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Local shop targets cannabis growers despite lack of seeds

The cannabis industry has proven to be larger than expected, so now business owners are getting creative.

A Medicine Hat shop is set to open its doors next week, that capitalizes on those who want to grow their own.

Grass City Growers will look like any gardening store when it opens, but it will cater to cannabis growers along with regular gardeners.

Michael Orr, one of the owners, says when him and his partner saw a hole in the market, they took a chance when the Cannabis Act was passed.

“It has a lot to do with Bill C-45 passing,” Orr said. “Because there’s definitely gonna be a growth in hydroponics and the need for indoor equipment.”

They’re stocking their shelves with fertilizers, lights and ventilators, but to grow cannabis, you need more than just than just equipment.

Alberta Gaming Liquor Cannabis (AGLC) says Orr’s customers won’t be able to legally find seeds.

“At this point there are no seeds to be had, there just aren’t any,” says Chara Goodings, AGLC spokesperson. “The producers have so much more I guess pressing issues and priorities to deal with in just producing actual product that’s seeds are just not even on the radar.”

Goodings says seeds are one of the lowest priorities for most producers right now.

Organigram is a licensed Alberta cannabis producer. and in a statement to CHAT News they said:

“Currently, Organigram is not offering any seeds or genetic materials for sale. Currently, our primary focus is producing high-quality end cannabis products, including dried flower, pre-rolls and edible oils. To date, we have received very few inquiries from consumers (both in the medical and recreational communities) for access to genetic materials. We will continue to monitor the marketplace and gauge interest for access to genetic materials and education on how to grow a quality product as Canadians ease into this new era of cannabis legalization. Seed breeding and the care/transport of live plant genetics are complex, delicate processes. In the same respect, growing high-quality cannabis – whether at home or in a large-scale industrial setting – is a complex, delicate process. Should we decide to offer genetic materials for home growing, we will want to ensure Canadians who choose to work with our genetics are educated, prepared and set up for success. “

The AGLC isn’t only out of seeds, they put out an announcement on Wednesday saying they’re suspending all new cannabis retail licenses until further notice because they just can’t stock the shelves.

Local cannabis stores that planned on opening in coming weeks are now stuck closed, but since Grass City Growers doesn’t sell actual cannabis products, it’s fine to open.

Orr says he expects about half of his customers will be shopping for cannabis growing equipment, and the rest will be growing things like herbs and vegetables indoors.

So Orr says the businesses versatility should get them through the next little while.

“It did have a lot to do with the cannabis,” says Orr, “But I don’t wanna restrict ourselves just to that market you know.”

Grass City Growers opens its doors to the public on November 27th.

The cannabis industry has proven to be larger than expected, so now business owners are getting creative. A Me…

DLF helps All grass City Airport, Manchester

City Airport, Manchester not to be confused with Manchester Ringway Airport, has all grass runways for light aircraft. It has quite a bit of history becoming one of the first municipal airports for passengers in 1934 and boasting one of the oldest operational controls towers in the world. Lee Pattison is Facilities Manager and began a programme of improving the surfaces when he joined 18 months ago.

“All my predecessors seem to have only ever done was mow the grass,” said Lee. “A lot of the equipment was also very tired and old so the first thing to do was to compile a wish list. The Head Groundsman at Salford City Stadium put me in touch with Campeys machinery dealer, who in tur advised me to speak with John Hughes at DLF with regard to the grass. Best piece of advice I’ve ever had – the advice and backup service that John has provided has been excellent.”

John Hughes advised that Pro Master 80, for rapid establishment and wear tolerance, would be the most suitable mixture for this unique requirement. They first tackled a taxiway, an area that was subjected to a lot of wear and tear, and made it into a test plot. Pugh Lewis were the contractors and they started with a stone burier to churn up the ground before levelling it; rolling it and then seeding. Lee was pretty nervous as this area was pretty bad but the seed germinated well and has turned into the best area on the whole airfield.

They next moved onto two areas of the extension runway, on which planes will actually land, at the end of the first quarter 2015. As they have two runways parallel to one another one has to be closed while the work was carried out. They are confident the grass will be as successful on this area of high activity but will give it 2-3 months before re-opening it – next year they hope to sow a whole runway or a larger part of the runway.

All at the Airport were as pleased as Lee with the result of the demonstration area, especially the Operations Manager, and are looking forward to as good a result on the part of the runway currently in renovation.

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