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Little girl tells teacher her parents are ‘growing a lot of weed’ at home

We all know the saying that kids say the darndest things and if you’ve had a child or know a special tiny human you know this saying to be completely true. As they grow up and experience the world they learn a lot of things for the first time and can sometimes use them in the wrong context at first. Most times they usually tell the new things they learned, whether or not if they understand correctly, to anyone who will listen. Which means sometimes the parents will have a little explaining to do.

For one little girl, she went to school one day and was going around telling her teachers that her parents have a lot of weed in their house without further explanation. So when her father went to the school one day he was taken back when one of her teachers casually mentioned hearing that they have a lot of weed in their house from his little daughter.

So once this daddy-daughter duo got home the investigation began on to what specifically their little girl was going around telling her teachers. Her father first starts by asking what she was referring to when she was talking to her teachers about the weed at the house to which she responds,

“Weed is not good for you…because weed is stuff that, like grass, but it’s not… it’s weed.”

He continued to ask his daughter to describe exactly what she had told her teachers about when she mentioned what they were growing at their house. Asking her if she wants to explain herself and her first response is,

Even at a young age kids sure do know how to use their puppy dog eyes!

He continues to ask her if they are growing a lot of weed at her house to which she nods and says,

” Yeah. Just a little bit but it’s gonna grow a lot.”

He then asks her to show people, especially her teachers, what exactly she is referring to which she at first responds shaking her head and acting shy while giving a silly face to her dad.

After some quick reconsideration, she leads her dad outside with their dog following quickly behind.

She then leads her dad to the weeds slowly growing near their porch.

She continues to show him all around the porch pointing out the weed she was telling all her teachers about. Walking around the porch and pointing with her foot saying,

Another video to prove the saying that the most innocent little kiddos say the darndest things sometimes. As well as, the beginning of a longstanding joke not only the teachers will be able to have with this family but as the little girl gets older she’ll be able to look back on this video and laugh with her father.

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Little girl tells teacher her parents are ‘growing a lot of weed’ at home We all know the saying that kids say the darndest things and if you’ve had a child or know a special tiny human you know

Little girl tells her teacher about all the weed around her house

What a difference an “S” can make.

Little Skylar thought she was talking to her teach about gardening, but instead she was dobbing in her dad, Dax Holt, for cultivating drugs.

Holt captioned the clip with a brief explanation of what went down at school:

My child’s teacher: “so Skylar tells me you guys have a ton of weed at home.”

Teacher: “she said you’re growing it”

Holt posted this video to his Facebook page, and as parents the world over relate to times their children have innocently incriminated them and the clip is going viral.

Already it has notched up nearly 200,000 views and prompted a few similar stories.

“My daughter informed the teacher, ‘my Daddy drinks while he drives me to school, every morning’,” Delores Steen said on Facebook.

“He actually did, he always had a huge travel mug of coffee.”

Clearly, you should never trust your children.

A father filmed his daughter explaining why she told her teachers at school that there was a lot of weed at…