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Harlequin Marijuana Strain Full Review

You may have heard so much about medical cannabis strains and have decided, at some point, to grow your own plants. One of these strains is Harlequin, a strong sativa strain with high CBD levels. This plant is grown using only top quality Harlequin seeds Canada strains.

CBD is one of the natural compounds in cannabis called cannabinoid. It is responsible for the therapeutic effects of cannabis and unlike its counterpart THC, it does not possess any psychoactive effects.

In Harlequin, CBD: THC ratio is 5:2 which means it has one of the highest CBD content than THC. You can use Harlequin for a variety of medical conditions including pain and won’t feel psychoactive effects such as headaches, restlessness, and paranoia.

What is Harlequin marijuana strain?

Harlequin is a sativa-dominant strain with a 75% sativa and 25% indica composition. It was made by breeders who have combined the most powerful strains known to man: a landrace Columbian Gold, a Nepali Indica, a Swiss landrace, and a Thai landrace strain.

As you can see by this impressive combination, Harlequin is a strain with a powerful heritage. Its strong medical effects come from its potent parents as well as its unique aroma and smell plus its ability to provide the best yields.

What are the natural effects of Harlequin marijuana strain?

Harlequin is a strain with a powerful relaxing strain. It comes with focused, uplifted and energetic effects. It is a strain for daytime use. If you have had a long and tiring night and you still need to wake up early the next day to work then you’ll need this invigorating strain.

It will give you that newfound energy that will drive you to work on new projects and tasks. If you feel down and you just can’t find anything worthwhile to keep you happy then you need Harlequin to uplift your spirits.

Harlequin can also make you focused. If you lack the drive to work on a certain task or you are too fatigued physically and mentally then let this strain give you renowned focus. You can even work on complicated tasks or creative tasks as well.

Is Harlequin marijuana a medical strain?

Harlequin is a strain that will help you conquer a number of medical conditions including pain. It has natural analgesic effects which can stop conditions like headaches, muscle pains, muscle strains, migraines, and even chronic pain.

You can use Harlequin for stress and depression. Its natural mood-elevating components will lift your spirits and give you a positive high. You can erase bad moods and feel empowered all day when you dose up with Harlequin during the day time.

It is also a strain that can reduce inflammation. People suffering from arthritis can use this strain to reduce joint pain which can affect mobility and overall enjoyment of life. Harlequin can reduce inflammation and stop chronic pain as well.

Aside from physical fatigue, you can also use Harlequin to deal with mental fatigue. It will help you conquer feelings of overpowering fatigue and let you work on tasks all throughout the day.

Are there any side effects of Harlequin marijuana?

As Harlequin has therapeutic and recreational effects, it also has side effects. Enjoying this strain recreationally and harnessing its medical effects also includes understanding its negative effects as well.

Harlequin can cause dry mouth and dry eyes, two very common side effect of marijuana. Dry mouth is more prominent than dry eyes and this is mostly due to the THC content of the strain. THC can cause increased blood flow to the body including the small blood vessels of the eyes and mouth causing dryness.

Using Harlequin can also lead to slight anxiety and is more pronounced in people who have never used this strain before. People who are also new to Harlequin can also expect slight headaches and dizziness.

Overcoming these side effects should also be kept in mind. You need to learn how to deal with side effects so you can fully enjoy the effects of any strain. The most important thing is prevention. Consume this strain moderately so you can prevent or reduce side effects. If you are new to consuming Harlequin, start with a very small dose or about half the dose that you would usually take for other strains.

But if it’s too late and you’re already experiencing these side effects, you have no choice but to ride the high. Don’t worry because these side effects are not life-threatening. You just need to stay hydrated, keep safe and just enjoy its recreational effects.

What is the smell and aroma of Harlequin?

The smell, flavor, and aroma of Harlequin can change from earthy to sweet. Earthy musk smell can be perceived before you even take a second puff. There is that sweet mango taste as well which is present as you exhale. These earthy, flowery, woodsy and sweet tastes carry over until you are done smoking or vaping Harlequin. It will remain until a few hours after you have consumed this strong sativa.

How to grow Harlequin

Harlequin will give you moderate to high yields with buds having extremely-high CBD. Now the key to growing high CBD plants is to take care of it really well from the time it is vegetating to the time the plant is being harvested.

The ideal time to harvest Harlequin plants and buds is earlier than most cannabis plants. It should be the time when the plant is completely covered with delicious trichomes. This is the best indicator that your Harlequin buds are ready for harvest.

