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Curing is a lengthy subject. I believe the art of curing is more difficult to master than growing. I will try to provide an overview. To begin with glass jars are the only way to cure properly. Unfortunately they are …

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Growing Marijuana Marijuana Curing Guide Curing is a lengthy subject. I believe the art of curing is more difficult to master than growing. I will try to provide an overview. To begin with

SuperCropping/ Twist and Snap techniques

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Sooo glad the site is up and running ! Yay!
Is there a detailed tutorial that shows the techniques covered briefly in Kyles video ? Any resources would be great. Thanks everyone.

you ask and you shall receive there is a video on how to do it. you just hold a branch with both hands and twist in opposite directions softly though you only wanna hear a small snap that breaks the internal fibers of the branch.

Thanks for the link TRUNKS…:-)
Other than not being able to hear the snap, and looking at his nasty finger, he basically describrd the technique correctly. You can begin snapping, or what I like to call Kushman Chiropractic, as soon as plants are well established. It’s not necessary however to get good results.

Waiting until a week or two before flowering to begin weekly treatments is sufficient. Work your way up the plant, twisting and breaking even the main stalk if possible, and every couple inches along every part of the plant.

Stop chiropractic treatments by the first or second week of flowring at the latest.
Pictured below is the rusults of extreme supercropping to a mother plant.
I will try to produce a video of my own very soon…:-)

this subject was the one i was hoping for 😎 would it be possible for the man him self mr kushman to put up a informative video explaning how to and why supercropping should be done it would be such a honor to see 😉

I promise to do that very soon…:-)

Can super cropping be done on a outdoor garden? If so when is the best time to do it?

Yes it can…Starting Kushman Chiropractic treatments. Breaking the inner hurd of the stalk by carefully twisting in opposite directions until you hear a snap. Move a few inches up the branch and repeat. Repeat this every week. Working your way from bottom to top of the plant, breaking a different spot of each branch on each treatment. Starting when the plants are young will give them the ability to transport more water and nutrients. While also building incredibly strong stems and branches. Discontinue treatments once flowering begins. Or once the desired effects have been achieved.

A second crucial step to Supercropping is removing all nodes to the tip of the branch as in picture#2. Do this once or twice. First time is 1-2 weeks before flowering. Then once again a week into flowering. For Sativas I clean them all the way to the tip again. For Indicas I leave 3 nodes from the tip on the 2nd cleaning.

Super important for ULTIMATE growth…try not to damage or remove the leaves in between the nodes you remove. they’re your solar panels. The more surface area you have the more energy you collect …:-)

Sorry, I’m having trouble posting pics. I’ll get right on it..;-)

so typically how much supercropping should be done at weekly intervals

and is there a thing as to much suppercroppng if its done properly in veg i know you should stop 2 weeks into flower max

Just be careful not to break in the same spots. Work the plant every 2″ from the bottom to the top. Don’t give the plant another treatment until she’s hardened up and you see the results. Usually about a week…:-)

hi there kyle any idea whenyou have an in depth videos on the suppercropping and when you do a video would it be possible for you to show the removing of the nodes and the differances for indica to sativas thanks im really interested to learn these techniques from the master

can’t wait to see the pics..

I’m trying to get videos produced. I want to make sure they look good for posterity ya’ know…;-)

no problems CANT WAIT LOL

I’m 1 week 2 days into flower, is it too late to try any of these techniques or should i wait for my next grow and start on that in veg? Thanks. Also Kyle is there a book i can buy or that you’d recommend that details the techniques you use. Thanks again.

You can definitely still supercrop for bigger buds.
Sorry, the books still incomplete…:-)

Kyle, or anyone that might “KNOW for sure” just switched to 12/12 1 week ago..going into week 2 on Mon. well these babies stretched like 8inches over the last week…they are taking it too late to chop a few tops off…they are all nice and thick stalks..about 4.5 feet tall..afraid if I leave them though, gonna run out of ceiling in my 6.5 foot the light only goes to about 6….never had to think about cutting this late..thought my cut a couple a weeks ago id be good..but they are going crazy..thanks

should of read these older posts….im guessing Ill be ok to chop 4inches off the top if I get it done today…thanks

Sometimes ya’ gotta’ do what ya’ gotta’ do…yield will be affected on strains with less branching. If the plant has lots of branches you should get the almost the same yield. Largest buds won’t be so big. But the secondarys should make up for it. You can always bend or tie the tops down. -)

Hi Kyle. Do you have that picture you were going showing the second, ‘crucial’ part of supercropping where you strip the nodes back. Am wanting to do it soon on a section of my plants but am unsure quite what to do.

