how to pack a pipe weed

[UPDATED] How to pack a bowl of weed perfectly?

[UPDATED] How to pack a bowl of weed perfectly?

Packing a perfectly stacked bowl of weed is an elementary skill that is essential for every weed lover. Known as the most popular way of consuming cannabis, you can never go wrong by smoking a bowl.

While it remains popular, some smokers may still find it difficult to master the art of stashing the herbs into a bowl. And don’t worry, everyone learns it from somewhere. If you’re looking for answers to how to pack a bowl of weed, this blog is your answer!

The thing is, cannabis culture does not follow the master-student approach. You learn from a friend who smokes pot and his/her homies, picking up their habit. Or you quench your curiosity by coming on the dark web to receive the pothead diploma.

You may not pack the perfect bowl in your first attempt. But trust me, in no time, you will be teaching other novice tokers the same.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to pack a weed bowl to get blitzed, you’re at the right place. It goes only uphill from here!

What is a bowl of weed?

Before we get onto how to pack a bowl of weed, let’s first understand what a weed bowl is.

Bowl is the part of your smoking instrument which holds the smokable material, which in our case is the weed. It is connected to the pipe or bong, and allows the heated weed flavour to pass through them to give you a monstrous cloud of vapour along with a sweet hit!

Typically when you inhale from the mouthpiece, the smoke travels through the bowl into the pipe/bong, and then towards the mouthpiece. And now you understand why bowls are really important. After all, that’s where the magic begins!

Bowls come in various shapes and sizes, depending on your capacity and whether you’re toking with a gang or alone. A party-sized bowl can accommodate an entire eighth-ounce of buds while the small-sized bowls are perfect for a quiet drag in your room.

The practice of smoking a bowl comes from ancient chillums and pipes which were made from wood, bamboo, or even ceramics. Today, we see a range of pipes and bongs made from borosilicate glass simply because they are more durable and resistant to heat. And a cleaning process can take them back to being as good as new. You can get a range of cool bowls for weed from Olivastu!

Let’s have a look at the best ways to pack a bowl.

How to pack a bowl of weed- bongs and smoking pipes

Before you understand how to pack a weed bowl, you need to know about the two smoking instruments- the pipe and bongs. Even though the process of packing a weed bowl won’t differ much, their process of guiding the smoke definitely does.

A smoking pipe makes use of a bowl and an airtight channel to deliver a packed punch of smoke through the mouthpiece. You may also find a small hole on the side of the bowl in many smoking pipes which are known as a carb. This is a second air channel that regulates the airflow through the pipe, making the drag a lot smoother and real.

Though smoking pipe filters out the ash, many people like to use an extra screen which helps to keep any extra product from sneaking into the smoke. To use this, you will have to load a weed pipe.

You can get a smoking pipe in various shapes and sizes ranging from the typical chillum, bubblers, to one-hitters and spoon pipes . Choose which one works the best for depending upon your consumption and capacity. And I will teach you how to load it flawlessly.

Moving on to bongs, it is similar to a smoking pipe, but instead of travelling through the air chambers, the smoke enters the water chamber to cool down before reaching the mouthpiece. Bongs are known as a filtration device as they filter out any ash, tar or by-products of the smoke when it passes through the water chamber to cool itself. The result is a smooth, and less harsh toke than what you would experience from a joint.

Now that’s two ways in which you can smoke a bowl of weed. Let’s see how to pack a bowl of weed.

What you need to pack a bowl of weed

Before you learn how to make a bowl of weed, it is important to collect all the essential ingredients and equipment for a smooth session.

  1. Weed (of course)
  2. A herb grinder (We will discuss this further)
  3. A smoking apparatus- smoking pipe(bubbler, spoon pipe, etc) or a bong
  4. A lighter or hemp wick to light the bowl
  5. You can also make use of a tamping tool to pack the bowl more evenly.

There are three ways in which you can break the weed – let’s have a look at them.

Using a herb grinder

It is the easiest and the most efficient way to do so. Easiest, because all you have to do is place the weed and twist the grinder, and there you have it! Efficient because it takes less than a minute to give you evenly ground nugs that will make for an even smoke.

The grinder yields very finely shredded herbs that can be used to tightly pack a bowl. But that also means you are using more weed in a bowl than you would if the weed was broken by your fingers. More weed is directly proportional to a more potent hit! If you’re a beginner, try keeping your flowers at a consistency where it is too fine. And if you like to get danked, go for it buddy!

If you have a grinder with a kief catcher, you can sprinkle the kief, which is the trichomes on your bowl to get a better and powerful flavour!

