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Golden Nugget


The indica dominant Golden Nugget marijuana strain is the result of crossing a legendary Jack Herer with an unknown indica. The outcome is something quite special; an exceptionally potent and beautiful looking golden weed that will make even the most devoted of smokers weak at the knees.

Golden Nugget weed has a distinct herbal and fruity aroma which is fully present in its heavy smoke. The buzz is an excellent mixture of a strong head and body high that comes on quick and lasts for a couple of hours. Medically, it is used to treat people with muscular pain, headaches, stress and insomnia.

The Golden Nugget strain grows to a medium height and has a bushy, almost ball like structure, producing a large amount of lateral branching. The buds are huge and compact, and covered in sticky honey like resin which gives the plant an almost golden sheen. THC levels are at the high end of spectrum and have been measured at a whopping 24%.

Indoors, Golden Nugget weed thrives in both hydroponics and soil, reaching its full yield potential in a SOG set up. It has a short flowering time of 63 days and in the right conditions, growers can expect excellent yields of 500 grams per square meter.

Outdoors, plant the Golden Nugget strain where it can receive plenty of sunlight. Its versatile and hardy nature also means that this strain can be grown in cooler northern climates. Harvests come late September to early October.

Golden Nugget marijuana is highly recommended to smokers who have a high tolerance and are looking for a kick ass hit. The exceptional potency and high intensity of the buzz are incredible to experience. Although this strain really thrives if you have a bit of growing experience, beginners needn’t be put off as it will still produce excellent yields of A++ weed.

Review of Golden Nugget marijuana, a weed strain with exceptionally high THC levels and a buzz that every toker should experience.

Golden Nugget Feminized

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Golden Nugget Feminized

Golden Nugget Strain is a new strain bred from the legendary Jack Herer father and a very special, dominant, Indica mother.

Golden Nugget produces huge, compact buds which really have a Golden sheen when harvested. The smoke is deep and tasty with a very long lasting stone that could be very beneficial in the medical scene. Golden Nugget is a must for those with a high tolerance that are looking for something new, a genuine great that has a real hit!

Golden Nugget Strain is a new strain bred from the legendary Jack Herer father and a very special, dominant, Indica mother.