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These Weed-Friendly Travel Spots Will Make You Want To Plan An Escape

Vacations are freaking fantastic. Cannabis can also be freaking fantastic, when used wisely. Combining the two is a no-brainer.

The list below includes some of the best weed-friendly travel spots in the country. They each offer something that the others don’t, so you can make them fit your needs. Wanna get back to nature? Done. Wanna spend all night in a club? Done. Consider our food and lodging recommendations a starting point and hit up Google to plan a full itinerary. Or hop in the car and wing it. Either way, a few days spent getting high in a rad city that won’t haul you downtown or ticket you for your vice of choice is a luxury that a lot of people don’t have.

Los Angeles, California

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California came out swinging as the first to legalize cannabis for medical use in 1996 and then stalled for some time on the recreational front. Everyone seemed to have a medical card for a hot minute in the late 90s and 2000s. Now, the huge state functions as one of the top destinations for weed enthusiasts and general travelers alike.

We’ve mentioned The Standard, Hollywood as the first hotel with a dispensary in the past, and it’s a genuinely wonderful option for a 420-friendly vacay. But we also think Hicksville Pines Bud & Breakfast is awesome. It’s the first of its kind in the state, and cannabis is cool in all public areas, community vaporizers are provided (so no need to pack paraphernalia), and you can even smoke in room 420. Plus, the décor is wild.

If you want to keep your high going all day long, consider Alchemy Lounge and/or Hitman Coffee Shop, which both require membership (but you can get a day pass). They are amazing creative centers that encourage guests to use cannabis while hanging out and enjoying an espresso and some cool company. These places don’t sell herb (though they do rent rigs), so stop by one of the many local dispensaries before heading out.

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Denver, Colorado

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As the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use, Colorado has a bit of a jump on the rest of the country. Denver is cool af out of the gate, but its growing cannabis hospitality industry makes it a premier destination for a weed vacation. Before we even get to a place to stay, we want to firmly encourage you to take advantage of services like Loopr, a mobile cannabis lounge, and High End Transportation, a minority- and female-owned weed transportation company. They are worth it.

When it comes to lodgings, you have to get in on the bud and breakfast culture that was born in Denver. If you’re feeling, stay at The Adagio — a Victorian home in a historic neighborhood and the first hotel of its kind. But if you really prefer a standard option, try the 420 Tours inclusion package at the 16th Street Mall Hotel, which offers a complimentary vaporizer rental, Uber/Lyft coupons for first-time riders, dispensary coupons, and local cannabis lifestyle magazines.

There is a ton of great food in Denver, but we love a theme, so we think you should consider one of the city’s brews and bud tours. And, if you want to really give in to the munchies and freaking devour everything in sight, get thee to Ian’s Pizza and order the mac n’ cheese, burrito, or loaded baked potato pizza.

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Seattle, Washington

Seattle is known as The Emerald City not because it bears any relationship to the Wizard of Oz, but because the verdant Pacific Northwest in which it is nestled is breathtakingly green (which I guess you can take as a weed pun as well as a landscape fact). Between the city’s natural beauty, exciting activities, and tons of dispensaries, Seattle is a no-brainer when it comes to picking a weed-friendly destination.

You have some accommodations options, but all of them will have you smoking outside. We like the vibe at this urban Seattle Airbnb, which boasts a hot tub and claims to be cannabis inspired. It’s not terribly different than most offerings in the city. However, we like knowing upfront that a homeowner is cool with cannabis before e spark up, and this lodging’s owner is very accepting. We also want to mention Innthrall (damn, Seattle loves a pun), a kinky b&b with toys and furniture and play spaces for exploring all things erotic. They have created a curtained, heated patio for cannabis use, and it is a treat.

Of course, Seattle also has a vibrant, progressive foodie scene and the restaurants that make it are a solid visit on a vacation. But if you get super high and just want to fill your face with tasty yums in a place no one will judge your heavy-lidded, pink eyes, you gotta go to Beth’s Café, a 24-hour diner. You can mow through a 12-egg omelet and one of the best milkshakes of your life. If you are less couchlocked stoner and more healthy, hiking cannabis enthusiast, hit up Betsutenjin for some dreamy, creamy ramen. It’s not a place where diners are meant to linger, so get in, slurp down some noodles and pork bone broth, and head out for new adventures.

