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Red Line Automix

Alchimia Grow Shop presents a new addition to its catalogue, the colourful variety pack from BSF Seeds, the Red Line Automix including, among others, Kush and Skunk cannabis genetics.

Delivering a true ocean of colours in your cannabis grow room, this mix will give plants with mauve, pink, red, purple and violet colours.

BSF Seeds Red Line Automix info:

  • 3x Red Skunk Auto. Easy to grow and productive plants, christmas tree-shaped, with a large central cola. Skunk genetics with a colourful phenotype in 90% of plants. Sedative and narcotic effect, medium THC levels. Complete cycle of 55 days. Indoor yield: 450g per m2. Outdoor yield: 200g per plant.

3x Red Kush Auto. Large size auto, with a big central cola and many side branches. Genetics: Hindu Kush. Red phenotype in 90% of plants. THC: Medium – High. Relaxing effect, earthy and fruity aroma. Complete cycle: 55 days. Indoor yield: 450g per m2 Outdoor yield: 200g per plant.

3x Red Caramel Auto. Autofem that’s easy to cultivate with typical Indica structure: small, compact with short internode distance, but highly productive. Genetics: Ice Cream x Hindu Kush. Coloured phenotype in 80% of individuals. THC: Medium – High. Narcotic and relaxing effect. Complete cycle of 55 days. Sweet and earthy aroma, which intensifies when consumed in a vaporiser. Indoor yield: 450g per m2. Outdoor yield: 200g per plant.

  • 3x Red Critical Auto. Large size autoflowering cannabis plant forming enormous, very heavy and resinous colas. Leaves a very intense floral and sweet aroma. Genetics: Critical Auto. Coloured phenotype in 70% of plants. High levels of THC. Powerful, sedative and cerebral effect. Complete cycle in 75 – 80 days. Indoor yield: 450g per m2. Outdoor yield: 350 g per plant.
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    Premium Line

    Well, the main reason for having such a name as category is typically because the seeds expected to be here are stellar-quality hybrids that have proved for as long as we can remember that they can give the farmer high yields, the best effects be they medical or recreational, and faster growth coupled with sturdy ganja plants.

    It’s all in the crossing

    The most common character trait of the seeds in the premium category is that they originate from crossing the very best male and female ganja strains, then fertilizing them to give rise to more viable plants. While this is not an easy activity, we are glad that our experience in this works out to the best of our expectations. Let’s take a simple explanation…if we take two strains and cross them, we will have strains that can be called F1. If we plant like let’s say 200 F1 strains, we will then choose among these the female plants that exhibit signs of good cannabis strains.

    We will then choose from the remnant the strains that prove to be the best males depending on factors like faster growth, more pollen grains, and considerable height. Now, if we cross these males with the females, the strains that we will obtain will be referred to as F2 strains (strains obtained from crossing the best males and female cannabis strains from the F1 category). The resulting strains can then be referred to as F3 cannabis strains. The process can be done even further, where the breeder can pick the best males and females from F3 and cross them to get more viable plants and end up calling them F4. The one more last step, and we will end up having F5 strains.

    Mind you, we at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds have gone up to this fifth step and made strains that we can call the F5 strains. These are the same strains that give us the seeds that we now call the premium seeds. Quite a tiring, daunting task, but we are glad that we offer nothing but the best to you – our customer. You cannot go wrong with our seeds from this category.

    How did we achieve that?

    F1 strains are a cross between two different strains. After growing +/- 200 F1 plants, the breeder makes a selection of the best male and female plants. These selected female plants will be fertilized by the best F1 males. The result of this is an F2 plant, F2 plants have many different phenotypes, which means there are multiple strains in one plant. Let’s say you grow about 200 of these F2 plants and select a new mother, based on the exact features you desire, such as color, appearance, height, root growth, flowering time, etc. During this selection, you will select a male who possesses equal qualities, which, after pollination, will result in the new F3 plant. The F3 seeds are more stable, and this selection process can be continued even further. All of our new strains in our Premium line are F5 selections and can be considered the best of the best when it comes to marijuana genetics.

