hemp perfume

Hemp Perfume

What is hemp perfume?

Hemp perfume is an amazing mix of cannabis and essential oils that creates an earthy scent. But don’t worry, you won’t smell like weed (unless you buy one strictly for that purpose).

Perfume made with hemp doesn’t have the stench of marijuana. Most of them just add a hint of that grassy scent without getting to skunky.

Rather, it’s made with sweet tones to create a fragrant and pleasing aroma. That’s a good thing when you want to wear it for a night out.

Also, the perfume won’t make you get high. If you spritz it in your mouth you’ll just feel sick. These perfumes have hemp seed oil as an ingredient. And hemp seed oil doesn’t have any THC or CBD.

How do they make hemp perfume?

The basic premise of this ganja fragrance is the same as traditional perfumes. You mix together basic ingredients like essential oils, base oils (in this case hemp oil), ethanol and spring water.

The essential oils are the key in hemp perfume and will really help the fragrance along. To make hemp perfume, you can blend the four ingredients yourself.

However, you would need to know a little bit about perfumery, otherwise, your perfume might not be a hit.

Once the basic ingredients are blended together they need to marinate. You can seal the container and let it sit for anywhere from 2 days to 6 weeks for this process. Finally, it is ready to use.

Are there any benefits?

Hemp oil is well known for its health benefits and is packed with minerals.

The oil can help a range of ailments on the skin including sensitive conditions such as eczema and other issues.

The seeds that make the hemp oil are rich in fatty acids and work to improve blood levels and relieve dry skin. The oil is also used for a range of medicinal purposes including anxiety and some forms of epilepsy.

The plant itself has a wide range of uses in products, foods, and other applications. Hemp is becoming a popular ingredient around the globe for its usefulness and availability.

Now, whether or not you get all these benefits from hemp perfume on your skin is another question. But one thing is for sure. By using hemp, you’re participating in an industry that supports local communities around the world.

Plus, you’ll smell great.

Hemp fragrance can also be unisex in some products. The fragrance is both flowery and woodsy, making it applicable to a number of different options.

Why should I buy hemp perfume?

Buying products made from hemp helps keep the sustainability movement going. It keeps free trade alive and supports many local communities around the world. Also, it works to encourage a new range of beauty products that incorporate this wonderful ingredient.

There are so many benefits of hemp and hemp oil. It’s awesome that people are using this ingredient in more ways.

The introduction of perfumes made with the hemp oil extract shows that the world is finally able to accept the benefits of this oil.

Also, this is a great option for you if you like to buy natural and organic products. Sometimes, it can seem like there’s so much to do to save the environment. At times, it can be overwhelming. However, the thing to remember is that making just little changes in your daily life can help.

Hemp is sustainably sourced and it’s grown with the least impact on the environment. In fact, it’s a carbon-negative crop. The plant provides more useable material than trees or cotton per acre.

And the more uses we have for the plant, the greater the demand to grow it. That’s why hemp perfume is a fantastic option.

Next time you’re in the pharmacy reaching for a traditional bottle of perfume, consider getting some essential oils, hemp oil, and some other ingredients and creating your own bespoke perfume yourself.

Hemp perfume is readily available online or you can find it at your local health food store or essential oils provider. If you’re looking for it on the net, check out the marketplace for this product on Etsy. Or, you can try out Dancing Dingo’s Patchouli and Hemp Perfume Oil.

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An amazing mix of hemp & essential oils to create an earthy scent, free of the toxins that can often be found in other over the counter perfumes.

Hemp Perfume – scents made from essential oils from various hemp strains

Hemp Perfume – Essential Hemp Flowers Oil

All perfumes, including hemp perfume, are made up of a blend of various nicely smelling terpenes in a solvent like alcohol or a fatty substance.

Because a perfume consists of different notes, the scent will smell differently after when just having been applied as to when already having been on the skin for a period of time.

Perfumes will smell differently with each person

The so-called top notes are the fragrances which are most prevalent in the first minutes after application. After the odorous top notes have dissipated, you will smell the true fragrance of the perfume, which is given off by the heart (or middle) notes.

The scent a perfume gives off can also depend on the type of skin or the skin’s acidity, also known as the pH-level. So the scent will be different with everyone.

Nice fragrance from hemp plants

The scent which perfumed hemp flower oil gives off, is in no way comparable to the strong smelling weed plant.

Instead the subtle aroma of the flowers of the nonpsychoactive hemp plant (Cannabis sativa L.) is given off.

We sell the perfume of two popular hemp strains, which are often used for the extraction of CBD, namely the Finnish Finola and the Futura strain, which among others is utilised in Spain.

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Delicately scented hemp flower perfume that is rich in aromatic terpenes obtained from the hemp flowers of the non-psychoactive cannabis sativa plant strains such as Finola and Futura. Order at Apollyon is always easy and safe.