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How Many Cannabis Plants Should I Grow? (For the Biggest/Fastest Yields)

Should you grow just one cannabis plant or many to maximize your yields? What’s the best number of plants to grow considering your grow light and the size of your grow space?

How many plants should you grow?

There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to the best number of marijuana plants to grow in an indoor setup. I’ll walk you through the benefits of growing just one plant vs the benefits of growing many, and then give you some real-life examples with specific setups. That way you get the information you need to make the best decision for your garden!

One or Many Cannabis Plants: Costs vs Benefits

Growing Just 1-2 Cannabis Plants at a Time

  • Easier – Easier to care for your garden because you’re able to better focus on each individual plant, and you won’t need to compromise between different plants if they end up having different needs
  • Less Time Daily – Spend less time on a daily basis caring for plants (less time making nutrient water, watering, training plants, etc) and it’s usually easier to reach all the plants
  • May Be Only Legal Choice – Some growers live in areas with limits on the number of plants they can grow (for example in some states you are only allowed to grow 3 mature plants at a time), so these growers don’t have a lot of choice when it comes to how many plants to grow
  • Less Variety – You’ll only be able to grow one or two strains, instead of many strains at once.
  • Longer Vegetative Stage – With just one or two plants, it may take them extra time to fully spread out and fill the grow space in the vegetative stage, which means it can take longer to start flowering and get to harvest

Should you grow just one or two plants at a time and let them get big?

It took just under 2 months in the vegetative stage to train the plant to grow this way

In the flowering stage the grower was rewarded with buds that filled the space where the plant was trained

Growing Many Cannabis Plants at a Time

  • Shorter Vegetative Stage – Especially in a large grow space, several plants can usually fill the space faster during the vegetative stage than just one or two plants. This allows the grower to switch to the flowering stage sooner. A shorter vegetative stage means you can possibly get to harvest sooner.
  • Max Yield for the Time/Electricity – If you are looking to get the biggest yield in the shortest amount of time (which also maximizes your yield for the electricity), this is likely going to be the most effective strategy!
  • More Variety – With a higher number of plants, you’ll have the ability to grow a greater variety of strains at the same time
  • More Daily Care – You will usually spend more time on a daily basis tending your plants, and it’s often more difficult to reach the plants in the back
  • Different Plants Have Different Needs – Each plant might need slightly different levels of nutrients, light intensity, etc. The differences can be especially stark when growing many different strains at once.
  • More Difficult to Train – It can be more difficult to train multiple plants to grow wide and flat since you have to work around all the other plants, and some plants grow much taller/faster than others. In fact, to simplify things some growers choose to avoid training their plants at all when growing many plants at once.
  • May Be Illegal Where You Live – In some cases, even if growing is legal where you live, it may be against the law to grow a large number of plants

Should you grow many smaller plants so they fill your grow space sooner?

It only took 6 weeks for the plants to completely fill up the space. Imagine how long it would have taken for one plant to grow this big!

No Matter How Many Plants You Grow…

  • Similar Yields Per Square Foot – Cannabis yields are based mostly on the size/shape of the canopy in relation to your grow light, not the number of plants. Filling the total surface area of plants under the light with bud sites is what matters, and it doesn’t really matter if you use one plant or many to fill the space before flipping to the flowering stage.

That means even if you can only grow a few plants at a time, you can still get the same yields in your grow space as someone who can grow more plants! It just might take a little bit longer in the vegetative stage.

It doesn’t matter whether this canopy has been created by one plant or many. Whichever way you got here, your yields will be about the same as long as everything else is equal!

Why Growing Many Plants Reduces the Time Needed in the Vegetative Stage

When it comes to getting the best yields as fast as possible, you will often have better luck growing several plants than just one or two. This is because it takes several plants less time to completely fill up a space than it would take one plant to fill up that same space.

However, time might not be the main concern. Many growers don’t mind an extra week or two in the vegetative stage if it makes the growing process easier and more fun!

