home depot t5 light fixtures

Home depot t5 light fixtures

A fellow reefer and I run a DIY LEDs and are looking at adding T5’s also. We found a two bulb T5 HO fixture 4′ for $30-40 but not sure if it will have the same output or effect as aquarium T5 fixtures. This is the link.

No, you want individual reflectors for each bulb. Ideally active cooling as well. I didn’t see if the ballasts are program start either.

Active cooling? Program start?

No splash lens, no saltwater proof engineering whatsoever. Don’t expect much reliable long term performance especially on a big deep tank like you have. But it should be fine for forma temporary rig but remember it’s probably Chinese junk made to the lowest standards.

I am considering using the same thing. Not to hijack your thread or anyThing but, my application is to supplement the two radios 30’s that I have on the tank. This is not for intensity but rather for better light distribution.

Will it work for this purpose?

Has anybody tried this unit?

I no this is not ideal t5 setup. But what do you think about these? There at home depot also.

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I know a guy using these on a 40 breeder frag tank for years. For the investment I think it’s worth a try. There are some at hd with better reflectors. Alot of people remove the splash guard anyway, I did when used t5s, bulbs run cooler therefore higher par. I never splash my lights, at minimum you may get some rust from evap, but that is even unlikely. If you are not worried about esthetics, especially for supplemental lighting, I’d say go for it. If you get the results you are looking for, then you can make the investment into the ATIs.

T5 HO light fixture from homedepot Lighting, Filtration & Other Equipment

Home depot t5 light fixtures

They are half the price and this model is slim enough to affix to my maxspect razor for supplement lighting? Any suggestions?

That’s most likely catered to land-based plants which don’t use the same spectrum of light as reef corals do. Do you know what does thrive under that spectrum though? Algae.

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That may be true for that bulb but for $25 that fixture can be used with other bulbs more suited for reef lighting right? The cheapest 24″ fixture starts at $100 and up but this fixture doesn’t include all that bulkiness that’s what I need a slim fixture.

Why couldn’t I use T5 fixtures from Home Depot Lighting, Filtration & Other Equipment