Portland, Oregon

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Most people don’t know that Oregon was the first state in the nation to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis in 1973. From 1999 to 2005, the ratio of residents using pot in the state outpaced the general populace by 32-45 percent. Oregon loves it some cannabis, and though the state has a number of gorgeous areas to visit, Portland with its quirks is a can’t miss travel spot.

It’s probably an obvious pick to suggest you take advantage of the 420 package at Jupiter Hotel because it was the first cannabis-friendly hotel deal in the state, and it has gotten a lot of press. But honestly, it remains a solid set-up for a visit. The hotel is in a great location for walking to bars, restaurants, and shopping. It’s a funky (yet well-maintained) midcentury marvel. And, you get a munchie kit, a vape pen, a t-shirt, and coupons to local dispensaries. All you need is to buy some weed, and you are set.

There’s no rule saying that you have to hit a food truck when you visit Portland, but with over 500 operating, you are really missing out if you don’t. The most famous one is probably Nong’s Khao Man Gai, where they serve signature chicken and rice that people line up to get their hands on. You also have the option of seeing a show and grabbing a bite at the Jupiter’s Doug Fir Lounge, which is world renowned. And, if you are thinking a doughnut sounds great when you are stoned, forget about VooDoo. They are so ten years ago. Right now, the Portland chain doing the most is Blue Star.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is fun no matter how you slice it. It is, after all, America’s Playground. But with the legalization of recreational cannabis sales in Nevada in 2017, the fun-meter is dialed to 11.

There are a fair number of Las Vegas hotels that will accommodate cannabis use, but we think travel should be fun and exciting and there is no reason to visit Vegas and book a cookie cutter room. That’s why we love Clairbnb, the bed and breakfast brainchild of 2011 Playmate of the Year and former headliner at The Stratosphere, Clair Sinclair. This weed-friendly space blocks from Fremont Street in downtown is too cool. Every room is themed and meticulously designed. From the Swingin’ 70s Suite to the Vintage Glitz Suite, you will be impressed. Plus, any pictures you take while you are there will be fire because they all look like movie sets.

Alright, you are gonna hit the strip for sure, and if you have killer munchies, chances are you will head into the first buffet you see and get your goddamn money’s worth. But if you want to set a mood and embrace an old-school Vegas treasure (not to mention pretend you are Robert De Niro or Sharon Stone in Casino or anyone in Showgirls), you have to hit The Peppermill. The service is friendly, the food is decent (breakfast all day, yo), and the drinks are creative. But it’s the neon lights and the straight up nostalgia that make it awesome. Be sure to spend some time in the Fireside Lounge while you are there. A few pics of you lounging near the famed fire pit that sits over water will make your vacation shots complete.

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Anchorage, Alaska

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Anchorage can be a year-round destination if a subarctic winter climate and near total absence of sun doesn’t scare you, but we would recommend taking your vacation during warmer months when the area is truly a natural wonder to behold.

There are some accommodations in the area that will look the other way if you vape while staying as a guest, but we prefer to stay places that are totally down with cannabis culture, which is why we can’t like this Anchorage Airbnb. Blocks from downtown, this home is completely 420-friendly and has a great yard with a hammock, outdoor games, smoker, and barbeque to enjoy when the weather is nice. It’s a nice homebase for exploring the city, including nearby dispensaries, where you can stock up on weed to enjoy once you get back to your lodgings.

As cannabis was made legal by a ballot initiative in 2014, the state has had time to develop their weed scene a fair bit but it’s still illegal to smoke pot outdoors and the city hasn’t provided safe indoor spaces to do it since shutting down the city’s last remaining cannabis club. If you go to Anchorage for a weed-friendly trip, the laws of Alaska pretty much mean you are going to have fun at some dispensaries and get high at your lodgings while enjoying a really cool city. While you are there, be sure to score a pie from Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria, a local institution and the maker of a mac n’ cheese pizza with reindeer sausage, as well as the Shrimp Fiesta pizza. Be prepared to wait because everybody loves this place.

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Boston, Massachusetts

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For a few years, Massachusetts wasn’t getting many tourists looking to explore the state’s weed culture because though it was legal to possess, sales didn’t become legal until July 1, 2018. This put people in the difficult position of having to choose between the risk of getting popped traveling with cannabis or trying to find it once they arrived. That should be changing soon, although it remains an issue.

Lodgings that profess to be 420-friendly are still hard to find. Though there was a company poised to establish themselves in the area, difficulty with federal laws forced them to pause their brand. You are, therefore, left primarily with private lodgings. We recommend hitting up the website Bud & Breakfast for a rental. They range in set-up, but there are totally some perfect ones. We are big fans of the rental that comes with an ounce of cannabis. Medical grade pot and the option to smoke indoors? Yes, please.

