golden harvest seed

Golden harvest seed

Jun. 28, 2019

Source: Golden Harvest news release

Chances are, there’s a new local, independent Golden Harvest Seed Advisor in your area. Last year, Golden Harvest expanded its footprint with 156 new Seed Advisors, and the momentum continues as Golden Harvest plans to add 175 more Seed Advisors to its network in 2019.

“With all of the changes in the seed industry, it was really important for me and my customers to align with a major seed company moving forward,” said Nick Coleman, who is a new Golden Harvest Seed Advisor. “Golden Harvest has made great strides in terms of the products, technologies and traits they’re bringing to the farm level. Being able to partner with a company that has the innovation and commitment, to me, was a no-brainer.”

Golden Harvest Seed Advisors help farmers with agronomic selection and placement of Golden Harvest corn and soybeans to maximize their yield potential. Seed Advisors span the Midwest and work with farmers in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Golden Harvest Seed Advisors are backed by Syngenta, a global agriculture leader with a robust research and development pipeline.

In addition to sharing local agronomic knowledge, Golden Harvest Seed Advisors offer hybrids that feature proven genetics protected by high-performing Agrisure traits and technologies. In focused areas, Golden Harvest Seed Advisors can also offer Enogen corn hybrids to help enhance ethanol production, and Enogen Feed corn, which unlocks the energy potential of feedlot and dairy rations.

“When you are selling seed, it has to perform,” said Golden Harvest Seed Advisor Brian McEwen, who has been with Golden Harvest for five years. “However, you are not only selling a quality product, but you are also selling yourself. People buy from you because they believe in you. As Seed Advisors, we’re with farmers the whole way as part of their management decision team so they can do this again the next year and the next year.”

Golden Harvest Seed Advisors deliver customized service to farmers across the Corn Belt. The premier digital ag seed placement tool, E-Luminate, helps them do just that by giving farmers personalized field recommendations. This tool provides decision support using agronomic data to determine which Golden Harvest hybrids will perform best on every acre.

In addition to the rollout of the E-Luminate tool, Syngenta announced an incremental $400 million investment in its seeds business last year.

“Our Seed Advisors are critical to deliver Golden Harvest genetics, agronomy and service to farmers,” said Clayton Becker, head of the Golden Harvest West Commercial Unit. “Giving our Seed Advisors the tools to succeed so they can build personal relationships, share local knowledge and provide customized service is a top priority to help ensure our farmers stay profitable year after year.”

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Golden harvest seed

Golden Harvest has teamed up with John Deere Credit to offer Golden Harvest customers low-interest loans for their purchase of Golden Harvest seed and other crop inputs for the 2000 growing season.

Golden Harvest customers may finance up to three times the amount of their seed purchases over $10,000 through the John Deere Credit FasTrak™ Financing Program. Applications are available from Golden Harvest Dealers. Applications for financing up to $150,000 will receive answers within three hours.

“Golden Harvest is pleased to offer agricultural input financing through John Deere Credit, a leader in agricultural financing, to our valued customers,” said Jim Sommer, president of Golden Harvest Seeds, Inc. “This is a natural way to expand our customer relationship and makes our marketing offer complete with a total package of superior genetics, outstanding agronomic and dealer support, and convenient financing.”

Golden Harvest seed financed through FasTrak is eligible for Golden Harvest volume discounts. Growers Can Finance up to Three Times Their Seed Purchase Under the Golden Harvest financing program, growers can finance up to three times the cost of their Golden Harvest seed purchase to pay for other agricultural inputs.

For example, a grower purchasing $50,000 worth of Golden Harvest seed may finance an additional $100,000 toward other non-seed inputs for a total financed of $150,000. The portion of the financing covering the seed offers one of the most competitive interest rates in the industry. John Deere Credit determines the interest rate for the non-seed portion of the financing package. Applications for financing will be available on Dec. 1, 1999.

For more information, call your Golden Harvest Dealer, or call Golden Harvest Central Office at 1-800/610-7333. John Deere Credit is a premier source of financing and leasing in North America with headquarters in West Des Moines, Iowa.

John Deere Credit is an operating division of Deere & Company, which has been a leading source of agricultural credit since the middle of the 19th Century.

Golden Harvest is one of the nation’s fastest growing agricultural seed brands. For the 2000 growing season, the company is offering 75 corn hybrids and 52 soybean varieties. The Golden Harvest brand of hybrid corn, soybeans, sorghum and alfalfa is produced and marketed by five family-owned and managed seed companies serving farmers throughout the U.S. Corn Belt, Europe, South America and Canada. These five companies share research and marketing resources nationally, while continuing to offer the nearby service that is the heart of the seed industry.

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Golden harvest seed Golden Harvest has teamed up with John Deere Credit to offer Golden Harvest customers low-interest loans for their purchase of Golden Harvest seed and other crop inputs for