Using your fingers

Many people like the feel of sticky and smelly and break the herbs with their hands. For others, this may be a time-taking and an annoying process, especially if you have bigger hands and longer fingers. It is easy to break a small nug, but as you start working on more petite sizes, your hands end up being sore.

But here’s an advantage- if you can break your herbs with your fingers, you won’t need a grinder and can do it basically everywhere!

Using a whole hog

This may be the easiest way to pack a bowl, but you have to be careful not to clog the airflow completely. You just need to drop a bowl-sized nug right into the bowl and light it. This method works well when the nug is airy and fluffy, but the super-dense nugs will block the airflow and ruin your smoking session.

Heating Techniques

There are different ways in which you heat your bowl of weed. The best way to light a bowl is using a lighter.

Butane lighters are the most common way to light a bowl, and you can choose from a range of lighter to get the job done. Non-butane lighters are preferred by those who want to avoid the butane flavour.

Apart from lighters, you can also light a bowl using a hemp wick, which is a hemp string lathered with wax which maintains an even burn and is pretty easy to ignite.

Glass wand is a heating element which is used to smoke a bowl of weed. Just bring it in contact with the herbs and watch your herbs vaporize instead of combusting. It is definitely a safer way to smoke and delivers all the cannabinoids and flavour of your herbs.

How to pack and smoke a bowl of weed – Step-by-step guide

  1. Start with using a herb grinder or any other method to shred your herbs into a consistent size which will give you an even burn and flavour.

Once your herb is ready, start loading it in your bowl. The trick is to pack the herb lightly at the bottom and densely at the surface of the bowl to maintain a burn or cherry while toking. You can use the back of the lighter or a tamping tool to gently tap on the bowl to pack it better.

You can check whether the bowl is chocked or not before lighting it. Simply inhale from the mouthpiece as if you were smoking without actually lighting the bowl. If you can feel the air coming through without any difficulty, you have packed the bowl perfectly. But if it feels stuck, you need to lighten the bowl.

The next step is to light your bowl. If you are smoking through a pipe which has a carb, remember to cover it when you inhale. In the case of bongs, you simply need to take in the vapour from the mouthpiece.

Use a lighter or hemp wick to light the bowl. As soon as you see the weed is ignited, keep the flame away and smoke it!
There you go! In three steps, you go from nothing to enjoying delicious flavoursome weed.

  • Once you’re done, ash out your pipe and bongs to keep them free from build-in residue and tar.
  • This was your answer to how to pack a bowl of weed!

    It doesn’t seem that hard, does it?

    Once you start doing it, you will find new and preferred ways to smoke, and there is no coming back from that.

    Packing a bowl of weed perfectly is essential to get a smooth, flavoursome and even drag. If you’re looking for the best way to toke on a pipe or bong, have a look at this elaborate guide.

    How To Smoke Weed From A Pipe + Tips On Packing & Cleaning It To Maximize Your Experience!

    Pipe smoking your weed has been a tried, true and trusty staple among things to smoke weed out of since some ancient genius first packed a bowl and sparked it up countless centuries ago. Pot pipes, based on traditional tobacco pipes, are fairly easy to use: you have a weed bowl to pack marijuana leaf into and an airtight tube connecting the bowl to the mouthpiece. Some weed pipes also have a second hole, called a carb or a choke, that you cover with your finger or thumb when toking that changes the airflow through the mouthpiece, allowing the bowl to be cleared of smoke without taking another hit.

    How to smoke weed out of a pipe is a skill that every cannabis connoisseur must master eventually. Odds are that won’t be on their first time they smoke cannabis, but be patient, fellow herb toker – your time will come! Sure, there are plenty of other things to smoke weed out of – vaporizers, bongs, and joints or blunts, but nothing beats the basic, simple, easy-to-use weed pipe – and some say the best way to smoke cannabis is with a pipe.

    (Weed pipes, aka spoon pipes, and some cannabis nugs, image from Kiffera Esthetikon Instagram)


    The basic concept for a cannabis pipe is what is known as a ‘spoon pipe’, that is your basic weed bowl with a stem attached – kinda like a supper spoon that you eat food with. Most marijuana pipes are made from glass – which lends itself to all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors – but there are also weed pipes made from metal, wood and even stone; aluminum is not considered to be good material for a pot tobacco pipe because fumes from heated aluminum can be harmful to your lungs! Can you smoke weed from a tobacco pipe? Essentially, yes, because it’s pretty much the exact same thing, except for those pipes with a carb or choke; but burning leaf is burning leaf, cannabis or tobacco, insofar as the mechanics of a pipe go. One other difference between weed smoking and smoking tobacco is that ceramic weed pipes also tend to have glass pipe screens, which can and should be used in any weed pipe, metal, glass or wood. Screens prevent weed leaf and ash from getting pulled into your mouth when you draw in the smoke.