Once you find yourself comfortably high in Boston, you have your choice of completely delectable munchies. Word on the street is that you have to try the Shadowless duck fat fries at Shojo. Hand-cut Russets are fried twice in bubbling duck fat, then topped with mapo tofu and a cheese sauce made of kimchi brine, American cheese, and gelatin. Or, hit up Citrus & Salt for some coastal Mexican cuisine that includes an inspired take on elote using Flamin’ Hot Cheeto crumbs.

Fact: Boston is making the food stoners crave.

Auburn/Lewiston, Maine

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Auburn and Lewiston, like Boston, are a bit of a conundrum because it will likely be the spring of 2019 before the first recreational retail stores are open and running despite the legalization of recreational cannabis passing a couple years ago. The upside is that when you get your hands on some pot, you can carry it around freely (and in larger amounts than in any other state) and use it in a private location without legal trouble. And that’s more than you can say about the majority of the other states.

Although we think Portland, with its breweries and its lobster rolls, may be the coolest city in Maine, Auburn and its close neighbor across the Androscoggin River, Lewiston, are super underrated. Head inland, let go of your need for lighthouses, and give these historic mill towns a shot. For one thing, Auburn offers you the chance to stay at Maine Greenyards — a boutique cannabis accommodation. The property features a midcentury mansion, and people who choose to stay get homegrown gifts from the garden, eggs from the free-ranging chickens on the property, and access to the owners who keep a cannabis garden and can answer any questions guests may have. Although, sadly, you can’t buy any of the weed they grow, but you can trim it if the season is right and bolster your own cultivation skills.

Pop into Labadie’s Bakery in Lewiston for the state’s signature dessert, the whoopie pie. They were actually invented here. Sure, the recipe can be traced back to the Amish in Lancaster County, but it took New Englanders to add marshmallow fluff. And, you have to hit Fuel for a specialty cocktail alongside a rich, seasonal dinner like a tender, braised pork shank with brussels sprouts and sweet potato hash in a red wine and balsamic reduction.

Looking to vacation somewhere with legal cannabis? Check out the cities on our list.

These International Weed-Friendly Cities Are Perfect For Fall Travel

American cannabis tourism is growing by leaps and bounds (particularly on the West Coast), which is why we took time out — very recently — to cover ten ideal weed-friendly domestic destinations. But America certainly doesn’t have a premium on awesome cities where you can happily get stoned and enjoy some bomb food. There are cities all over the globe that either have legalized cannabis or maintain a practice of turning a blind eye to it.

If you can afford to book a flight and take some time off work, you could easily be sitting on a tropical white sand beach next week toking the locally grown herb. Or you could be getting high in a cannabis café before wandering through a respected museum with a newfound appreciation for other people’s creativity. And, no matter where you visit, you will have to take advantage of your weed-enhanced appetite and eat all the foods. Travel is meant to be a feast for the senses, after all.

The following cities both allow for cannabis use and are dope destinations for travel, drugs notwithstanding. We included a place to stay and a place to eat with all of them, but you’re encouraged to make your trip your own. And, above all, when getting high abroad, behave yourself. You gotta respect your host country.

Lisbon, Portugal

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This year’s hottest international travel destination has a rad climate (it gets more sun than anywhere else in Europe), massive amounts of street art (there are even tours), and an amazing food scene (which includes a ton of rooftop bars and restaurants). Better still, small amounts of all drugs were decriminalized in 2001, when optional therapy replaced jail sentences. That doesn’t mean that there are any legal sales or lounges, but it does mean if you have some bud, you aren’t likely to be hassled by the police for it.

There aren’t any accommodations that are cannabis-friendly per se. You won’t find a bud and breakfast in Lisbon. But there are a lot of incredible properties to stay in that make for a fab vacation. And really, how much time are you going to be spending in your room anyway? We’re big fans of My Story Hotel Rossio, which feels like the baby that the 17th century and the pop art movement never intended to have. Think ancient tiles, chandeliers, and neon lights. Also, 18 of the rooms have a view of the Rossio — so you can watch the hustle and bustle of the city whenever you want.

Lisbon is known for its iconic egg tart and if you’re the kind of person whose sweet tooth goes into overdrive when you get high, get thee to a pastelaria as part of your trip. In fact, your best bet is to head to Antiga Confeitaria de Belém in Lisbon’s hardcore tourist neighborhood and suffer through a long tedious queue early in the day. Grab a box of these puff pastry and egg custard delights and save them for after you roll home from partying.

