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  Afgoo is an earthy indica strain that will help you settle into bed. Afgoo isn’t as fast-acting as some of the other strains on this list, but it is known for its strong body high and distinctive earthy aroma. It’s also high in terpene myrcene, which has both relaxing properties and anti-inflammatory properties. Other strains that are high in terpene myrcene are White Widow, Special Kush, and Skunk XL.

Some of these strains you will also find later on this list! But what are CBD crystals – have you ever heard of those? Essentially, CBD crystals are a potent, isolated form of the natural compound that contain nothing but pure, 100% CBD. At Jennifer's residence, Glen, in a baby cradle, asks his parents why they kill other people, which Chucky responds by telling him it is a hobby to make them relax and a family tradition for generations. Glen says that violence is bad, which Chucky responds "Violins, violins are bad. Their screechy music's gonna ruin the goddamn country!".

However, Tiffany agrees with Glen and tells Chucky that they have a problem with killing. He says that he doesn't have a problem with it and asks what's wrong with it, which Tiffany responds "Killing is an addiction, like any other drug.". After an argument, Chucky pretends to do so, crossing his fingers behind his back to get Tiffany to close her mouth. Meanwhile, Redman arrives as Joan is fired by Jennifer for trying to interfere. Photographer Pete Peters (Waters) arrives and takes pictures of Jennifer and Redman having sex and of Chucky masturbating to a Fangoria magazine. Tiffany knocks out Jennifer and Redman, just as Peters leaves. She uses a baster to inseminate Jennifer with Chucky's semen. Height: 60cm-100cm Harvest: 70-80 days from seed Stone: Deep body stone THC: Medium/High. As you can see, every part of the plant is completely filled with buds, though notice how even though it's been lollipopped, all the biggest buds are at the top. Nothing will mature earlier or faster than Lowryder! When other varieties have barely begun flowering, Lowryder outdoor growers are kicking up their feet and already enjoying their fresh harvests. This is one of the easiest games to play, but you’ll be shocked at how hard it gets! For the record, I recommend a maximum of five players for reasons that will become apparent. When you’re smoking in a group, one person says ‘Chicago’ and every member of the group agrees to begin the game. Strain name White Rhino Positive Effects Relaxing, euphoric, analgesia, peacefulness, sleepiness, cerebral high Origin Hybrid of White Widow and a North American Indica. Origins in Brazil, India, and Afghanistan Flavors Funky, dank, oaky, earthy, sweet May Relieve Great for stress, to treat pain, insomnia, mood disorders, and migraines Aromas, Fragrance Dank, sour berry, Kush-like, sweet, pungent THC Content % 18 % to 25 %, very high CBD % 1%, low Yield 900 gm per square meter indoors, 1200 gm per plant outdoors, very high Genetic 80% Indica / 20% Sativa Flowering time 8-9 weeks Harvest Early October Disease resistance High Plant Height 1 to 2 meters, up to 6 ft., short to medium height Type Auto-flowering Adverse effects Dizziness, dry mouth, dry eye, anxiety. The THC levels of Snowcap average at 15% and are known to reach 22%. Its high boosts creativity and happiness in the consumer, and can sometimes cause fits of giggles. Its known for more for its increase in cerebral effects rather than many indica-like effects, but will create a mild body high that is more recognizable to some. Its high is shorter than the norm, but can enhance social situations. Tahoe OG Kush is one of the strongest members of the Kush family. If you are familiar with the effects of OG strains, the high provided by this strain will make you feel right at home. It’s extremely relaxing and makes you feel as if you are wrapped in a warm and comfortable blanket. The first stage of growth for any plant is the vegetative stage, when all the plant’s energy and biological intensity are telling it to reach a certain size. If the factors above are met, and the watering system operates well and is programmed correctly, growers can prune their plants for maximum yield during this vegetative period.

Seasoned growers have reported that drying buds gradually and putting them through the proper curing process boosts potency up to a certain limit.

They also claim that cured buds vaporise more easily, are more pleasant to smoke and can even be turned into edibles, probably due to how the makeup of terpenoids and cannabinoids is changed during the process.


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