kre8 genetics instagram

Kre8 genetics instagram

Payment Methods 1. Western Union 2. Money Gram 3. Paypal with conditions, only use the friend family 4. Money Order 5. Cash.

send to Po box and for others like Western Union and money gram, contact us for Name info. Money order can leave name blank. Please add order number inside mail.

Small Flat Rate box $9, exlcudes the states. For internantional orders, contact us for shipping prices. After receiving payments and once clears we will provide you with tracking number through email.

shipping terms on product page.

remove best sellers, new in etc. and signup

more than one? shipping

keywords, all the breeders, hemp seeds, marijuana seeds, cannabis seeds, seeds, cannabis seed sales, weeds seeds,

and put other competitors websites. add all the breaders name on the oes website bottom. add on the backend so no one sees.

change home page wording

remove social media except instagram from product pages.

contact us. add phone number and change some wording

f ooter, adding terms condition, privacy policy

add external counter with at least 55,000 views and start orders invoices at 8,500.

do sitemap to website and add to yahoo and bing and google

Kre8 genetics instagram Payment Methods 1. Western Union 2. Money Gram 3. Paypal with conditions, only use the friend family 4. Money Order 5. Cash. send to Po box and for others like Western

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Write a review

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Just wanted to give a quick shout out…

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Asterion for their AMAZING services! Their customer service is on point and they were super pleasant to work with. I seen a few bad reviews astound so I was a bit worried but I literally had no issues and I’m super glad I went with them! They are so nice they even gave me a nice treat 😉. My product came well packaged and it took about 10 days or less to come. BTW I DO LIVE IN THE U.S. 😃 They provided me with a tracking number and they always responded back to me quickly. Please guys, if your product is taking a while please understand it’s more than likely due to the pandemic, these folks ARE legit and they are just awesome! You won’t be disappointed! Have fun 🤘🏾

First time ordering cannabis seeds!

I am new to growing cannabis, and began searching on the internet for good quality seeds. There are many many choices, and I finally decided to order from a company by the name of Asterionseeds.
Asterion is one of the largest cannabis companies in the world and I thought I would give them a shot and see what happens. Well, I ordered my seeds and paid through Whatsapp to complete the order. I placed the order on September 17, 2020 and the date today is November 12, 2020. That is about 50 days longer than any of the companies I inquired about on other chat rooms. The order was not a really large order, but what bothered me was not having a way to communicate with Asterion after the sale. I did not realize initially realize there was no phone number listed, but there is one for the investment side of Asterion. I have sent 10 emails and not a single reply. I would not recommend this company because of the lack of support that is in place now. Customer support is a given today, but when it comes to these guys it is non existent. I could not find a phone number for them, and all I found was a [email protected] for the email address. This company has huge plans for the future, and maybe my order fell through the cracks, but there is way too much competition to put up with this kind of foolishment. If I got a call today to let me know the order is on the way then that is fine and all is well. Getting stiffed is not cool and will never give them another chance!

Asterion Bank is fire

Asterion Bank is fire.
I placed an order and received in Italy the goods fifteen days later.
Great genetics and the refinement they put into their work is admirable

A clean website and the only place to…

A clean website and the only place to locate Jaffaland F2. My items arrived well packed, in the original packaging. I will admit, i did have to chase my order due the company moving offices but they were straight on the case. Despite that hiccup and that’s all it was, i have no problems recommending Asterion seeds.
Would happily deal with again.

Great company fantastic customer…

Great company fantastic customer service. Great genetics

SCAM. placed order on 7-12-20 transferred payment 7-13-20 .I waited 24 days before contacting them. In that time I didn’t get a single response as to the status of my order, shipment info or tracking number! Sent them a email requesting this info. It’s been over a week ago and I have heard nothing. BEWARE this is a fruadulent company! You will have your money stolen.

Horrible company, ran by an absolute clueless idiot. Thinks he knows it all when hes really an uneducated scammer. AVOID

Horrible customer service, I feel scammed

Ordered $830 worth of product from this company. they were quick to respond when I needed to ask if it was okay to take a couple extra days to make payment. but once I made payment, replies have been few and far between. I did receive about 80% of my order, but the most expensive item hasn’t arrived yet, due to shipping from their supplier / Covid etc. I get there are delays, but what I don’t understand is why he won’t respond to messages AT ALL. I somewhat expected to receive the remainder of my order, but the guy that owns the company simply will not message me back any details about what I’ve ordered. I tried everything, from commenting on IG, to direct messaging, to emailing him. and he just will not get back with me. but he has time to make IG posts regarding people “trying to make him look bad”, and also making new posts promoting products. I’m torn, because I want my items, but I don’t think I’ll receive them at this point. absolute joke of a company to work with. If the guy would update his customers and not sell items he didn’t have in stock, he wouldn’t have these issues. but here we are.

Horrible experience as far as communication goes. he plays victim and blames the customer on his own downfalls. I would recommend using any other service on the internet, stay far, far away!

Fast shipping.Ordered Sunday

Fast shipping.Ordered Sunday. Transferred money Monday arrived Saturday.
Only negative I can say about this company was there was no correspondence. They never answered email.

Excellent service!

Excellent service, excellent staff, all round excellent! Really good people. Well done!

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