    Which are some of the best premium cannabis seeds in AMS?

    Probably you are interested in growing premium weed seeds in either your outdoor or indoor cultivation setting but are not in the know-how about which ones to try out. Most of the assortments in our premium seeds category comprise feminized seeds. That said, you can be sure that buying them will give you female cannabis plants.

    Some of the growers’ favorites comprise:

    1. AK 47 XTRM Feminized

    Coming up with the AK 47 XTRM Feminized cannabis seeds couldn’t be a reality without the input from Relaximo. Most of our buyers – just like you, had reached out to us in the quest to purchase breeding between our supreme AK 47 and the White Widow XTRM strain. To this date, this request made us always to ensure we have the AK 47 XTRM feminized coming as a result of crossing those previously mentioned strains. If you intend to purchase these premium seeds, we sell them in different quantities and different prices. For instance, some packs contain 5, 10, or 20 seeds. Your budget is the determinant here.

    2. Bonfire feminized

    A sight to behold indeed. The Bonfire feminized weed seeds come as a result of crossing Black Domina and New York Turbo Diesel. If Indica hybrids define your source of happiness after taking a hit of pot, then this is undoubtedly the best premium line strain. Buying the seeds see to it that you get the value for your money and time. For instance, you get price discounts when you purchase the seeds in packs of 10 and 20. You don’t have to wait for long to see your flowers; Bonfire Feminized flowers anywhere between 9 and 10 weeks.

    3. AMS XTRM Feminized

    The Greatest of All Times from team AMS. Purchasing this line of premium marijuana seeds gives you a sense of what it feels to have potent weed. You can be sure to swear by its uplifting effects, especially bearing in mind that it makes one couch-locked and induces sleepiness to those who have insomnia. The 80% Sativa and 20% Indica combination send superb signals – that it is the weed strain that any connoisseur could wish to have!

    Choose your best premium seeds today

    We have a vast assortment in the premium seeds space. As of the moment of writing this, there are up to 40 different seeds in this premium category. We understand that it may be problematic for you to settle on the strain of your choice now that all have gone to the fifth stage of breeding, but we are online to address your fears and queries. Should you have any queries or concerns about our pot seeds and how you can realize the most yields, never hesitate to contact us.

    If you are also knowledgeable about the specifics you need from this category, then we also have your back. Be sure to filter through the results, and you will land your eyes on your most preferred strains a quickly as it can be. To clear all your doubts, we also have a seeds table where you can learn about the needful details about our premium seeds and those from every other category. We wouldn’t be happier if we didn’t see you saving your time as you choose your most preferred premium grass seeds today.

    Ease in growth is guaranteed

    As previously mentioned, these seeds harbor the best effects. These are not limited to growing weed easy as we have a whole category addressing how you can grow your ganja hassle-freely. The best thing is that in this premium seeds category, we only incorporate seeds that can get planted by either a beginner or a veteran in the cultivation scope.

    A mixture of potency and the best effects

    You may be wondering whether premium grass seeds can give medicinal benefits now that they are mostly hybrids. Nonetheless, we can guarantee that these seeds give high Sativa and Indica dominance, thus making them the go-to for the best recreational and therapeutic benefits.

    Premium services for premium grass seeds

    Yes, you read that right. Despite these seeds being among the newest in the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds company, we offer stellar services in matters related to breeding them and shipping them to our customers. Provided your country legalizes the importation of ganja seeds and that our shipping terms are compatible, our only option is to ensure that after you order them, you get them most conveniently and within the shortest time we can manage. Need some help with growing your cannabis plant? We got you! Check out our Grow Guide!

    Customer reviews summarize everything

    As you navigate through the independent review website, Trustpilot, you’ll notice that our inexhaustible list of premium seeds is vouched for by a high number of cannabis growers.

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