Barcelona, Spain

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The proliferation of “cannabis social clubs” in Barcelona might feel like coffeeshops in Amsterdam to some people, but they remind us a bit more of bars in Utah. No, not because they are full of lapsed Mormons. It’s because any adult with an ID can bust into a Dutch coffeeshop, but Spanish clubs make you pay for a membership first. Thus, when you lay down your funds for their bud, you aren’t buying it, you are simply “donating” toward the club’s cultivation costs for members. Tricky. You need to know that there is a two-week waiting period before membership activation, so plan ahead. If you want to really have fun, go in March, when the city holds Spannabis — the largest gathering of the cannabis community in Europe.

Hotels in Barcelona aren’t likely to encourage guests to toke up anymore than they are to cheer cigarette smoking (which, to be clear, is far less stigmatized in Europe than the US). If you want to use cannabis in the privacy of your room, your best bet is to rent a private accommodation. Check listings on a site like Bud and Breakfast. But if you think you can pull a fast one or you don’t need to get high in your room, we vote for you to stay at Hotel chic&basic Ramblas — designer digs inspired by the Barcelona of the 1960s. The interiors are visually arresting, running the spectrum from an all-white billiards room and library to spaces filled with pops of dayglo joy. There is a genuine Seat 600 bubble car in the huge lobby. And they serve G&Ts in fishbowls.

You should legit make time for some of the gastronomic wonders of Barcelona, but when you get filthy high and wander out of a club into the city, make your way to The Box for a hotdog. It’s a Latin-themed rum bar with a wall of housemade rum and vodka in jars, so if you liek to drink on top of your cannabis, prepare to be fucked up. It’s also just a happy, upbeat place with understanding employees who play cartoons a lot of the time, making it the perfect place to go to grub and stare into space. As if this isn’t enough, they’ve been voted best hotdogs in Spain by Harper’s Bazaar.

Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Located in Denmark’s capital, this semi-autonomous ‘hood was formed in the 1970s, when residents took control of an unused military base and set up a commune that has remained functioning for decades. Now before you pack your bags to move there because that sounds like living the dream, you should know that some things have changed. Whereas the bohemian enclave was known for its “green light district” in the past, in 2016 two police officers were shot on the aptly named Pusher Street and residents tore down the weed stalls of the area. The cannabis trade is still practiced and you can score bud easily, but it is illegal so be cautious.

You don’t have to remain in Christiania the entire time you are in Copenhagen, obviously. Venture into the city proper for your accommodations and book directly with The Andersen — which gives you your room for a flat 24-hours instead of adhering to a set check-in and check-out time. Every one of the 69 (nice) rooms is decorated in a different style and there are actually three classes of accommodation, from Cool to Amazing. Plus you can enjoy a daily wine hour every evening. Score.

When you are high and the joy of talking about how your anarchist collective would function has faded, you have to get some food. We suggest hitting up Christiania Falafel, the best falafel stall in the city. It has been there for over 30 years and the Palestinian family who runs it has used the same recipe (with a secret blend of spices) from day one to make gorgeously crisp pillows with fluffy, fragrant centers.

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Montevideo, Uruguay

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In 2013, Uruguay came out swinging when the South American country became the first to fully legalize cannabis. Not only can residents grow weed or purchase it from government-approved pharmacies, but they can also give it away freely. So a visit to the capital city means Atlantic beaches for everyone from beach bums to the filthy rich, amazing architecture with a healthy helping of art deco and neoclassical references, a wonderful weekly market, cozy tango bars, and, potentially, a person just handing you weed. It’s all good.

There are a lot of really cool hotels in Montevideo, so if you want to stay in a highrise with a rooftop jacuzzi, that’s absolutely an option. We’re big fans of renting a guest room in an art deco apartment in the center of the Old City quarter. There is a property owned by a couple named Karen and Sergio (she’s Welsh and he’s Argentinian) that we think is choice. You can smoke outside and on the balconies. In addition, it’s across from the Uruguayan Association for Cannabis Studies, which is a primary lobbying group for legalization. So your weed is covered.

