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Tips for Removing Cannabis Odors from Your Home and Clothes

Published on June 19, 2017, By Chelsea Maher

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Smoking cannabis comes with fun times and lots of laughter, but it also comes with a very strong odor. Much like cigarette smoke, the smell of cannabis can stink up your home, penetrating deeply into your clothes, walls, and furniture. If you own your home and you don’t mind the smell, this probably isn’t an issue. But, if you’re a renter, it can be problematic.

Whether you want to avoid an awkward conversation with your landlord, or are just looking for a way to get the cannabis smell off your person, here are some tips and tricks for how to do it.


Smoke odor can really sink into your clothes, whether they’re hanging in your closet or you’re wearing them. There are several solutions for how to rid your clothes of cannabis odor:

Wet them with isopropyl alcohol.

This is an age old remedy that has been used for hundreds of years. Alcohol has a neutralizing effect on odor and tends to take the smell with it as it evaporates. You can either fill a spray bottle with vodka and douse your clothes or wet your hands with it and pat yourself down.

Wash them several times.

It may take a few tries, but washing your clothes several times is one way to get rid of the smoke odor. You can also try adding 1/2 cup baking soda or 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, along with your regular detergent, and watch these natural remedies work their magic.

Hang them out to dry.

Sun and fresh air have an amazing way of pulling odors out of fabric. After washing, simply hang your damp clothes out to dry and see if that does the trick.

Take them to be laundered.

Most laundromats use high strength soap with odor blockers. Drop your clothes off to be washed and dried and there’s a good chance they’ll smell as good as new when you get them back.

Upholstered Furniture, Carpets, and Rugs

Obviously you can’t wash an entire couch, but you can introduce some products that can help pull smoke odors out of the fabric. Many regular smokers swear by Febreze. Simply purchase a spray bottle (the kind specifically designed for pet odors seems to work best) and douse your cloth furniture, rugs, or carpets with it. It may take several sessions, or even several bottles, but it will almost certainly make a big difference.

If that doesn’t work, you can always have these items steam cleaned. You can either rent a steam cleaner and do it yourself or hire a professional or company to do the hard work for you.

Walls and Leather

Vinegar is amazing. No seriously. It can do a lot of things, including getting rid of that pesky cannabis smell. Just mix up a simple solution of equal parts water and apple cider or white vinegar.

For leather items, dampen a rag with your solution and wipe the item down. Once you have gone over the whole thing, wipe it down again with fresh water and dry.

For walls, use a sponge to blot the solution into every inch of the wall. The walls should be damp but not soaking. Once done, do the same thing with water and let it dry. This may take a long time, but it’s safe on paint and it absolutely works.

Last Resort Odor Removal

If all of these methods fail, you can try one last thing and that is to fill your home with very strong smells. Some people accomplish this by using a strong incense, like Nag Champa. Another solution is to cook some very fragrant foods, like a curry or dishes that use a lot of spices or peppers. And, if you are at the end of your rope, there’s nothing that’ll cover up every odor known to man like a bag of burnt popcorn.

This post was originally published on June 19, 2017, it was updated on October 5, 2017.

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Tips for Removing Cannabis Odors from Your Home and Clothes Published on June 19, 2017, By Chelsea Maher How To’s Marijuana Knowledge Base Smoking cannabis comes with fun times and lots of