Trim your plants well

Harlequin plants may be grown indoors or outdoors but the thing is, this strain is sativa dominant so expect larger and taller plants. If you have a large indoor growing area then, by all means, cultivate this indoors but if not, the best choice is still outdoor grow.

Now the plants will grow stately and thick if given the right growing conditions. The large fan leaves at the bottom will grow very large unless these are trimmed well. The problem with large leaves is that these block light and air flow inside the plants. Poor airflow can lead to mold growth, weak stems and underdeveloped buds at the lower nodes.

Trim the large fan leaves soon. this will improve air and light inside the plants. Use a sterile blade to cut because you may still use these cuttings as clones to grow more plants.

Improve airflow to control humidity

You must control humidity levels especially if your plants now have large buds. Moisture can develop inside the buds can cause mold to grow. Mold can eat up your buds and can cause root rot.

Improve air flow by cutting large fan leaves, adding a fan on the ground and to use a dehumidifier to improve humidity and prevent mold and mildew attacks. Remove any moisture sources as well. And never water when the soil is wet or moist and only when it is dry.

Harlequin plants love the warmth

Harlequin plants love the sun but you must never grow your plants under direct sunlight. Direct sun will make your plants wither and die. So as much as possible, grow these in shaded areas where it can still receive warmth from the sun.

Give top quality plant food

The best plant food for Harlequin plants is according to its level of development. Plants that are in their developing or vegetative phase need a fertilizer with more nitrogen. Nitrogen is needed by plants to grow larger and healthier leaves, stems and branches.

But as your plants enter the flowering phase, these need fertilizer that contains less nitrogen and more phosphorous and potassium. Nitrogen is not needed anymore because the plant has stopped growing. It now needs potassium and phosphorous which helps boost yields and improve bud growth.

Follow directions of the manufacturer in applying fertilizer feedings. Always give only half of the dose if this is a new brand you are using to check how your plants handle the new food. If all checks well, apply the full dose.

Grow in healthy soils

Grow Harlequin plants in healthy soils just like sandy clayey soil. This type of soil can absorb more water and nutrients but it can also drain excess. This soil also has improved aerating properties, therefore, oxygen from the air can move into the soil through the roots.

And along with healthy soil, place your plants inside appropriate containers for growing. This should have adequate holes at the bottom for easy drainage of water and excess nutrients.

Give the best lighting

Provide the best lighting. According to more growers and breeders, the best kind of lighting is LED lights. This is the best because it shines brightly, has a longer life span and is power efficient. LED lamps should be placed near Harlequin plants to get the best effect. LEDs will never cause light burn as well.

Harlequin plants have one of the best CBD content making it one of the best medical strains in the planet. If you want to grow the healthiest plants, use only top quality Harlequin seeds Canada.

Harlequin Marijuana Strain Full Review You may have heard so much about medical cannabis strains and have decided, at some point, to grow your own plants. One of these strains is Harlequin, a

Tips for growing Harlequin cannabis

This article is presented by Advanced Nutrients, a global company raising the bud weights and reputations of cannabis growers since 1999.

Strain overview: A sativa-dominant high-CBD strain, Harlequin was bred by crossing a Thai sativa, a Swiss landrace, and Colombian Gold. Its balanced levels of THC and CBD make it a unique strain with minimal psychoactive effects. CBD calms the high caused by THC, leaving the consumer feeling relaxed but not overwhelmed. Harlequin is popularly used by patients who wish to treat pain while remaining clear-headed and functional.

Grow techniques: CBD strains should be harvested early, as CBD levels degrade more rapidly than THC levels. The plant is a heavy yielder, so be prepared for large colas. Training the plants while keeping good airflow in the canopy leads to maximum yields. Harlequin grows well either hydroponically or in soil.

Flowering time: 8 weeks

Yield: High

Grow difficulty: Moderate

Climate: Keep between 72-85 degrees Fahrenheit. This strain can handle higher humidity levels, but keep good airflow in your garden.

Indoor/outdoor: Grows indoors or out, though a controlled environment will help the plant with its CBD production.

Feeding: Make sure Harlequin has access to soil nutrients by watering with compost tea. If growing hydroponically, give the plants lots of oxygen in the later stages of flowering to increase bud production.

Learn more about growing the Harlequin cannabis strain, including its preferred medium, growth structure, and harvest time.