While you’re in Uruguay, you really should try the national sandwich, an ideal stoner food. At Bar Arocena you can get the perfect chivito — a thin steak with bacon, ham, eggs, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, red peppers, garlic, and mayo on top of a toasted bun. You might recognize the sandwich and the restaurant from Parts Unknown; in season 11, Anthony Bourdain called the Bar Arocena chivito the Everest of sandwiches.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Of course, Amsterdam was gonna be on the list. It’s the real gimme when it comes to international cannabis tourism. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the city’s coffeeshop scene formed a strong foundation for reform arguments in the U.S. and helped the city develop a reputation as a stoner’s dream. As a tourist, you can purchase five grams of weed and consume it in one of the city’s coffee shops. To be clear: Cannabis isn’t legal in the Netherlands, but police have been ignoring the sale and consumptions in designated shops since the 1970s. Because you will be doing your smoking in one of the coffeeshops, do some research beforehand to find one or two that match your vibe.

There are smoker-friendly hotels and hostels in Amsterdam, and we like St. Christopher’s at the Winston — an award-winning hostel in the heart of the city. It is affordable, right in downtown overlooking the red light district, and remarkably close to a number of coffee shops. The hostel also has its own nightclub, themed rooms by up and coming artists, a pool table, and indoor smoking room, an outdoor beer garden, laptop rental, and free walking tours. Plus, you can get a single ensuite if you want to avoid dormitory living.

We aren’t looking for gourmet cuisine when the munchies hit. What we want are fried foods, and if we get to score a double cheeseburger or an elongated croquette spilling out molten ragout from a vending machine, that’s a win. That is the glory of FEBO, a chain of infamous fast food restaurants that are simply filled with ceiling-high vending machines offering hot snacks prepared regularly by chefs. If you are at a point in your weed use where you are fuzzy, hit up a FEBO and get the grub you need without interacting with people.

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Negril, Jamaica

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Jamaica is another country pretty closely tied to cannabis in most people’s thinking, thanks to the Rastafari religion whose followers use it as a sacrament and reggae’s very public relationship with herb. As the nation passed a bill decriminalizing weed, consumption is fairly common — despite the lack of a system in place for sales. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy fresh-picked ganja on the side of the street. You just can’t buy it in a dispensary. That little hassle won’t bother you one bit as you sit on a white sand beach with a rum punch in one hand and a hand-rolled joint in the other.

The area is filled with resorts, so can always stay at a Sandals. But, we prefer The Cliff, a modern boutique resort. It isn’t built into the cliff face as many of Negril’s hotels are, but it tends to be a little quieter than those located closer to bars playing loud music. It’s nice to be able to return to your room after a crazy night and actually fall asleep. Plus, it’s beautifully designed without trying too hard, and there are a ton of ways to have fun in the sun — including a saltwater pool and an open-fronted beachside treatment room for massages.

If you are doing things Jamaican style, you have to do jerk. We like Kool Vybes Bar & Jerk Centre, which hasn’t been around very long but serves some awesome chow. You can choose from a variety of proteins, so a craving for conch, goat, or lobster can be totally satisfied. And, if you go, the pineapple coleslaw is a perfect side for any dish.

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Wellington, New Zealand

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Now, cannabis remains illegal in New Zealand, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped residents from using a ton of it. In fact, their weed use is among the top ten nations in the world. You do have to be careful with your pot, lest you garner a $500 dollar fine, but the chances of that happening are small if you avoid drawing attention to yourself or being a dick. Instead, enjoy the beauty of this breathtaking island country and get all of your Lord of the Rings fantasies satiated. If you’re looking to score some weed, scope out dealing spots where you can score a tin or hit up “tinnie shacks” in the suburbs.

For lodgings, we are all about Ohtel — a harborside boutique hotel with large rooms, mid-century furnishings, and Kiwi artwork and textiles. The bathrooms in each of the ten rooms are so cool because they are set behind glass screens (and a curtain) and feature huge backlit wall images of the city. Plus, some offer two-person tubs and huge shower. The hotel is right next to Wellington’s main entertainment precinct, which means you can easily get to the city’s best restaurants and clubs, as well as the Oriental Bay beach.

The Library is a little fancy for grubbing while high, but it has such a tasty menu and a cool ambiance that you can’t miss it. Start with tapas, like cauliflower tempura with curry mayo and triple cooked fries with spicy ketchup. Then move on to the killer dessert menu, which includes the Stoners Sundae: peanut butter dulce de leche, candied bacon, doughnut, and a Moro bar slice. Plus, there’s a cheese menu.

