heavy ooey gooey strain

Heavy ooey gooey strain

Afgooey is really not Gooey. Gooey, or Northern Cali Gooey as its known world wide is the mother of Afgooey. In 2020 , the mother gooey plant that is still alive is 38 years old and the base of some of the most loved strains all over the world. The breeder is still alive and makes the most amazing lines you’ll ever see. Look him up, he goes by Gooeybreeder. His company, Cannaexotics is a legend and hosts many of the most loved breeders works using his genetics in their own work.

Gooey, also known as “Afgooey” or “Afgoo,” is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created through crossing the infamous Afghan #1 X Maui Haze strains. With celebrity parents like these, you know Gooey is going to be one bud to remember. This bud gets its name from its super…

Heavy ooey gooey strain

Ohhh boy this is a nice Indica blend that will make you smile.😆. You will be cheezin hard after this one. On the smell it was straight up earthy danky and strong. I rolled up a blunt of the beautiful half I got. The flavor was a surprise. It had the deep Indica smoke I expected. On the inhale you get the earthy pine flavor, but the exhale brought a fruity sweet flavor. Not what I expected. It was yum. The high. It’s gonna pin you. This will put you down for the night. If your a heavy smoker like me at least for an hour or so you’ll be sitting still enjoying the body relax and mind freeing high. The buds were medium size nugs that were sticky as hell to break up. Lots of resin on the smoke. It sticks in your lungs and a cough is probable. Still made for an incredible buzz. Don’t be afraid to get a little gooey!!🤪

Afghan Gooey, also known as “Afghan Goo” or “Afgooey,” is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created through a cross of the classic Afghan #1 with the delicious Maui Haze. Afghan Gooey definitely has a reputation for its heavy stickiness, but its powerful effects are what w…