Hello Moon Dawg, have you taken a look at Kyles FaceBook Page? It has a folder labeled SuperCropping, check it out it’s sweet.

How late into flower is too late to do the denoding?
Above it seems like it says 1st week of flower. What if say you did it at the end of the second week into third?
I see Kyle saying to copy london 1 wk 2 days is good. Is there a point it is no good.

Hi IrieGreen, when I do my bottom clean out and clean up the nodes in the 1st-2nd week of flowering that is the main clean up. During the flowering period Im always looking for any nodes that aren’t up to par with the rest of them and remove them during the entire flowering period till harvest. Usually you would like to find them all by the 4th-5th week. Being diligent in finding any bottoms or nodes that won’t amount to anything and removing them makes harvesting so much easier.

Is it me or I miss the video made by mr kushman explaining his Chiropractic technique?

Kushman will be coming out with videos this year. But he has been writing and teaching hands on how to SuperCrop for 20 + years, Kushman Chiropractic is basically all of the SuperCropping Techniques. If you go to his face book page you can see many photos of him SuperCropping his plants, and on the forum here many of us explain the techniques as well. Hope I helped you out

thank you. i just discovered an old video on youtube explaining his tech in a short few seconds. for people who are interested: (it is starting around 2:41)

I love that video, makes me laugh everytime I see it. Esta in the video that is one of the many techniques used to Supercrop or Powercrop a plant. ( Kushman Chiropractic Treatment). That is the Twist and Snap ( Muscle building ) technique to make your braches stronger to hold heavier yields and it also helps transfer more nutrients to the flowers above after it has healed. Take a look at the BraveHeartLand thread, I go over SuperCropping. Also VeganicsEB has a great thread as well that shows how to properly supercrop.

Hey Braveheart I need some clarification please. I have been applying the supper cropping techniques and when i re-read Kushmans directions on this thread and compared what he says “A second crucial step to Super-cropping is removing all nodes to the tip of the branch as in picture#2. Do this once or twice. First time is 1-2 weeks before flowering.” to the picture at the top of the thread I was confused. My confusion is the phrase “removing all the nodes to the tip of the branch”. Is that removal to the tip inclusive or exclusive of the top node. I formerly understood the removal to be inclusive based on my interpretation of his language and would wait the 1 to 2 weeks before flower for the nodes to grow back because I was left with none. Now when I look at Kushmans picture on this thread I see he removed all nodes except the top node. I see how leaving the top node only would let the plant continue to grow smoothly. I plan to apply some variation of this technique within a week so all help is greatly appreciated.

I think I have the twisting and bending method down, I would love to see some detailed pics of the removal of nodes for Sativa’s and Indica’s. I looked at Kyles pics in his album on FB entitled “Supercropping”. From the looks of it, the plant pictured goes through the entire process of getting cleaned up around the base of the plant, “de-noded” and then twisted and bent. I can see that the fan leaves are left on while the nodes are clipped away, however, I think what would be a great help would be to actually see the de-noding done correctly to achieve those super dense and plentiful flowers that are pictured in all of Kyles gardens. I myself have always cleaned the bottoms of plants to reduce the risk of bugs and airy “pop corn buds that do not receive enough light from top mounted HID lights. The de-noding procedure in conjunction with the supercropping technique takes that a step further and really maximizes what each plant can do IMO.

Question, if you are using side lighting along with top mounted HID’s how aggressively should one de-node? For example you have 4 1000 HID bulbs over head, in between the two rows of two 1000 watt lights each, you have 2 400 MH bare bulbs hanging in between for supplemental lighting from the sides.

Hi, i to all this am new i grew back in the 70’s but nothing like this. I am very sick and now i will grow to save my life, i have a hard time concentrating. I really need all of your help, is your info put together so i can read it or watch it from the start to finish ? I really am having a hard time trying to follow everything, i only have enough room to grow in a tent [ 6 plants]. I have been looking at a HTG all included tent any comments ? I have just bought all the nutrients and i will wait to hear from all of you. I have to say thank you all again, you are going to save my life and i will help everyone i can also.

Im sorry to hear your not doing to well. Let the plant cure all your worry’s and enjoy her. I think a tent is perfect to get started again. I have never used that brand, but a complete set up with the proper equipment sounds really good. There are many threads on the forum that will help guide you in caring for your plants, check out BraveHeartland. Or you can even start your own thread and ask for advice from myself or some of the other Veteran growers that are here happy to help.

SuperCropping/ Twist and Snap techniques This topic contains 32 replies, has 14 voices, and was last updated by BRAVEHEART 6 years, 4 months ago. Sooo glad the site is up and running ! Yay!