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Vancouver, Canada

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Thanks to The Cannabis Act, passed by the Canadian Senate on June 21, Canada is on track to become the second country in the world to allow legal consumption of recreational weed. Oh, Canada. With every province able to open stores that sell regulated, quality-controlled cannabis, what is already an awesome vacation destination will be that much more enjoyable. Although, you don’t necessarily need to wait until this all comes to fruition as Vancouver has been pretty tolerant of weed for a while — including looking the other way at coffee shops where smoking is an open affair. Head to “Vansterdam,” where these aforementioned coffee shops can be found operating alongside seed sellers, especially on the Pot Block on Hastings Street.

You can find a lot of privately owned, cannabis-friendly digs in Vancouver. Want a cottage? Done. Stay in a sailboat? Sure. A resort? Absolutely. If you want to stay in a hip hotel, however, try The Burrard, a retro dream made for Instagram. First opened in 1956, it’s filled with pops of jellybean colors and contrasting whites like something straight out of Palm Springs. Plus, you can grab one of the hotel’s cruiser bikes to make your way around the city. They come with baskets.

Since 2000, the New Amsterdam Café has been North America’s cannabis-friendly café … or at least, that’s what they say. If you are already visiting the Pot Block, you have to stop in and grab a samosa or a sandwich while you vape at the bar. Be sure to take some pics for your social media because it definitely feels weird to be able to openly smoke pot in a café in North America. It’s worth documenting. Also, finish with a Nanaimo bar when you need something sweet.

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Nimbin, Australia

Australia is a great destination, but it’s not one with legal recreational cannabis. Bummer. However, the city of Nimbin has a pretty big rep as a hippie hub. Since the 1970s, they have openly consumed and celebrated herb. In fact, before the police were hard asses, the city experimented with a Vancouver-style coffeeshop. Point being, when you get high there, you will be breaking the law (and that shouldn’t be taken lightly), but you will probably be able to do so without negative legal consequences. Further, Nimbin is just a good time with friendly locals and amazing murals. And this may not seem like a very fresh recommendation, but we still insist the Nimbin Candle Factory — where they use a traditional water-powered dipping system — is worth seeing.

Get high and watch some candles get made. It’s riveting.

The Nimbin Hotel was established in 1924 when it was called the Freemasons Hotel. Currently, it is the only pub in the village and offers comfortable rooms for most travelers, including backpackers. You do have to pick between a two or four-person room, but they all open out on to a verandah. Plus, in addition to the proximity to great beer and live music, the hotel is steps away from the city’s main street, so the walkability is insane.

You can totally get stoned and grub at the pub, but you should also consider a trip to the Phoenix Rising Café, located in Nimbin’s historic butter factory. It’s is so named because it rose from the ashes of the Nimbin Fire of 2014. The focus of the food is sustainability, with much of the menu grown on-site or produced locally. That may sound a bit too healthy for your munchies, but the nachos and burgers are legit. They also host movie nights with a special menu, so consider that as an activity during your visit.

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Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica decriminalized cannabis, but that doesn’t mean you can buy and use it legally. There are still members of the Public Security Ministry’s Special Support Police manually destroying crops in the mountains of the country. However, in general, law enforcement is quite passive about people smoking pot. And a lot of people say that finding someone to sell you a little bud is easy peasy. Just keep an eye out. Puerto Viejo, specifically, is a beach town on the southern Caribbean coast and residents are super friendly and relaxed about cannabis. If you want to spend the day chilling on the beach or walking through the rainforest, no problem. But know that the laidback beach town vibe is replaced at night with a sea breeze, a ton of reggae music, and plenty of cold beer.

If you are going to Puerto Viejo, you might as well make it a full Caribbean vacation by staying at Hotel Banana Azul. It’s nestled in gardens with a chocolate-sand beach that feels private. If you want to get around, rent one of the hotel’s beach cruisers. But if you want to get in on jungle hikes and ocean excursions, you may need to rent a car. The whole place is tropical to the max with things like brightly colored hammocks and decorative shells. Plus, the staff is super attentive. Prepare to feel pampered.

Obviously, this is the kind of city in which you should eat seafood. But when stoned, fresh octopus might not get the job done. Therefore, we suggest stopping in at Bread & Chocolate. This tiny bakery and bistro in the heart of the city only does breakfast and lunch so you may be looking at a wake and bake situation, but it’s totally worth it to get stoned early and roll up there for the food. If you haven’t had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich where every ingredient was made in-house, this is your spot.

When cannabis is a part of your life, why wouldn't you want to include it in your vacation?