    Whether it’s your first time or millionth, a clean and classic spoon pipe like the Upline from Grav Labs is a must-have. It’s easy to use and fits into any glass collection.

    Get a move on and go check out @gravlabs’ insta for more photos like this!

    Kick your spoon pipe vibes up a notch (or several notches) with this Avocado spoon pipe from Empire Glassworks. Are you hungry? We’re getting hungry, and we promise it’s not the munchies!

    For more drool-worthy photos like this, get yourself over to the insta of @empireglassworks

    (A very elaborate metal pot pipe, image from Lizard’s Jewelry on Instagram)

    How to Smoke Out of a Pipe and Inhale Weed Properly:

    While neither pot pipes or weed pipe smoking are remotely rocket science, there is a better way of smoking a pipe packed with ganja goodness.

    1) First of all, you’re gonna need a supply of weed – maybe a stimulating Lemon Haze sativa-dominant weed strain, or some well-balanced Blue Dream hybrid cannabis , or a relaxing Granddaddy Purple indica just before bedtime.

    2) And you’re gonna need a glass pipe or wood weed pipe or a non-aluminum metal spoon pipe; you’ll also need a little round pipe screen and some form of combustion. We two, personally, get our glass pipe screens off eBay for under $10 USD for a batch of 100; they usually range in size from 0.5” to 1”, you want one that fits snugly in the diameter of your spoon bowl.

    (Handful of glass pipe screens, image from My 100 Percent Crazy Life on Instagram)

    3) Insofar as igniting your cannabis for consumption, some folks are happy with a plain ol’ butane lighter or match, but some prefer lighting a hemp wick, a waxy piece of hemp string that ignites easily, burns evenly, and doesn’t give off an icky chemical aftertaste. The lit hemp wick is then touched to your bowl of herb.

    4) Make sure you always use grinder weed versus hand-shredded because that way you get an even, solid burn of your bowl weed, and that way you evenly heat the cannabinoid-filled leaf and trichomes, getting the maximum effect from whatever pot strain you are puffing! Grinders are pretty easy to get from a headshop, dispensary or online and run as low as $10 USD. Grinders are chambered with multiple levels of screening, they turn either by a twisting motion or small crank, and there is usually a catch chamber at the bottom that will, over time, fill with kief that you can sprinkle on your weed bowl or smoosh into balls to make hash – how to smoke hash is a whole other blog post.

    Sure, you can buy a cheap grinder. and then another one, and another one. or you can invest in a quality grinder and do yourself and your weed the justice you both deserve! Personally we’re big fans of this 4 piece grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder.

    @santacruzshredder has got their rights reserved on this and the rest of their insta content

    5) Now that you have a weed pipe of some kind, and a glass pipe screen in place, some ground-up herb, and some way to light up, it is time to move on to how to pack a bowl for optimum hitting, or toking down. Three things that you want to make sure you do when packing pipe weed is to first make sure it is well-ground, then make sure your weed pipe screen is in place so you don’t get particulates or ‘scooby snacks’ (bits of leaf and ash) in your mouth when you draw, and lastly pack your herb tobacco very lightly in the bottom of the weed bowl but more densely at the top for a more even smoke because this allows the pot to continue to burn while opening the pipe airflow for easy smoking down without clogging or blocking up.

    6) Knowing how to inhale weed properly is not difficult; start by drawing the smoke into your mouth before you inhale it into your lungs, then with pot smoke still in your mouth you take a deep breath of fresh air , forcing smoke down into your lungs with regular oxygen-rich air – this then results in a smooth, tasty hit with less coughing and irritation because the harsher herbal smoke has been mixed with fresh air. Some people hold their hits in, but there is little evidence that holding your breath after hitting makes you higher, most cannabinoids like THC are instantly absorbed by your lungs in just a few seconds. Exhaling is, of course, the last step in smoking out of a weed pipe, and, exhaling properly. Never exhale with your mouth still on your pipe, because that will push air the wrong way and blow the pot leaf out of your weed bowl.

    If you struggle the first time you smoke, fret not. Smoking is an art. You just have to keep practicing, and the next thing you know it’ll be second nature!

    Okay, we admit it – we cannot get enough of these food-themed hand pipes from Empire Glassworks! Are we the only ones getting hungry just looking at these sushi-themed hand pipes?

