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Florida Cake Jungleboys

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The Florida Cake Strain By Puget Power Cannabis Co. Sets You Up For A Productive Night—Strain Review

Puget Power Cannabis Co. is a tier-2 grower humbly operating out of the Port of Tacoma. They run an undeniably clean operation that’s maintained on a food-grade level of sanitation. They’ve gone out of their way to set their own standard for growing dependable cannabis and reducing their overall footprint. They’ve taken some hallmark strains in today’s cannabis culture and put their own unique spin on it. So enters their Florida Cake strain, a cross between the notorious Floridian indica, Triangle Kush, and the immensely popular Wedding Cake hybrid.

The main terpenes that come from Florida Cake’s parents are myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. With that in mind, I came into Puget Power’s Florida Cake assuming that it’d have an earthy, tangy flavor profile with notes of sweetness and peppery-spice. In the time leading up to testing out some of this highly smokeable product—I could smell it anytime I sat down at my desk.

This is some gassy, classically stinky weed that has more of a resemblance to Triangle Kush on the exterior with its bright orange pistils and healthy trichome disbursement. Once I cracked open a nug though it became clear that this strain had influence from Wedding Cake, as a more dark purple coloration revealed itself. Next, my nostrils were hit with a sweet citrus kick that I assume to be some marriage of limonene and caryophyllene.

Florida Cake by Puget Power Cannabis Co.

First, I had to smoke a bowl of it to get the taste. It was easy to break down, leaving my fingers sticky, but not too sticky. The first taste that hit my tongue was a pungent earthy flavor, with minimal sweetness and notes of spice on the tail end. The effects were stimulating, yet calming in a way that I think myrcene may be the dominant terpene in this strain.

Next, I had to roll it up in a blunt to see how it really smoked. On a surprisingly pleasant and sunny day in mid-October in North Seattle, I found the smoke to be completely even. Minimal coughing, with no resin collecting at the mouthpiece which told me this weed underwent proper curing. While ripping the blunt I found a much stronger presence of the peppery-sweet flavor that told me caryophyllene had more of a seat at the table than I had previously thought.

The high that came post-blunt immediately sat me down, but it kept me thinking. It made me want to sit, relax, and enjoy just one more episode. But, productivity was still buzzing in my brain. This is a great strain to come home from work to enjoy post-dinner so you can zone out on some media, or push through that last piece of work before bed.

Tier-2 grower Puget Power Cannabis Co. has found the perfect mate for the Wedding Cake strain. By crossing it with Triangle Kush you get Florida Cake.