isaac seeds

Isaac seeds

Hi this is a discussion where you can post your OP seeds that you had in your run.

This is amazing.
Moms knife in devil room
20/20 in caves 2 boss trap room
Polyphemus in caves 2 treasure room

Make sure to post your seeds!

For a different kind of OP:

You never get oneshot tears, but what you do get to experience is the wonder of Guppy’s Paw+Soul Converter (Basement 2) and also Habit (Basement 1)+Blank Card (?Caves 1, iirc?) + The Sun, which gives you infinite health/damage/map reveal, so you cannot lose unless you do something dumb.

Or you can use Blank Card + Habit for something silly like this:

Or with Joker for devil rooms or what have you.

RB2BPE7D – It takes a couple of floors, but you get Inner Eye, Soy Milk, Cricket’s Body, and damage up stuff. Basically it’s a machine gun/shot gun shrapnel death shot of danger that kills Mom in a couple of seconds, the boss rush room is EASY with this seed (even as The Lost)

i remember when there was only four or five commentc on this discussion!

Thank you so much man for the awesome seed! :resmile:

i posted this seed while i was in the basement 2 SO op 1A40 6F24
in basement 1 homing shot pyro in secret room a room with 2 chests and tinted rock tinted rock contains small rock and a crawl space with short range mega tears second basement contains deaths touch.

rest is edited: right in the map there is a room with little and medium poop that contains pertified poop caves 1 has goat head in curse room warning dont take contract from below on basement 2 angel room in caves 1 holds sacred heart pick its possible that you dont want proportosis then you’ll roll it in tech.5 spoon bender rolls in rosary i dont know what happens but the angel room keeps changing into an devil deal on caves 1

i am happy that this discussion has been so successfull and keep up the good work

Isaac seeds Hi this is a discussion where you can post your OP seeds that you had in your run. 9H2Y SVWF This is amazing. Moms knife in devil room 20/20 in caves 2 boss trap room Polyphemus in

What’s the point of using Seeds?

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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User Info: Darkrunedragon

I’ve been googling trying to find an answer but can’t.

From what I’ve seen, you can’t unlock anything with Seeds. I mean I guess after you’ve already unlocked everything maybe they’re nice for replay value, but until then it just seems like there’s no point to them. Am I just missing something?

I have the PS Vita version by the way, I would be posting on that board about it but the Vita board is dead.

User Info: Cucumberflant

Other than the “secret” seeds that do silly things (like make Isaac camoflauged with the floor) yeah it’s just replay value.

Like for example, on pre-afterbirth I found a seed that started you as Eden with the knife and a blank card, and one of the first rooms dropped an emperor card. I held onto it so I could do a “boss-rush” type game whenever I felt like it to try and beat the game as fast as I could.

Alternatively, some people might want to compete against online friends and like, get in a skype call and all use the same seed. ‘Course now there’s always the daily, but hey maybe you don’t want to do the daily seed.

User Info: STG Deathbot

Because some people get insane combos that you’ve never seen but want to try. For instance, I posted a seed a while back that allows you to fill the entire screen with items and explosions.

Also, you can still unlock The Lost using seeds but the new DLC makes unlocking him a lot easier now.

User Info: Darkrunedragon

Huh, that’s fair enough. Playing with guaranteed godly and bizarre item combinations does sound pretty fun. It kinda makes me wish I’d saved the seed I got from one of the runs I did yesterday.

Didn’t realize you could use Seeds to unlock The Lost, too.

User Info: STG Deathbot

Keep this open when you play. It will save you a massive headache when you accidentally turn an OP run into a lost cause because you accidentally grabbed an item that gimped your entire character.

Also, give this a read sometimes. Has a lot of useful information.

User Info: waterdeepchu

Some seeds can make the game completely ridiculous. For example, go to input a new seed. Write the following:

User Info: sshadow5002
User Info: ShroomKingJr

There is a seed that gives your guy a Santa hat, and it allows achievements.

I used it on Christmas day and got a sick run with Isaac on Hard Mode. I don’t know if the Santa hat is good luck or not.

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