But in the end, the actual yields will be about the same as long as the space does get filled. Given the same total number of colas and size of plants, it won’t matter much if you have one plant or twenty as far as yields are concerned.

What’s the “Optimal” Number of Cannabis Plants?

If you can legally grow as many marijuana plants as you want and are willing to put in the extra time and effort needed to grow as many plants as necessary, what’s the best number of plants to grow?

Each plant should get plenty of direct light and at least a foot or two of space to itself

The optimum number of plants depends mostly the size of the area under the grow light. A plant generally should get at least a foot of space to itself to really be able to grow and spread out, and it’s often better to give plants a little more space, especially if you have powerful grow lights like HPS’ or LEDs!

Suggestions for Example Grow Spaces

2’x2′ Space – 1-4 Plants

2’x4′ Space – 1-6 Plants

3’x3′ Space – 1-6 Plants

4’x4′ Space – 2-9 Plants

These suggestions definitely aren’t set in stone, but they serve to give you general starting guidelines. It is possible to grow more plants in these spaces successfully, but with more plants you will often start running into difficulty being able to reach the plants in the back and care for them properly, and sometimes it’s more of a pain than it’s worth!

These two plants fill this entire 4’x4′ space, but you could get the same amount of canopy coverage with many smaller plants. It’s up to you to decide how you want to fill your space!

Keep in Mind! Your yields are limited by the size of your grow light, not the number of plants. Light is like food for your plants and has a direct correlation with yields. The more plants you grow, the less each individual plant will get as far as light. Think of your grow light like a pie, with each additional plant getting a smaller slice to eat every day.

It’s tempting to grow a lot of plants, but you don’t want to spread your light out too thin! If you grow too many plants you might get less than an ounce per plant, and your buds will be airy and light!

Your yields are ultimately limited by the size of your grow light, regardless of how many plants you grow!

It can be hard deciding what number of plants to grow in your space, but ultimately the best thing you can do is to pick a number and dive right in to growing. I believe in listening to your gut. When in doubt, always start with more plants than you need so you have the option of ditching any plant that doesn’t germinate, grows poorly or ends up being a male or hermie.

Always start with more plants than you need, just in case! But remember, you may have to throw some of them away…

Each grower has a different style, and as you get more experience, you’ll be able to dial in your grow to what’s best for you and your setup!

For me, I usually end up growing just a few plants (or even just one) because I find that more relaxing and enjoyable. But many other growers prefer growing many plants at once! It all depends on you and your needs.

So unfortunately I can’t give you a “best” number to end all numbers, but I hope you now have a better idea of how many plants to grow in your space!

Beginner Shopping List (What You Need to Start Growing)

How Many Cannabis Plants Should I Grow? (For the Biggest/Fastest Yields) Should you grow just one cannabis plant or many to maximize your yields? What’s the best number of plants to grow

How Many Plants Per Sq Ft


This is my first grow so i was looking for some advice on how many plants i should have per square foot. I have a 4’x3’x7′ bloom and 4’x3’x7′ veg area and am looking to maximize my use of space.

I have decided to try “Sea of Green” method so i will be able to have a perpetual harvest about every 2 weeks. It is my understanding that i want to pack the plants in as tight as possible and prune them so only the main shoot grows and essentially each plant will just have one massive bud instead of a bunch of smaller ones.

Is this the best way to go to get best bang for my buck? I am using soil the first time around but will probably switch to a hydro setup once i am comfortable and done a couple harvests.

I have a 400 watt G8 LED in both Veg and Flower rooms (will supplement with more light if i am disappointed with the yield from my first grow.) If i end up cramming more lights in to get a better yield, can i use two 400watts in each tent or is that overkill?

This is my first grow so i was looking for some advice on how many plants i should have per square foot. I have a 4'x3'x7' bloom and 4'x3'x7' veg area and…