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Instant Pot in Your Instant Pot: The No-Mess, No-Smell Method to Making Quick Cannabutter

The Instant Pot is having a moment. In addition to making fork-tender ribs in minutes, you can use the magic countertop pressure cooker to make a batch of cannabutter in five steps, without arousing any olfactory suspicions. It’s the stuff Ron Popeil would dream of—set it and forget it!—if Ron Popeil was cool. All you need for this recipe for making quick cannabutter is bud, canning jars (the type with the lid and ring), a fat of your choice, and pantyhose.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have pantyhose, you can use cheesecloth or even a lightweight clean T-shirt. Anything that will strain out fine particles will work—but pantyhose were our test kitchen star.

Step 1: Decarb in the Jar

Grind your weed. Stretch the pantyhose around the mouth of the canning jar(s), and pour the finely-ground weed into the DIY filter. Pop the lids and rings on, and gently screw closed. Set the jars in a 225-degree oven for about 30 minutes, or on the “Slow Cook” setting on your Instant Pot for 35 minutes. The weed is decarbed and fully activated once it smells piney and turns a deep green.

Step 2: Add Fat

You can use pretty much any fat you like. Butter and coconut oil are great for baking with. Olive and avocado oil make for lightly-flavored finishing oils for savory foods. Note: Don’t fill jars more than 3/4 full.

Step 3: Apply Pressure

Set the jars in your Instant Pot. Add water to the pot until it’s halfway up the side of the jars with lids on finger-tight (firmly, but not super tight). Press the “Pressure Cook” button once, lock the lid, and you’re almost done. The timer will set itself for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Cool it

Once the timer goes off, pull the pressure release valve and remove the jars from the pot using tongs. Let the jars cool before you handle them in the final step.

Step 5: Strain

Unscrew the lid, gather the filter like a tea bag, and squeeze every drop of the buttery goodness into the jar. Remove the filter with the strained weed, tighten the lid, and your cannabutter is ready to eat or refrigerate. Depending on the size of your Instant Pot and your jars, you can make several pounds of butter in one go without skunking up your kitchen.

Bonus: The butter-soaked weed leftovers make a great addition to granola. Combine with toasted nuts, dark chocolate, and dried cherries.

If you love cooking with cannabis but aren't wild about the aroma it leaves in your kitchen, cooking with an Instant Pot might be the perfect solution.

How to Make Cannabutter With the Instant Pot

If you are a cannabis enthusiast and want to learn how to make cannabutter from the comfort of your home, you will need an instant pot. If patyou are not familiar with cannabutter, it is similar to butter but contains cannabinoids such as CBD, CGB, and THC, among others. You can use it in the same manner you use regular butter for your recipes.

Making your cannabutter is simple and more customized than purchasing it from a supplier. Here are a few instructions on how to prepare homemade cannabutter using the instant pot.

The Instant Pot

Do you know how to make cannabutter using the instant pot? The instant pot is a must-have kitchen appliance. It takes the place of various kitchen items such as the steamer, pressure cooker, warmer, rice cooker, sautés pan, and the yogurt maker. To make cannabutter, all you need from the instant pot are the slow cooker, steamer, warmer, and pressure cooker features. Additionally, the instant pot comes in three sizes of three, six, and eight-quart sizes. For this method of making cannabutter, the six-quart instant pot will suffice.

Cooking With Cannabis

Unlike most cooking methods and recipes, preparing cannabutter using cannabis is trickier. To get the full benefits of cannabutter, the process is more indulging. This is because raw cannabis does not have psychoactive aspects. Your body is unable to process raw cannabis in a manner that cannabinoids can get to your bloodstream. If it is not done properly, you may vomit or have stomach issues as your body rejects it. You have to decarboxylate the buds to get the pain-relieving and psychedelic benefits.

Ingredients You Need

To get to know how to make cannabutter, here are the supplies you will require:

  • Half an ounce of your favorite cannabis.
  • An instant pot.
  • A grinder.
  • A cup of butter.
  • A 16-ounce canning jar.
  • Two canning jar lids.
  • An eight-ounce canning jar (with lid) for storage.
  • A canning rack.
  • Mixing bowls.
  • A pan.
  • Microwave or stove.
  • Oven mitts.

De-Carb the Cannabis

First, grind the cannabis and place it in the canning jar. Then, place the canning lid and tighten it amply. Place the canning rack in the bottom of the instant pot to raise the jar from the bottom. Add water till the middle of the jar, close the instant pot jar, and pressure-cook for 40 minutes on high. Finally, manually release the pressure after this period.

Making the Cannabutter

Melt the butter using the stove or microwave and pour it into the canning jar containing the ground cannabis. Stir thoroughly to ensure even distribution of the mixture and place the lid back. Place it back on the canning rack in the instant pot and cover the lid. Pressure-cook for 20 minutes on high and let the pot release the pressure naturally for about 40 minutes. When it is cool enough, pour your cannabutter into a bowl through a strainer to remove the plant matter. Finally, pour the final mixture into a canning jar for storage.

How to Make Cannabutter With the Instant Pot If you are a cannabis enthusiast and want to learn how to make cannabutter from the comfort of your home, you will need an instant pot. If patyou are