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Cannabis Law and compliance are complicated and the risks are great. To ensure you are structured and operating properly, contact one of our legal professionals without delay. Our team of fierce attorneys will advise you in all matters related to Cannabis Corporate and Transactional Law, Cannabis Licensing & Regulatory Compliance, and Cannabis Criminal Defense. We have over 30 years’ legal cannabis business experience collectively and can ensure the best possible outcome for your businesses’ success or your defense.

Cannabis Corporate & Transactional Law

Manzuri Law has, since 2010, represented clients in the legal cannabis space, providing invaluable advice and counsel to those looking to take their cannabis business to the next level. We serve as outsourced in-house counsel for many of the industry’s leaders as well as start-ups who need assistance with corporate structuring, transactions, and licensing.

Cannabis Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

Manzuri Law’s cannabis compliance attorneys are experts in regulatory compliance. For many years, we have been among the first to procure state and local licenses for our clients. Before the regulated market, Manzuri law stood next to its clients in the battle for legality. As policy advisors to city and state officials during the beginning of the regulatory market, Manzuri Law has been instrumental in policy influence and elevating the local, state, and national conversation.

Cannabis Criminal Defense

Dedicated Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys of Manzuri Law are experienced in defense cases involving any cannabis crime, felony, or misdemeanor. With a foundation in federal defense, we know firsthand how cops and government prosecutors operate and will investigate against our clients. We have litigated, tried, and resolved some of the most groundbreaking federal and state criminal cases to date. Whether you are accused of a felony manufacturing, misdemeanor cultivation, or a violation of a local ordinance, it is necessary to have a competent and dedicated criminal defense attorney in your corner. Having a knowledgeable and caring defense lawyer will undoubtedly impact the verdict of your case. Seek legal aid right away if you have been charged with any crime and call us for consultation.

Our team of experienced and reliable attorneys and specialists aggressively advocates for each clients’ interests, protection, and rights.

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Attorneys & Specialists Hidden Cannabis Law and compliance are complicated and the risks are great. To ensure you are structured and operating properly, contact one of our legal professionals

Outstanding Commercial Lawyers in California

McAllister Garfield, P.C. expanded into California prior to the legalization of adult use cannabis in 2016 and has been actively involved in the evolution of the cannabis industry since before full regulations came into effect in 2018. Similar to its Colorado practice, the Firm handles every major area of need for the cannabis and hemp industries in California from start up to exit, including corporate start up, corporate governance, financing, securities compliance, regulatory compliance, licensing, commercial litigation, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and employment law. We provide big firm quality transaction work with deep regulatory knowledge and connections to achieve our clients’ goals. The Firm brings over 10 years of experience to bear on the newly regulated market, whereas many law firms in California are just now getting involved in the industry.

The Firm’s clients in California consist of a healthy mix of legacy operators and new entrants, including public companies and private equity funds. With a mix of regulatory and business transaction lawyers, the Firm has advised on the risks and opportunities of entering into the California market. The Firm’s broad experience with emerging cannabis and hemp markets helps clients avoid mistakes other lawyers don’t know about.

McAllister Garfield’s corporate attorneys have been litigating business cases since 2009. Talk to our legal team today.