    @empireglassworks rollin’ up some tasty looking sushi pipes on their ig!
    (Gravity bong with a packed weed bowl, image from Smoke You Out on Instagram)

    That is the that of knowing how to pack a bowl, smoking a pipe, how to inhale weed properly and also when and how to exhale. Once you master the basics of pipe smoking, you will then want to discover how to smoke weed without a pipe – there are a number of creative ways to smoke weed:

    • Some people have made pipes out of apples by coring a hole through them and putting weed inside one end as a crude sort of weed pipe.
    • People have turned pens into pipes, by removing the ink cartridge and stuffing grass in one end and drawing through the other.
    • There are gravity bongs – which work by submerging a small bottle with a weed bowl of cannabis atop in a larger bottle or bucket filled with water. You light your pot and slowly draw the bottle up out of the water as it fills with smoke from the burning leaf and just unscrew the lid, put your mouth over the bottle’s opening, and push the bottle down as gravity propels the marijuana into your lungs.
    • Gas masks are yet another of the creative ways to smoke weed, using a military gas mask, with a weed bowl affixed and basically let the smoke fill the mask as you breathe normally, like hot boxing by smoking weed in an enclosed room.
    • And there are of course glass bongs, blunts, vaporizers ranging in size from tabletop down to pen-sized models, hookahs and more!

    How to Clean a Pipe:

    Keeping your weed pipe clean is important because it will hit much better if it is clean and not cloggy. Marijuana resin builds up over time with pipe smoking weed, so you have to do a little maintenance of your weed bowl. There are some great products out there that you can buy and clean your pipe in one easy go. This is one we think works great:

    The gunk in your pipe basically is the villain of the smoke show, preventing what would otherwise be a great session from reaching its full potential. Now that gunk has met its kryptonite with this Kryptonite Cleaner!

    Every now and then a good stock photo is just what you need!

    If you’re more of a DIY pipe cleaner person, you’ve got options, too! One of the best, easiest and most basic ways to clean your metal or ceramic weed pipe to maximize your experience is to:

    1) Fill a plastic bag with 1 tsp of salt and some 91% isopropyl alcohol.

    2) Submerge your pot pipe in the salt and alcohol and let it sit to soak, then shake the baggie, swishing the solution around.

    3) Afterwards you can a washcloth, rags or paper towels to wipe the oily resin off, and a nail to scrape the sides of your weed bowl and the pipe stem. It’s important to remove all the resin, because it has mixed with alcohol and would be toxic to smoke.

    4) You should then use a little dish soap to wash away all resin and the alcohol completely. Some cannabis consumers like to boil their marijuana pipes in water and then clean them with alcohol and rags. Other tokers use nail polish remover, but you have to be sure to remove all traces of potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals by soaking chemically-treated pot pipes in dish soap and rinsing thoroughly.

    (Glass weed pipes and pipe cleaning accessories, image from Krazy Hippie on Instagram)

    Here is a thorough but brief vid showing you how to clean your glass weed pipe with acetone, very similar to the rubbing alcohol method described above:


    Now you may consider yourself schooled in how to smoke weed from a pipe, how to pack a bowl, how to smoke weed without a pipe and how to clean your pot pipe to maximize your pipe weed experience. The best way to smoke weed is really whatever work best for you, but we have given you the basics to get you off to a solid start whether it’s your first time or you just want to make sure you’re still doing it right.

    Smoking a pipe of bowl weed involves grinding up your herb for even burning, packing the ganja leaf somewhat loosely, sparking it with a lighter or some lit hemp wick, then toking by breathing some air in after you fill your mouth with smoke so that the air and smoke mix together – or vapor and air if you use a dab rig or gravity bong – hold the smoke in your lungs only for a second or two and then exhale – but not with your mouth still on the pipe! The best tobacco pipes also make decent cannabis pipes, but the standard for most pipe weed smokers is the carbed, or choked, ceramic weed pipe. Can you smoke weed out of a tobacco pipe? Yes, absolutely. Can you smoke weed out of a hookah? Also, yes. There are a number of creative ways to smoke weed, from bongs to blunts to hollowed out fruits. So, you can call up your friend or significant other and tell them, ‘I packed this pipe for two’, and impress them with how well you know how to pack a pipe, how to inhale weed properly, and how to keep your spoon pipe clean with some 91% alcohol, a rag and some ‘elbow grease’! And now, all you beautiful, toked-up people, may you go forth with this new knowledge of how to smoke weed from a pipe!

    Researched and written by David and Leah Kaye Weathers.

    Pipe smoking your weed has been a tried, true and trusty staple among things to smoke weed out of since some ancient genius first packed a bowl and sparked it up countless centuries ago. Pot pipes, based on traditional tobacco pipes, are fairly easy to use: you have a weed bowl to pack marijuana leaf into and an airtig