes some people angry. So I’ve had a few times where my posts get deleted or my page reported and deactivated for a few days when I post a reveling picture. Mostly everyone enjoys the ganja though!”

    “Being open with my body. Lots of people in the industry who don’t want to interact with me because of what I do. I’m actually a really chill and exciting person if you can get over the fact that I like to show off a little bit. Most people I work with don’t care, sex sells and everyone knows it. I’m here to help you make sell your product not prove my ‘morals’.”

    “2017 was my best year ever and I’m determined to make 2018 even better, what’s next for me is continuing to work with amazing new companies, stepping up my game expanding to outside the social media cannabis world working more events, shows, hopefully some magazine work (fingers crossed) and all around just enjoying myself and the life I’m blessed to live. 2018 is the year of traveling, new connections, love & money 😈”

    best cannabis instagram

    Heather Sewell

    Heather is 26 years old lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. She spent most of her life in South Florida. She also spent, as she describes it, “an unfortunate 10-year” stop in Alabama due to her fathers job. “I became a rebel immediately once I moved to Alabama.’ Heather said. “I didn’t understand the close-minded way of life that some of them lived. My spontaneous and shock-factor personality developed in those years for sure.”

    Heather was actually against Marijuana when she was younger, she gave into the bad stigma it had because of where she lived in a conservative area. However, when she was 16, she was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. “I had severe chronic nausea that was affecting my everyday life. Thankfully one day, my best friend brought me Super Lemon Haze and explained how it will help my nausea. I was 100% skeptical, but within 10 minutes, I was 100% a believer.”

    “From then on,” Heather continues; “I became a huge advocate for medical marijuana and the medicinal affects it has for recreational use as well. It’s a simple plant that has more medical uses than most prescription drugs could ever have. I will advocate cannabis forever.”

    Heather started her Instagram about 6 years ago, under the name “blazing_beauty”. At the beginning, she only posted her photography work. As she started seeing an enormous rise in the marijuana world within Instagram, she immediately became interested to post unique and creative cannabis pictures. Heather elaborated; “I won an Instagram photo contest about 5 years ago, and that is when I noticed my following on Instagram shoot up to the 6-7 thousands. I didn’t even realize I was an influencer until I started getting meaningful messages from some of my followers. I have a playful and fun personality as well, and love to engage with my whoever is on my page.”

    “On Instagram, as always, females will get negative feedback when we show our bodies. I used to get harassed on pictures over the TINIEST thing, like my nail polish was chipped? It’s an interesting world, Instagram, but I’ve stopped letting negative comments bother me. I used to post more provocative pictures that would be promoting cannabis, but I did get some backlash from people I knew when they found my profile. Regardless of any comments, I feel as if we should be comfortable to post WHATEVER material we want on OUR own accounts.”

    My advice to my followers or any cannabis consumer is to not give up when people judge your actions. Educate yourself on the medicinal and recreational benefits of smoking cannabis. Brace yourself with as much knowledge as possible on the subject, because you’ll be able to change some peoples minds! Don’t give up, and never stop smoking if it helps your mind, body, and soul.

    I am dreaming of staying in the Cannabis industry. Whether it is photography, traveling to different countries that have it decriminalized, I want to spread the awareness of the benefits of cannabis. I want to bring hope to those who have been discouraged by the government or their upbringing. Marijuana and hemp are our future, therefore I want my career to be in whatever I can do to help make this movement happen!

    top cannabis instagram influencers


    “I am a very outgoing, artistic, silly person! I love making other people smile and laugh whether it be at work or in my regular daily life. I love art, fashion, animals, nature. I’m a Jill of All Trades! As for the cannabis industry, I have a fervent passion for changing the stigma that all stoners are lazy.”

    “Marijuana has drastically changed my life for the better from mental health to weight control in ways Big Pharma could not.”

    “I’m not sure I view myself as an Instagram Influencer. I believe we are all connected as a human race and feed off of each others energies, even on social media. I try to put out as much truth and positivity, mixed in with some good old fashioned humor and sailor talk! I just want to share my life experiences and what I learn along the way!”

    I have always enjoyed smoking marijuana (from an early age that I should probably not mention!). From the beginning, the feeling I got after smoking helped me perceive my life and situations in a way that felt more like it was coming from my Third Eye. I was able to be much more introspective and look deeper into myself, my thoughts, my needs, my desires, my strengths and weaknesses. I then incorporated marijuana in with fitness when I gained 45 pounds due to birth control and could not motivate myself to get healthy. Smoking brought me to a mental place that allowed me to push past the plateaus and emotional walls that were stopping me from being the best version of myself. I started working out at home and outdoors and still do!

    marijuana instagram influencers

    Cassandra Lynn

    I am 24 years old, a Colorado Native girl sucked in still by the Rocky Mountains. I have always looked up to models, especially cameo girls in music videos, so the Hollywood lifestyle definitely intrigues me, but modeling is almost like acting for me because I enjoy showing my emotions through my facial expressions and body movements rather than just words. So I have always seen my modeling work as not only the work I wish to continue as my career path, but also as the way I enjoy spending my time away from the real world and my “real” job that I need to have in order to survive. Modeling is always my great escape from reality. A way to channel my emotions towards creating something beautiful rather than being destructive in my own head with my thoughts.

    I have been on Instagram actually trying to make an influence for about 3 years now. I used to just use modeling as a hobby, and do photo shoots on occasion just mostly when someone would approach me. My end goal was not just being another pretty face, but I wanted to actually have an impact on the direction our world is spiraling into, I had a bigger plan.

    Marijuana has always been in and out of my life growing up, and looking back I seemed to enjoy life more and have a better outlook on everything when Mary Jane was there. Marijuana has always been there to ease my mind and my anxious thoughts that flood my head every second. I am very fortunate to not have any real medical reasons to smoke other than my self prescribed dosage for my anxieties. I want people to see the beauty of this plant in not only the medical field but also the mental health aspect also. Marijuana is just a part of who I am so for me to not share that huge part of my work with my fans would be selfish and hiding who I really am.

    Only problems I have had on social media with my content is I sometimes like to make fun videos of me smoking a blunt to a specific song beat and lyrics, just for fun, and I have had artists take them down for copyright issues, which is understandable, so lately to fix that issue I have been doing a lot of work with local artists and my videos because then that avoids them being taken down since I have the permission from the artist. Other than that, most my stuff is a little risky but I have a pretty solid line I draw when it comes to the content I actually post and let my fans see only so much of me.

    I am a little too comfortable with my marijuana use sometimes and I don’t realize how defensive people still get about the topic when it comes up in a situation. I have been a server/bartender for about 6 years now, so that’s how I pay the bills, but I always use marijuana to help me get through my struggles of a customer service job, sometimes my managers will have a talk with me about my marijuana intake and when I choose to smoke, but smoking has never effected me in my daily job more than I would mess up on a normal day of not smoking at all. It helps me relax and not want to scream at all my customers I come in contact with in the day. But with it still being considered an illegal drug to so many people, I tend to offend some managers by being as comfortable as I am with it.

    Some advice I would give to my fellow stones is to not abuse it, use it for the wonderful things it can help you through and heal for you. It’s okay to enjoy it with friends on your time off, but don’t let it completely consume you, it’s okay allowing it to be a part of you.

    Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2017 and has been revamped and updated as needed for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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