lemon jeffery strain

Lemon Jeffery

Lemon Jeffery has tested consistently over 26% THC and has reached 28%.

Lemon Jeffery is a sativa dominant hybrid that finishes in 70 days.

This strain is an extremely heavy yeilder if given space to branch out.


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Sorry for the wait! I like to take my time for the cure and then I like to smoke the bud for the first smoke of the day on a few days with observation.

On his podcast, Rasta Jeff will sometimes talk about “podcasting weed”/concentrates meaning that they are nice and uplifting, give you good energy, keep you talkative, and still let you have access to your best vocabulary! This is that herb. Some herb hits my speech center directly I swear and then conversation even with people who I am comfortable with is out the window. Not this stuff. Love it and I am really excited to give her another shot very soon. I should be chopping down another monster plant of it soon.

The smell of this particular phenotype reminds me of sweet, lemon, skunk candy, on the side of the road, in a gymbag, on a hot day. :sob: I love it!

It does not remind me of the more typical sativa though where the effect comes and goes very quickly. This strain is a long lasting, potent head high that I can feel in my forehead for a few hours even as a daily consumer. I really enjoy this one!

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Strain Review: Lemon Jeffery by Craft Cannabis Company

I’ve been inspiring my creative process with a little Lemon Jeffery that I picked up @craftcannabiscompany today.

Lemon Jeffrey Strain Review

Descending from heavy hitters Lemon Skunk and Golden Goat, little Lemon Jeffery packs a potent punch with average testing numbers in the mid twenties. With super fruity favorites Grapefruit, Sweet Island Skunk and Citral in the family tree, Lemon Jeffrey has the lemon candy taste that reminds you of that sweet and sharp flavor of the old school lemonhead candies. The light citrus notes are backed by the bold, classic, dank flavor of the one and only Skunk, giving little Lemon Jeffrey A complex yet super satisfying flavor profile……..

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